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Finger Styling Redefined: 20 Finger Mehndi Designs and Finger Tattoo Ideas

Are you a person with an artistic mindset? Do you consider tattoos a way of self-expression? Then you have come to the right place. Traveling through time, the tattooing culture of ancient Egypt went further and settled in every corner of the world. Here, we have tattooing art for fingers. Style reinvented with ink. All these years, we have known finger tattoos are a rather intimate way of sharing yourself publicly and have become very popular with celebrities. They can be simple tribal markings, inked jewels to enhance your rings or miniatures of your beloved pet. They can be remembrances of lost loved ones or represent nature in the form of feathers, stars, or flowers.

Finger tattoos are so versatile that they give you an option as to which finger and where you want the tattoo to appear. If you’re going for a subtle finger tattoo like two double lines or a simple cross, these usually appear on the middle finger in the middle.

20 Finger Mehndi Designs and Finger Tattoo Ideas

Yin Yang Shaolin Tattoo

Yin and Yang, a cosmic duality that governs the universe. If you also feel connected to the philosophies of the universe then, Yin Yang Shaolin tattoo is perfect for your fingers, as it leaves you with one of the unique designs and meaningful tattoo. This tattoo includes four symbols. The first symbol is the Shaolin circle inked in black; next to it is the yang and yin symbols followed by two black and white dots for a unique appearance. These appear in a straight line on the side of your finger.

Gothic Flower

If you’re a person who is more towards the darker side of life, this gothic flower finger tattoo is just right for you. This tattoo includes black-inked gothic flowers that appear in a geometrical design on all your fingers in the center, one flower on each finger, with a small black dot on top of the flower. You can also choose to get it on one finger; however, it looks more stylish when you get it on all. The jet-black ink brings out the dramatic vibe in this tattoo, making it the perfect gothic tattoo. So, get your gothic mode on with these awesome gothic finger tattoos.


A woman's hand with a beautiful manicure with a tattoo of an airplane on her finger
A woman’s hand with a beautiful manicure with a tattoo of an airplane on her finger

If you are also among the wanderlust club of the world and you too think about going out when you look at the sky. Then, this is the apt tattoo choice for you. It is a small design, crisp and smooth, by using only black ink. By filling in the image—like the plane here—you’re able to focus on the details of the shape without overwhelming it.


Is an adorable and colourful tattoo your preference? Then, cherry is your appropriate tattoo. Use bright colours in an outline-only design to make an impact without taking up too much space. Placing it on the bottom of the inner finger keeps it hidden and intimate.

Written Ring

amazed young tattooed woman in orange cardigan pointing up with finger isolated on blue, banner
amazed young tattooed woman in orange cardigan pointing up with finger isolated on blue, banner

This is a fingerband tattoo. A band formed with letters, numbers or quotes of your preference. A something more unique than just getting numbers or letters inked, wrap the design around your finger like a ring. You can use colour for certain symbols to make them pop.

Laurel Wreath

Laurel wreaths are popular tattoo designs, but they don’t need too much space. They’re easily adaptable should you want one inked on your finger. The thin leaves and lines create a crisp image, here. Most people prefer to have it on the sidelines of the finger.


If you are not looking for a small hand or finger tattoo, then this is the one for you. A minimal finger tattoo doesn’t have to be small; this design is spread out and the empty space gives it an airy feel. Using only outlining and connecting it to more art on the wrist makes a statement without being in your face.


Female hands showing henna tattoos
Female hands showing henna tattoos

Mehendi is a unique style of henna painting, the designs of which can also be embodied in the form of a regular tattoo. It is not known which country is the birthplace of Mehendi. Among the options are Egypt and India. However, these designs have completely retained their original appearance. Mehndi designs and preferred all around the world. In countries such as India, mehndi or henna holds an enormous cultural, ethnic, and social place. It pictures the role of beauty and holds a moral value for women in the country. Mehndi plays the role of a natural tattoo.


The snake finger tattoo looks very elegant. This reptile is often depicted wrapping the fingers, and such designs are preferred by both men and women. Snake tattoo is the allure of forbidden desires. In Hinduism, snake god Nagas is the symbol of protection. Most people like to have a tattoo illustrating a snake climbing up their finger.


The finger dot tattoo is one of the simplest and most interesting designs. Each dot symbolizes a dream or goal that the person wants to achieve. The more there are, the more purposeful the bearer is.

