Fighting the depresssion


Lying at the close

Back of your mind, etched with that regret.

Darkness isn’t much of a threat.

But pray for an unborn spark,

Because what gives you away is starless dark.

Fighting the depresssion

Hope ain’t visible,

Not even at the distance of light years.

We will have to fight it through,

With our inner selves to let it go.

The devil residing in there

won’t easily come to bow.

Fighting the depresssion

Release the little soul you own

Of all those filthy curses;

Though your wounds won’t be familiar

with the new verses.

But first let the blessings sink in

Only then you will have the sensation,

Close enough to morphine kicking in.

Only the hallucination won’t be virtual ,

Everything you desire for will be real.

Fighting the depresssion


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