Top 15 diet food to stay healthy

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Everyone has the desire to lose weight but they are not aware of a method to lose it. we always assume that hard workouts or intense exercises will help us to reach our goal but it is not true. Exercise is important in the weight loss process but your diet plays a major role in achieving your goal. your diet should consist of healthy foods which will help you to lose weight quickly without any harmful substances.

Today in this article, we will talk about the top 15 diet food to stay healthy. These foods will help you to get the desired weight if you have completed your diet with some workouts. In our lifestyle, this is very important to live in a healthy way. In Modern times, there is so much bad food available which is not only destroying our health but also stopping us from losing weight. So for helping you, let’s see the top 15 diet food to stay healthy.

1 . Leafy Green Vegetables

In our section of the top 15 diet food to stay healthy, the first food is leafy green vegetables. Green vegetables like spinach, kale, cabbage, watercress and many more give us good health and promote weight loss. These vegetables are low-calorie and carbohydrates which doesn’t affect our weight loss process. you will get high fibre by leafy greens which will full your appetite.

2. Apple Cider Vinegar

You must be aware of Apple Cider Vinegar which is known for promoting and enhancing the weight loss process. Having apple cider vinegar with your regular diet helps you to have a strong immune system and glow skin. You can also have apple cider by dressing it on Green Salad which will give you the benefit of both diet foods leafy green as well as ACV.

According to many types of research, it has been proved that apple cider vinegar helps you to eat fewer calories and fulfill your appetite for a long time. This is the perfect option for living in a healthy way.

3. Apple

An apple a day keeps a doctor away” – This line has been famous for years. Eating an apple per day keeps you healthy and also helps you to lose weight. you can have an apple in the morning before breakfast. It not only keeps you away from diseases but also provides you with clear skin. Apple has a high fibre which fulfils all the requirement to stay healthy.

4. Oats

Oats which is known for high fibres, helps you to have low cholesterol and sugar. It is the best diet food best known for healthy weight loss. You can prepare oats recipes as porridge, with yoghurt as per your convenience. People assume, healthy food doesn’t taste tasty and best but nowadays there are many best diet food available which is very good in taste without any harmful things.

5. Brown Rice

Many people love rice and don’t want to leave it for losing weight. However, white rice can be a little risky for those who want to have perfect health or fit. Instead of having white rice in your diet, you can opt for brown rice which is highly rich in fibre and several nutrients. It will give you many nutrients like Vitamin B, magnesium, phosphorus and dietary fibres. whenever you have the desire of having rice, you can go and choose brown rice in your diet.

6. Citrus fruits

Our body needs many nutrients which can give us a fit physique and good health. One of the most required vitamin for our body is Vitamin C. There are many fruits and vegetables which are highly rich in Vitamin C like Lemon, Orange, Guavas, plums, chilli peppers and many more. having these foods in your diet will help you to get essential minerals and nutrients for your body which will also help you to promote weight loss. Vitamin C also has anti-inflammatory and anti-cancer properties.

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7. Legumes

The next food in our Top 15 diet food to stay healthy are legumes. Legumes are a perfect source for getting a lot of proteins, vitamins, nutrients and minerals. For perfect and quick weight loss, you should have legumes every morning. legumes like black peas, lentils, chickpeas are a must for everyone to include in their diet for good health.

8. Eggs

For perfect weight loss, you can include eggs in your diet. The egg is known for many properties which are best for your skin, weight as well as perfect health. Eggs are a high source of proteins, Vitamin D, Omega 3 acids, B12 and many more. This will be helpful for you to get the desired weight and healthy lifestyle. Eggs are also known for removing all type of diseases. It can be also used as a mask for hair or face.

9. Coconut Oil

Next one of the best diet food from our Top 15 diet food to stay healthy is coconut oil. it has high fatty acids which you can replace with your regular oil. use coconut oil while cooking vegetables, it will give you the benefit of the many nutrients and minerals. That’s why this oil comes on a healthy fats list.

10. Chia Seeds

There are so many studies and researches that included chia seeds as the best diet food. Chia seeds come on the most healthy and nutritious diet food’s list. It also gives you the required fibres and low carbs. They also help you to control your hunger and make you lose weight. You can have chia seeds with water in the morning or use them as a dressing on salads.

11. Nuts

During your diet, it is very difficult to control your hunger all the time. That’s why we have included Nuts in our Top 15 diet food to stay healthy recommendations. They are very much high in fat but they provide essential proteins and required nutrients to the body. you can have nuts as an evening or morning snacks to increase metabolism and lose weight.

12. Cheese

Cheese is a part of dairy foods that can help you to control your appetite and gives you a lot of proteins, a few carbs and fat. For losing weight, it is very important to have the required protein in your daily diet. Cottage cheese fulfils that requirement and helps you to promote weight loss in a tasty way.

13. Green Tea

This is the most popular and effective food which comes in every diet recommendations. Having green tea on regular basis, you can lose weight rapidly because of increased metabolism. Green Tea helps you to control your appetite and increase your metabolism. You can also get glow skin and shiny hair by using it regularly in your diet.

14. Soups

Soups like tomato soup, corn soup or vegetable soup can be the best one from the top 15 diet food to stay healthy. These soups keep you full and provide all the essential elements to your body. You can skip your dinner and have one of these soup. It will keep you light and healthy with few calories. All Soups are very delicious and best for weight loss.

15. Turmeric

The last one in our Top 15 diet food to stay healthy is Turmeric. It has the quality of the highest Fat cutter which can be used as an ingredient in your weight loss recipes. you can also have turmeric water on an empty stomach in the morning to stay healthy. Turmeric also comes with many health benefits and skin brightening elements.

These were our Top 15 diet food to stay healthy. All diet foods have been explained in the right manner so you can have clear knowledge about each one.


Losing weight or live a healthy lifestyle is not that difficult if you already know the pattern. Due to lack of knowledge or incorrect method, it can be a hassle for you and instead of losing weight, you can gain it. Many people believe, starving is the best way to lose weight when it is not. Starving can help you lose weight but it will again bounce back as you started eating. It will also give you an unhealthy lifestyle which is really not good. Having these diet foods in your diet can enhance the process of your weight loss process and help you to live a healthy lifestyle.

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