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UPSC IES : Is It A Good Option After Engineering?

Are you looking to appear for a secured job after completing your graduation in Engineering? Then you are certainly at the right place! This article will share all information about UPSC IES 2021 exam and whether it is a good option after Engineering.   

The UPSC IES Exam consists of three stages – Preliminary exam, Main Exam, and the Interview Round. The UPSC IES Prelims Exam will occur on 18th July . The IES Main exam is scheduled on 10th October , while the application process will be live between 5th – 27th April 2021. In this article one will get to know why UPSC IES is a good choice for Engineering Graduates.

What is UPSC IES all about?

The UPSC IES 2021 or Engineering Services Examination (ESE) is conducted to recruit engineers who work in the various departments under the Indian Government as Class – 1 Officers. Once an officer, they get deputed at various Government entities like – Indian Railways, Power, Defence service of Engineers, Central Engineering Service, Telecommunications, Central Water engineering, and few other entities. 

The job responsibilities which are undertaken by these Class – 1 Officers are based on their Engineering Streams (Educational Qualification) and the service they are recruited for. Career advancement is an automatic process and happens on time. The entry-level designation offered is Associate Executive Engineer, and the top designation is Chairman / Managing Director.

What does an IES Officer do?

An IES officer is expected to accomplish the Techno-Managerial duties under the Central Government. 

Career Opportunities in Indian Engineering Services

DepartmentPost in Each Department
Ministry of RailwaysIRSE, IRSME, IRSEE, IRSEE, IRSS
Central Electricity AuthorityCPES Gr ‘A’ & CPES Gr ‘B’
Ministry of Road TransportCES Group Gr ‘A’
Ministry of DefenceDAQAS Gr ‘A’
Ministry of Science and TechnologySurvey of Indian Gr ‘A’ Service
Border Roads AssociationBRES Gr. ‘A’
Military Engineering ServicesIDSE Gr. ‘A’ AEE (QS & C)

After selection, the officers are designated as Assistant Executive Engineer or Assistant Director. After gaining 3 to 4 years, they are promoted as Executive Engineer or Director or Manager. On completing eight years of service, one can secure a Deputy General Manager or Joint Director position.

To know about the UPSC Exam Dates and other Details, check here.

UPSC IES – Advantages and Disadvantages of pursuing a Career in IES

Mentioned below are the advantages and disadvantages of pursuing a career in IES.

  1. Methodic Career growth: On qualifying for the IES exam, successful candidates can take up ‘Mid-Level Management Posts’ with prestigious Organizations. Following this, the career growth is well defined, with promotions planned at appropriate levels based upon performance. 
  2. Appealing Salary Package with Perks: The UPSC IES recruits not only enjoy attractive salaries, but they also avail of other additional rewards such as – Residential Quarters, Health Insurance, LTA, and other Post-retirement Benefits.
  3. Blend of Technical & Managerial roles: The job of IES officers has a good mix of technical and managerial responsibilities. The engineering students will taste technical and managerial roles within public sector entities of national repute.
  4. Lucky Chance to Serve the Country: IES officers work for the welfare of the nation by working in pivotal institutions which offer the development of the nation. 

Few Disadvantages –

  1. No Steady Shifts: There are chances that one might have to get up in the middle of the night and show up for any issue far away from their places of stay.
  2. Handling Bureaucracy & Unions: Being a Group A officer, one will have to deal with the demands of the unions and groups who will conduct the work on the ground.
  3. Transfers: One of the major drawbacks of working in government services is Transfers. While working in such a critical role, one has to be comfortable with Transfers.

UPSC IES Salary Package

It should be noted that the pay scale of an UPSC IES officer is the same as any other Civil Services. The pay scale is based on the 7th Pay Commission. At present the IES Officer can avail an in-hand salary of 55,135 INR just after selection.

Job LevelSalary Scale (in INR)Grade Pay (in INR)Time Taken to get Promoted
Junior Level15,600 to 39,1005400Immediate Joining
Senior Level15,600 to 39,10066005 to 6 years after joining
Junior Administrative Grade15,600 to 39,1007600At Least 10 years after joining
Selection Grade Scale (Chief Engineer L2 / Joint GM)37,400 to 67,0008700More than 13 years after joining
Super Timegrade (Chief Engineer or Additional GM)37,400 to 67,000870020 years or more
Cabinet Secretary Grade90,000NAFixed and Based on Performance

The benefits to which an UPSC IES officer is entitled to are: Residential Quarters, Dearness Allowance, HRA, Leave Travel Allowance / Tour Allowance, Official Vehicle, Gratuity, CGHS medical facility, Provident Fund, Leave Encashment, and many more.

In the present day, there are various options available for Engineering Graduates. One can choose higher studies or jobs. Most Engineering graduates opt for private jobs which are never really secured. On the contrary a job role as Class – 1 officer under the Central Government is a safe and lucrative option. Besides a handsome salary, the Engineers can avail various perks like Leave Encashments,  Domestic Help, Lodging Facilities, Gratuity, Provident Fund, and many more. 

So, UPSC IES 2021 exam can be a game changer for Engineering Graduates with respect to secured, respectable and lucrative career options. We are sure that this piece of information will enlighten the minds of the fresh engineering graduates to attempt the exam going forward.


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