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Top 5 Software Ensuring Women Security

In today’s world women are no lesser than men. Women are able to do all things without anyone’s support and are managing everything on their own. There are even many women who work in the night and early morning shifts, To ensure the security of women and college girls, there are many apps and software which are now serving them to achieve their dreams without any fear of being harassed.

Here are the Top 5 Software that are ensuring women’s security:

  1. Sonata Watch: One of the most trusted watch brands, Sonata, a part of Titan Company has launched a safety watch called ACT (App-enabled Coordinates Tracker) and is now the first safety watch for women. This watch works in coordination with the user’s smartphone and when the user clicks the button, it triggers an alert with the location to the emergency contacts which are preassigned by the user. And the starting price of this most worthy feature is just INR 2750/- only.

  1. Scream Alarm: This app is mainly helpful when people find something wrong and get tensed but couldn’t scream for help. People can open the app and click on the button ‘scream’, it then screams out loud as if a girl is screaming for help. And obviously the other person would fear of people in the surroundings. This is a useful app but the only drawback is the time it takes to unlock the phone and open the app in such a situation.

  1. bSafe: This helps the user’s family or friends to track them based on their location whenever necessary. The different thing in this app that people may find helpful is it also sends the live video of the person who is in need to the emergency contacts when they click the alert button. There is also a fake call option when you intentionally want to avoid talking to unnecessary or unknown people. And the rating, 4.1 of this app in the play store itself proves that the app is worthy.


  1. me Against Rape:

There are many rape victims in India at present. And to reduce them and to give justice for them, this app is really helpful. The interesting feature of this app is it can record the voice of the situation and this can act as a proof thereafter. It also fetches the location the person every ten minutes and stores it in the local device.

  1. Smart 24×7:

As all other apps this also alerts emergency contacts when ‘panic’ button is clicked. But this app also records the voice and takes the photographs and the details are sent to nearest police. Even if GPRS doesn’t work, alert is sent via SMS. This app also includes features like getting help from nearest police, hospitals and fire engine. This also helps senior citizens by sending SOS signals to their loved ones when they’re in distress.

So these are some of the apps that are now building up confidence in women to accomplish their tasks. But many are not aware of these kind of apps, so this is to create awareness among people about how technology is now serving to reduce crime.


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