Top 20 And Best WordPress Themes For Digital Marketing Agency In 2022

Digital marketing strategy
Digital marketing strategy

WordPress is undoubtedly one of the powerful platforms to write and publish content, business, product listings and related stuff. And creating an optimal environment to work with is equally important. Thankfully WordPress provides plenty of themes to set up a perfect place for you. This article will focus on the best WordPress themes for digital marketing agency. Also, it will cover almost all those kinds of themes that are suitable for all genres, categories and niches. 

Best WordPress Themes For Digital Marketing Agency


One of the eye-catching and elegant themes of WordPress is Divi. It has the ability to supersede the old regular editor, that too with its functional visual editor. Moreover, one can easily drag, add and delete things without any hassle.

Charm Lite

Mostly preferred for lifestyle and travel journaling, it is a wonderful theme to start with. Charm Lite is designed in such a manner that even a beginner can use it. Also, its great feature is that it is mobile- friendly, making it utilizing for everyone.

SKT White

It is usually said that being modest never goes out of style. Well, SKT White proved it with its appealing and soothing theme. Furthermore, it allows posting of content under the name ‘subheading’ so as to make multiple branches of the same heading.

Banquet Hall

A beautiful thing that happened to WordPress is the launch of Banquet Hall. It is indeed one of the best WordPress themes for digital marketing agency. If you have events coming on your way and you have to prepare for that, just come here.

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Black and White Lite

Although named as Black and White Lite, it is not actually monochromatic. It is customizable with easy operations. Moreover, you need not know about coding for operating this. Also, it is free of cost along with outstanding speed.

Event Planner

Another event planning WordPress theme in your list of the best WordPress themes for digital marketing agency is Event Planner. It is free of cost along with a beautiful cover. You can use it if you want to plan events, and this won’t disappoint you for sure.

Kitchen Design

One of the free and best WordPress themes for digital marketing agency, it is celebrated across various parts of the globe because of its high utility. One can easily upload recipes or sell kitchen appliances with great ease. Not only this, but Kitchen Design also is mobile friendly.

Adventure Lite

This WordPress theme speaks a lot about its nature and utilities by its name. An adventure lover or a gamer can go for this theme, which is available at absolutely no cost at all. It is quite popular among the WordPress users.

SKT Simple

A modest yet useful theme of WordPress, it is a top- rated choice for the users out there. Everything is organized and simple here, still giving the vibes of a productive dashboard. Not only this, but also it is a free theme provided by WordPress.

SKT Launch

If you want to launch any product, then there’s no best place for initiating this task except for WordPress with SKT Launch theme. It provides all kinds of features required for a perfect and effective launch.

Maintenance Services

Maintenance Services is a great WordPress theme when it comes to selling or providing services related to maintenance. In addition to that, it is free of cost and highly intuitive in nature and appearance.

Web Programmer Lite

A great option for setting up a website with a relative dashboard for web programmers, it helps them present their work, projects and entire portfolio in a single go, at the same place.

SKT Girlie

One of the most beautiful and best WordPress themes for digital marketing agencies is SKT Girlie. Mostly useful for females, it gives a soothing and calming effect once you lay your eyes onto this theme. Furthermore, it is easy to use.

SKT Luxury

By the name itself, it is clear that this theme is related to luxury stuff. Surprisingly, it is free of cost and is integrated with Woocommerce. SKT Luxury provides a luxurious look to the website, which can be a plus point for the sellers.

SKT Complete

A classic WordPress theme with a complete set of all the things required for building a website and setting a user- friendly interface, and that too for free, is what SKT Complete is all about.


A pretty amazing thing provided by WP, it is probably one of the best WordPress themes for digital marketing agencies. With a simple dashboard, it is user friendly and highly intuitive in nature. Furthermore, it is a free theme. 

IT Solution

What would you do if someone tells you that you can conduct your coaching and learning classes from a platform that’s free of cost, it is a free software tool and is integrated to a variety of social media plugins ? Yes, indeed this is what IT Solution is all about.

SKT Filmmaker

One of the most preferred and best WordPress themes for digital marketing agency for films and relatable stuff is SKT Filmmaker. Its amazing feature is that it is completely customizable, so that you can add images, text, blocks, etc. as per your requirements.


Being intuitive and multilingual in nature, it is a top- rated choice among the trainers and gym owners. Additionally, it has six columns, where you can add as much information as required. Also, it is free of cost.


It is one of the most intuitive and amazing themes of WordPress. With an easy drag- and- drop feature, SeedProd is user- friendly. The great thing about this theme is that not only tech users, but others can also use it without any problem.

The Bottom Line

The above mentioned list has some of the top and best WordPress themes for digital marketing agency. We hope that it has helped you a lot in choosing the right theme based on your business type or what interests you. 

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