10 Bollywood movies you missed in 2016

This year Bollywood has given many 100 crore movies and I know you have watched all. As we come to the end of this year here are some movies that you may have missed.

  • M Cream

A film that touches the soul of this generation. A story about four young students who take a road trip in search of a mythical hash that goes by the name of M cream. It sends a very deep message to the youth of this country.

  • Rough Book

The story represents the current education system in our country. A teacher who fights for her students and why it is important to bring the educational reforms in our country. The lesson that I learned is that failure is as important in your life if you want to achieve success.

  • Buddhia Singh Born to run

A sports biopic based on the life of Buddhia, the youngest marathon runner in our country. The movie constantly revolves around the relationship between the coach and the student ,with twisted stories like it shows how political pressure can ruin the career of an athlete.

  • Dhanak



    From the director who has given so many gems in the past, this movie best describes the quote “Life is beautiful and we forgot to live and enjoy.” The story is about Pari and Chotu trying hard to meet Shahrukh Khan so that he can help Chotu to see again.

  • Jugni

    In the context of poetry, Jugni means the spirit of life. This movie is about the musical journey of a local Punjabi artist named Mastana who dreams of working in Bollywood. The film beautifully explores the power of love and music.

  •  Island City

    A philosophical dramatic movie which asks its audience the deep questions about life. What are the things that make us sad? Can someone be forced to be happy? All the answers lie in this movie.

  • Parched

    In life, there is a time when you feel suffocated and you want to break the barriers. This movie is about the freedom and liberty. The story revolves around four different women ,each of them struggling in their own life, connected to each other by hope.

  • Shortcut Safari

    The story revolves around the group of four children who get stuck in a dense forest far away from their home and families. Their journey became adventurous when they encountered two poachers.

  • Umrika

    Ramakant lives with his mother and father in a small village in India. After his elder brother Udai left for America, the people of this village create their own stereotype about the western country. It basically tells us the cultural gap between the two countries.

  • Phobia

    The film opens with a famous quotation from Franz Kafka” A cage went in a search of bird “. This quote describes the whole psychological drama and Radhika Apte’s acting will surely mesmerize you.

If you have some suggestions please post in the comments section

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