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Today in this technical world there are many horrible organizations who showcase junk in the name of latest technology related information for us, these organizations are eating up all the new tech. enthusiasts as they don’t know the reliable resources and end up inside the Bermuda triangle of these companies, which make them lose their interest by making them read their low-grade content. So to solve this issue I have come up with a small list of resources that pass my (personal) quality tests and which I would certainly recommend to any new enthusiast.

Some of the top positions are acquired (in the list) by these organizations;



TechCrunch provides you with it’s all round knowledge base, they have all the news and stories about your favorite pieces of tech. and gadgets. TechCrunch also has their own review section, where they provide you with the reviews about all kinds of new and latest gadgets. One thing that makes them stand out is their focus towards new startups, they maintain a separate section for them so that you can easily search the ideas that people are working on. They even have money rewards for the top startups, how awesome is that!?

2.) CNET (stylized as c|net (


c|net is one of the old players in the list, they have been serving the world since 1994 i.e. from last 22 years. They have different sections and specializations like Download section, News section, Reviews, and Videos. They provide with news and reviews about all the cutting edge technologies in all fields, they also have videos which perfectly describes your topics.



Mashable’s are my favorite, they have all the categories you can think of, for example, Videos, Social Media, Tech, Business, Entertainment, Lifestyle etc. You can even get reviews about GOT episodes and plots of various all time favorite movies and books. They even have different sites according to your locations, like Mashable Asia, Mashable Australia, Mashable France and Mashable UK.

4.) TECH2 (


Tech2 is yet another awesome site for tech geeks, they have all sorts of categories which a good tech site must have, in addition to these features tech2 have this magic “compare” button on their site which lets you chose from wide varieties of gadgets and compare them with each other, which helps the users in getting all the knowledge about different products and decide the best buy for them. Also just click on the “FIRSTPOST” button on their homepage, it will take you on a world tour.

5.)  TechRadar (

If you have to buy a phone, tablet or any laptop and you are confused between the choices that are available in the market, then TechRadar is the thing for you. The site has it’s own rating system which rates after researching, all the categories such as features, technologies used and cost.

The site also provides some basic tutorials and tips for recent and trending android games such as Pokemon Go, you can also get all the android related apps and development news and updates for here.

This concludes the top 5 rank holders (according to me) of amazing tech info sites, which I would definitely suggest to every tech geek out there. Right to Information is our birthright, and maintaining proper quality is really important, which most of the companies do not focus on, these companies must understand that their main motive is to provide useful information and not to show fancy ads for generating revenue under the cover of providing information.


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