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Why risk your life by not wearing helmets and seat belts?

Although some of you who are starting to read this article might be wearing helmets and seat belts while driving. But sadly, the majority of them might not. You tell yourself educated and responsible citizens. You might be doing great in your life, believing god, and so on. But take a pause and think for a while are you really so when it comes to taking safety precautions while driving? It is important to know that safety comes first, last, and always.

The government has taken steps to ensure road safety all over India and even other countries are making good norms for this issue. Sadly, still, there is a rise in the number of accidents of two-wheelers and four-wheelers. In 2017, according to India Today Data Intelligence Unit (DIU), more than 48,746 two-wheeler users died in road mishaps. Unfortunately, 73.8% of them did not wear a helmet. This means that every hour, 4 two-wheeler users who died in a road accident did not wear a helmet. 75% of four-wheeler users in India don’t comply to wear seat belts that lead to 15 deaths every day. In fact, the causalities caused by road accidents can anytime turn severe.

But the matter of fact is, Are people really concerned about their safety or just make a mockery of the law? Nowadays, educated people are behaving uneducated due to not abiding such critical things. Though transportation is the easiest way to bring up a modern landscape, it does not mean that traffic accidents toll should keep on increasing year by year.

An accident brings tears, safety brings cheers!

What is the mindset of people for not wearing helmets and seat belts?

List of Excuses!

Some say that their hair gets messy, they start sweating a lot, and so on if they wear helmets. Also, the dress develops creases by wearing seat belts. These all are lame reasons to avoid safety gear. Such people are ready to threaten their lives and at times consider themselves adventurous too.

Fooling around!

Yes, many youngsters and even office going people adopt this smart strategy to fool the traffic police. He/she knows on which particular lane the traffic police will catch them and levy a fine if they are found without helmets or seat belts. So cunningly, people tend to fool themselves by their stubborn attitude of making a joke of safety law. Nowadays, this also happens when people are wanting to cross the road which is set up with cameras. To save themselves from being caught in the cameras, they just put helmet or seat belts for a while and after that particular camera zone is gone, they just remove the safety gear.

Oh man, this is so nearby!

Have you heard your friend saying that it is just a short distance, why to wear such a heavy shield on your head for that? Here, people are not understanding the simple fact that even if you are going to travel short distances, the people around you can ride at high speed and you must take precautions regarding this.

Unrealistic comparison!

People complain regarding traffic signals or potholes on the roads, halogen lights of the vehicles, and so on. But remind yourself that your safety is in your own hands. Instead of complaining, try to abide by the law which is on go for your own safety.

Why risk your life by not wearing helmets and seat belts?

Fashion goals!

Some people also don’t care to wear helmets due to the style statement. They want air to rush through their face forgetting the side-effects of doing so.

Superstitious drama!

The attitude of people matters a lot. Performing hundred rituals to make your life smooth by reciting mantras is fine. Praying for making accountable wishes true is fine. Predicting future life is fine. But wearing a helmet or seat belt is not fine! Why not fine? Because let the god handle your life rather than you handling it.

Unable to see and hear properly!

If you have this reason in mind. Ask yourself a question, what is the use of rearview mirrors? Helmets not all hamper your visual sense, you will be able to view the adjacent lane, people, and vehicles clearly. Moreover, it’s just a flawed thought in your mind that wearing a helmet will not make you hear the sound of horns clearly.

Think as if the helmet is your crown and a seat belt is your sash!

What does the law say which people should truly follow?

Indian Government had issued Motor Vehicle Act, 1989 and under section 129, it is noted that wearing safety gear is compulsory for protecting the head of drivers except for Sikhs (wearing turbans) who are driving bikes in public areas. Recently, the government has modified this act and has added new provisions that justify that every person who is above 4 years of age riding on bikes (including pillion rider) at the public places should wear a helmet. While riding bikes, it is the responsibility of every rider to check the pillion rider is wearing a helmet or not. Many states like Kerala, Maharashtra, and Andra Pradesh are looking further to take this law more seriously. The punishment for violating this law is to pay a fine of Rs.1000 and also the driving license of these riders will be suspended for 3 months.

For four-wheelers, according to section 125-A of the Central Vehicle Rules, 1989, the driver and the rear-front passenger of the vehicle have to wear the seat-belt while the vehicle is in motion. The traffic police would levy a fine of Rs.1000 from the people who violate the law but no licenses will be suspended in this scenario. The matter of fact is that the government is not justifying that using these safety gear will reduce the accident rate. Rather people will be at less risk of fatal injuries if any accident occurs.

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How helmet and seat belts can protect you?

Why risk your life by not wearing helmets and seat belts?

If by chance you met with an accident, a helmet can surely protect you from a serious brain injury and death. Because during the collision or fall, your bike is at a very high speed. But the impact of it will get absorbed by the helmet. Speaking about my own experience of a bike accident, by god’s grace I was not hurt much but my helmet cracked. Luckily, it saved me from getting serious injuries on my head. You should also ensure that you wear the right size of helmet, perfectly fitting onto your head and certified with the ISI mark. According to the latest data, 36 pillion riders have died in 2019 along with 106 riders who drove without helmets. So, pillion riders including children must make a point to wear helmets too.

Why risk your life by not wearing helmets and seat belts?

When we think about seat belts, they are the most important safety feature like airbags. They make sure to protect a driver or passenger when the crash happens and minimize the injuries. As per the report of “Ministry of Road Transport and Highway, 2018”, 16.1% of the deaths are caused because of not wearing seat-belts. Lately, the cars have 3-point seat belts that cover the lap and upper body. At the moment when a crash occurs, seat belts will definitely protect you from the jerk. You won’t be able to be thrown out of the car with a large amount of force coming up in the car. Also, the rear-front passengers must adopt seat belts to save themselves from getting more injured.

Prevention is better than cure

What you must do from now onwards?

Why risk your life by not wearing helmets and seat belts?

There may be several transport rules and regulations that are to be followed by people. It includes drink and drive, cutting the lanes, over speeding, using mobile phones while driving, and so on. All of such issues can also be tackled if we know what is being a responsible citizen. When it comes to wearing helmets and seat beats, make it a point to wear them from today onwards. Rather than paying a hefty amount of money in the hospital after accidents to treat yourself, it is better if you start taking precautionary steps while riding any vehicle. One more important thing to keep in mind! It’s high time that you stop blaming the government in this case. Instead, prove yourself educated enough by following the best practice to wear safety gear and save yourselves from getting into the danger zone!  

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