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Reasons to Opt for Maternity Cover under your Health Insurance

Health insurance plans for family are available under various heads but for someone looking to start a family, it is advisable to opt for an insurance that covers pregnancy. The time of conceiving a child and nourishing it for a period of nine months is a beautiful experience but like everything else, this life changing event also comes with its list of cons with expenses featuring right on top.

A good health insurance plan with a maternity cover considerably reduces the stress of finances as it offers relief in the form of certain expense heads that are covered under the plan.

The process of bringing a child into the world involves periodic health checkups and visits to the doctor for consultation. In most cases a number of medicines are also prescribed keeping in mind the health of the mother and to be born child. These regular visits, tests and medicines tend to rake up bills in multiple digits and can cause stress on the family. However, if a maternity cover is in place, these expenses tend to get covered.

With the advancement in technology, it is always advisable to have the delivery of the baby in a hospital as the environment is more conducive to handle these sensitive situations. Having a good surgeon at hand eases the stress for the mother and father. There are also nurses at hand to handle any unexpected situation that might crop up. There are certain tests and medications also that may be required. However, admitting to a hospital and having a good doctor and various nurses at hand tends to be very expensive in most situations but a maternity plan covers all of these expenses.

Pre natal and post natal expenses which involve carrying out tests on the mother and child after delivery is covered under a maternity insurance. A new born child is highly susceptible to contamination and diseases and hence it is extremely important to get timely vaccination done for the child to protect them from falling sick. Most maternity plans cover the expense of vaccination for the first year however there are some which cover the cost up to a period of twelve years. This is another high stress point which is taken care of if a maternity cover is in place for the mother and the child.

A maternity cover comes with either added benefits or an in built add on for the child and hence tends to cover most of the cost related to the health of the child in its primitive years. This along with the usual costs that are mentioned above also tends to cover costs of any complications that might arise.

The process of having a child does not begin at the time of the child being conceived but in the true sense begins years before at the time of planning to have a maternity cover in place which in turn will ensure a smooth and hassle free pregnancy for the entire family.

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