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Best Rating Plugins for WordPress

All the things need to have reviews or ratings to believe in them – be it blog posts, movie, any restaurant, or a product online. And for this, the internet allows us to have opinions for each and everything. And these opinions are turned into ratings and reviews online. 

The online rating system allows us to express the satisfaction level of any service or product. These ratings and reviews are the decisive factors for us to buy anything. 

If you want your visitors to share their experiences with your services or products or rate your products, you should add these plugins to your WordPress website. These will help you arrange the ratings in different forms like percentages, stars, and so on. 

No matter what kind of website you own, whether it is personal or professional, adding reviews and ratings will only benefit your online presence. 

These plugins which we are going to discuss later in this article are loaded with several features such as different designs which may include thumbs up, stars, emojis, hearts, etc; monitoring the activities of rating, options of layouts like an inline, grid, tabular, etc and several other features of customization. 

The Rating plugins of WordPress can be easily accessed over mobile phones, are adopted on almost every browser, and are SEO friendly. 

Top Rating Plugins for WordPress

The most commonly used and best rating plugins for your WordPress website may include the following: 

  1. WP Forms: About 4 million WordPress users use this WordPress form plugin, which provides significant benefits to them. Besides being friendly for beginners, this form plugin has several powerful features like the capability to allow website users to submit ratings by these forms. 

Adding a star rating form using this plugin is super easy to any setup on your website. From the drag and drop menu of the form builder, select the field saying “Rating.” 

You can also use the Testimonial Form Template to couple the star ratings on your website with testimonial forms. You can find this feature in the Form template Pack addon. 

This will help you collect reviews, ratings, and testimonials, all in just one place. 

  1. Facebook Social Reviews Feed by Smash Balloon: This fantastic WordPress plugin for Rating allows you to show the social reviews from your brand’s Facebook page with star ratings directly on your WordPress website. 

This plugin is a good option for anyone having significantly lovely reviews and ratings on their Facebook business page. With this one, those Facebook ratings can be displayed simply on your website and, thus, improve your brand’s online presence. 

You can also go for Custom Facebook Pro Plugin, which will add a Facebook feed page on your WordPress website. The Reviews extension of this plugin allows you to display the starred reviews of Facebook on your website. You can do it by simply adding a shortcut to your website. 

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  1. Site Reviews: This plugin allows your website visitors to add star ratings on your website. The star ratings may lie between 1 and 5. After you let your ratings get displayed on your website, this plugin also allows you to pin the best reviews on the top so that the visitors on your website see these reviews first. 

You also get an option by which you can make the website visitors log in before submitting a starred review. This plugin allows you to respond quickly to the reviews, display ratings, and reviews on your website. 

  1. All in One SEO: Looking for an SEO plugin, this All in one SEO plugin is the best for your WordPress website. You can enhance your website rankings with its embracive SEO toolkit. 

The SEO setup wizard will help you in choosing the appropriate settings for your website automatically. The product review scheme markup in AIOSEO lets you add star ratings displayed in the search results. 

  1. Easy Testimonials: This WordPress plugin also allows you to enter user reviews and testimonials along with star ratings from the WordPress dashboard. This plugin will prove to be very efficient if you are using WPforms also for collecting star reviews. 

The free version also gives you a choice of selecting from the given blocks and themes for displaying the star reviews. 

  1. YITH WooCommerce Advanced Reviews: This plugin helps in transforming the WooCommerce Review into the Amazon Review section. It will let your customers add a title to their review, attach images along with them, and add a star rating. 

The viewers can also see how many times a particular star rating has been given to any product or service offered by your brand. 

  1. Rate My Post: This unique plugin also allows website visitors to submit star ratings on your pages and posts. This way, you can get honest feedback about everything that you are writing and posting.

The viewers can send you feedback privately also when they submit star ratings. These star ratings can also be displayed before your post so that future readers can have an idea of how the post will be. 

  1. WP Product Review Lite: This review plugin allows both star ratings as well as detailed review settings. It will enable the website users to add their reviews and ratings of any product on your website.
  1. YASR: This WordPress plugin expands like Yet Another Star Rating plugin. It is indeed one of the top plugins for rating. There are numerous customization options within this plugin. You can create a desirable rating section using designs such as stars, thumbs up, etc. Also, the YASR plugin is both speed-optimized and SEO friendly, which works well with every search engine. 
  1. Universal Star Rating: This plugin is among the top renowned WordPress plugins for ratings. It comes with two shortcodes which you can use to add reviews and ratings for any product, service, etc. This can be done with classic star ratings. 
  1. OptinMonster: This plugin can be used to add popups, floating headers, countdown timers, and so on. You are free to add star ratings or user testimonials etc., in these popups. 

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Top Paid Rating Plugins for WordPress: 

  1. GD Rating System Pro: However, this plugin gives numerous rating methods, but reviews and stars do the primary rating. Using this plugin, you can customize the ratings and reviews using available categories and designs in it. And, it also allows you to add an emoji rating system or thumbs up rating on your website. 

The pricing plan of this WordPress plugin starts from $50.00 per year to $200.00 per year.

  1. Rating-Widget: This plugin for WordPress is user-friendly and rated with five stars. With this, you get about 70 designs for rating and the thumbs-up designs of rating. It allows you to customize your website with the fantastic designs available within the plugin. 

This advanced plugin costs you from $399 for a month to $2999 per month for business, giving top-level support. 

  1. Multi Rating Pro: This plugin is appropriate for any kind of business website for ratings or reviews. It allows you to create custom rating forms by using custom fields, rating items, etc. you can even add more than one rating form on a single page if you want to. 

You can see all of your website’s ratings from the WP-admin panel itself. Also, it allows you to filter the entries of rating as perusers, time or posts, etc. 

This plugin for WordPress costs $49.00 for one website. 

  1. WP Rate Everything: This plugin lets you rate and review every post or page on your WordPress website. You can also add shortcodes if you need to from the backend. If you want to get started with an e-commerce website, it is the right choice. It is also compatible with the WooCommerce plugin for WordPress. 

It costs $10.00 to use with a regular license. 

Bottom Line

Whatever be your plugin, the foremost thing is to provide the audience with good content. Only if they are happy with your products or services, they will definitely leave a review for you. So, happy journey!

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