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Cruelty-Free Chic: Unveiling the Ultimate Vegan Leather Guide!

We know for many people; pure leather is the most loved option, particularly during the chilly winters. But do you know there are other eco-friendly options available too? In case, if you are not aware, then let me tell you about one such leather i.e., vegan leather! It’s more ethical alternative for leather lovers

In this guide, we will study everything about vegan leather that will help you in knowing more about the same! Let’s get started with it! Happy Reading

What is Vegan Leather?

innovative vegan leather gloves made of mycelium fiber. alternative sustainable fabric.
innovative vegan leather gloves made of mycelium fiber. alternative sustainable fabric.

Vegan leather also known by the name of faux leather is a fabric in which animal skin is not used. It looks quite similar to actual leather however is certainly much ethical. 

Instead, it is made from different plant as well as plastic materials. It’s quite popular nowadays in the fashion industry as it’s used for making clothes such as jackets and handbags. The best thing about this leather is that it’s environmentally friendly and biodegradable

Reasons Why Vegan Leather is Better Than Leather

Want to know the reasons why vegan leather is a better alternative as compared to leather? If yes, check out the below-given reasons:

  • Good Quality at a Lesser Price: Quality vegan leathers are hard to differentiate from actual leathers. Also, best-quality vegan leather is much cheaper as compared to real leather products. 
  • Quality and Durability: Vegan leather is durable, ethical, and sustainable; yes, you read it right! Often being quite thinner as compared to the actual leather, it looks great in every way. 
  • Waterproof and Stainproof: It’s due to the plastic coating which makes it easier to recognize stains. Vegan leather can be maintained without much effort for a long period as compared to the actual one. 
  • Variety of Styles and Colors: This leather is made in different styles and colors which gives more versatility as compared to traditional leather

Vegan Leather vs. Natural Leather Benefits

bag made of mycelium leather, bio based alternative to leather
bag made of mycelium leather, bio based alternative to leather

Vegan leather benefits are many when compared with natural leather. So, here we have jotted down the benefits of vegan leather that will help you in knowing more about it!

  • Vegan leather is environmentally-friendly as compared to real leather since it won’t cause harm to animals
  • It helps in reducing waste since it’s made up of recycled materials
  • It’s quite less expensive as compared to traditional leather products thus making it an ideal cost-saving alternative for users
  • It’s light in weight and much softer as compared to traditional leather
  • It is produced in numerous colors as well as textures thus allowing for better customization options while creating vegan fashion products
  • It requires less maintenance as compared to real traditional products. Since it can be wiped with a damp cloth if required
  • Vegan leather won’t contain any odours that are associated with actual leather like liming or unpleasant smell which might cause allergy issues in some people

5 Top Vegan Leather Brands

These days veganism is getting too much attention and many companies are creating attractive vegan leather items.

Here we have jotted down the top 5 vegan leather brands that you must check for sure:


A brand that makes use of coconut for producing bio-composite material which gives a feeling of real leather. The brand is completely ethical, organic, and sustainable. 

Happy Sole

This brand offers a chic footwear collection that’s completely vegan. Happy Sole brand is garnering much love for its appealing footwear selection including flats, heels, and so on. 


It’s an Indian cruelty-free brand that has an extensive range of wallets and handbags. You will surely be going to love their designs and attractive colors. They also have a collection of accessories such as scarves, pouches, passport holders, and eyewear cases which are quite appealing. 

Broke Mate

This brand makes cruelty-free products that are PETA- Approved. You will fall in love with their product’s variety and quality. You can buy their stylish vegan leather such as satchels, laptop bags, sling bags, wallets, clutches, and much more. 


At Arture, you will get some elegant and cruelty-free wallets and travel accessories. Made of natural cork fabrics which are quite durable and a perfect alternative to real leather. 

What is Vegan leather Made of?

Vegan leather is made in different ways which depends upon the materials used. Listed-below are few methods that you can check!