Infinity Sign

The infinity sign is most often made by couples to show the depth and strength of their feelings. Such symbols are often complemented with names, initials, and dates that are associated with loved ones. Infinity sign finger tattoos are sometimes made to convey someone’s aspirations for constant self-improvement.


Girl with tattooed hands
Girl with tattooed hands

Symbols are the most popular finger tattoo idea. It is because you can choose absolutely everything. For example, you may find different designs with diamonds, the sun & moon, heptagons, crooked lines, or fire. A symbol tattoo can be anything even a symbol from your favourite Sci-fi and fictional movies.

Zodiac Finger Tattoo

If you’re obsessed with zodiac signs, this zodiac finger tattoo is the perfect choice for you. This tattoo includes jet black inked zodiac signs on your entire finger. It consists of different symbols like the crescent, pyramid, arrow, and feather. You can choose to get all of them tatted on one finger, but it would look more stylish if you get them inked on all fingers. Zodiac symbols have quite a significant meaning, and they guide and motivate each person differently.

Musical Notes Symbols

If music plays a big part in your life, and if you have taken it as a career, this musical finger tattoo is perfect for you. You could also get music notes tatted on all your fingers, or headphones. This tattoo can reflect the type of music you listen to and the journey of your life that includes music. If not musical note then you can try out different tattoo designs, such as a violin tattoo. On one finger, you can get a black inked violin, and on the other, you can get the bow (the stick used to play the violin).

Feather Finger Tattoo

This printed feather finger tattoo is one of the coolest tattoos you will come across and leaves you with some fantastic imagery on your finger. This tattoo consists of a back inked patterned feather with a different small design made in the feather. The pattern brings out a feminine touch to the tattoo, making it perfect for girls. Feather tattoos symbolize travel, courage, and freedom. If you want a few of these characteristics to shine in you, this tattoo will help portray you as a courageous and truthful person.

Geometric Design Tattoo

Geometric designs also create some fantastic imagery on your finger and are one of the coolest finger tattoo designs. This tattoo consists of different geometric patterns inked in black that comprise of different small shapes and dots. These tattoos usually look great on the thumb and appear in the medial area of the thumb. Get both your thumbs tattooed to match the designs. If not the thumb, you can choose to get it tatted on any other finger as well. Geometric tattoos symbolize harmony and the different elements present on the Earth.

Arrow Tattoo

Arrow tattoos naturally represent the ideas of struggle and triumph thanks to its use as a tool and weapon. A design that features an arrow being pulled back on a bow represents tension, conflict, or life struggle. On the other hand, an arrow resting on a bow may instead represent the achievement of peace and calm.

Gypsy Finger Tattoo

This gypsy finger tattoo is another unique tattoo design that looks incredibly beautiful on your fingers. This tattoo includes different designs with dots and spikes inked in black. These appear in the middle of the finger and even near the nail area. You can choose to get just one finger tatted or try it on the three middle fingers. The use of black colour in this tattoo pops up the design; however, you can choose to add some coloured ink for an additional feature. This tattoo represents the free-spirited person you are and also symbolizes mystery and freedom.

Owl Finger Tattoo

This is a very cool tattoo. The owl is a significant symbol for a lot of people. This owl has a very cool and beautiful design. The owl symbolizes wisdom, hope, charity, and a bridge to other worlds and many more things as well. This is such a cool tattoo because of all the imbued meaning it has from so many different cultures.

Space Figure Finger Tattoo

These designs are so incredibly wonderful for people who like cool space imagery. These are among the tattoos that you would like to consider fun and cartoonish. You can get a rocket ship or the planet Saturn to show off to your friends and loved ones.

After all the designs and styles, there is one thing to remember these inked figures not only depict your style but portray your authenticity as a human. What is it you long for? Is it the desire for freedom? Is it the search for serenity in a chaotic world? All of it wrapped around your fingers.
The art of tattooing, from the eighth century BCE, is a constant and ever-growing style. Finger tattoos are a way to express your emotions and show them to others. In addition, such drawings are easier to get and care for. However, you may have heard that it is difficult to choose a design, it is painful to make such a tattoo, and it can quickly fade. Remember, finger tattoos are still one of the trendiest tattoos of 2020, and it’s something you wouldn’t want to miss.


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