Vegan Leather Made from PVC

PVC is an affordable plastic compound that is used for creating alternative leather products. By using a chemical called plasticisers, a plastic is softened. In short, this material is made simply with fossil fuels. 

Vegan Leather Made from PU

It’s another kind of plastic that is used for creating alternative leather products. The adhesive is added to polyester fabrics for making polyurethane. It’s quite expensive than PVC however inexpensive than animal leather. 

Vegan Leather Made from Cork

Made from cork oak tree’s bark, cork leather is anti-fungal, waterproof, and hypoallergenic. It’s used for making wallets, shoes, handbags, luggage, upholstery, and umbrellas. 

Which Vegan Leathers are Most Durable?

Woman wearing funny pink wig and smiling to camera
Woman wearing funny pink wig and smiling to camera

Cork leather that is made from cork oak tree bark is durable vegan leather that can last for more than 20 years and is naturally waterproof too. PVC leather is also much durable as well as water resistant however one has to be wary since few of them contain animal hide parts. 

Doesn’t matter which vegan leather you choose; proper maintenance will keep the item in proper shape and will enhance its durability too. 

Tips to Help You Take Care of Vegan Leather

The more you take care of your vegan leather items, the longer they will remain in good condition. So, let’s see how to care for vegan leather!

  • Step 1: Practice Prevention Techniques

You can take care of vegan leather with simple prevention techniques such as proper storage, avoiding excessive sunlight, and keeping vegan leather dry. 

  • Step 2: Treat Smaller Stains

If your vegan leather gets dirty, begin with spot treatment. Simply wipe the surface with a clean and dry microfiber cloth. After that, treat stains with lukewarm water and a mild detergent. Wipe the excess solution and let the item dry completely before using it again. Avoid using abrasive materials as they can damage the product. 

  • Step 3: Clean Hardware

Few vegan leather wallets, belts, and handbags have hardware like clasps, buttons, studs, and zippers. So, clean them with a cotton swab and remove stubborn hardware dirt by wiping them with the dipped cotton swab. Lastly, dry hardware with the microfiber cloth for preventing rust. 

  • Step 4: Do a Monthly Check

Organize all the vegan leather accessories once a month. This is important for recognizing stains, grime, scuffs, and unwanted marks. 

Guidelines for Identifying Vegan Leather Products

Not all products are vegan, so one has to check the product carefully before purchasing it. 

Let’s dive into few important guidelines for identifying vegan leather products:

  • Check the Label: Give close attention to item labelling so as to recognize legitimate vegan leather products. Check the description printed on it like ‘man-made materials’ and so on
  • Feel the Texture: The texture of vegan leather is quite uniform as compared to real traditional leather. This type of leather has smooth and consistent surface whereas actual leather has an irregular and organic texture
  • Look for Certifications: Few vegan leather items carry certifications such as “PETA Approved Vegan”. This certification gives assurance that all the products fulfil vegan-friendly standards
  • Consider the Price: Vegan leather is quite an affordable option than actual leather
  • Smell It: Vegan leather made with PVC has a chemical odour because of heavy processing

How Long Does Vegan Leather Last?

Vegan leather shoes from mushroom mycelium. samples of vegan bio leather, eco friendly concept
Vegan leather shoes from mushroom mycelium. samples of vegan bio leather, eco friendly concept

Vegan leather is quite durable however its longevity relies on the material it is made of and how you care for it. By maintaining it in a proper way you can increase its lifespan for a long time. 

Always give a look at the label before throwing the vegan leather garments in washing machine (in case of clothes). Since few are machine-washable and others have to be washed by hand with mild cleaners. 

Closing Insights

Let’s conclude this guide with the hope that it will help you in knowing more about vegan leather. When you have the option of using a cleaner alternative to leather then why not give it a try? Vegan leather is inexpensive, sustainable, stylish, and cruelty-free. Also, it’s becoming quite popular as top Indian brands are making use of it in designing their products. 

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