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The World is Changing, Make Sure Your Attendance Machine is Up to It

A smart attendance management system can help you track the working hours of employees, ensuring that there is no breach of policy or violation of company regulations. In simplifying payroll too, it goes a long way. A sophisticated platform for attendance management becomes important when creating a digitally connected work environment. It is not only responsible for ensuring the visibility of employee movements, but attendance machines can also streamline enforcement.

What Is an Attendance Management System?

Smart solutions that help monitor the time spent in the workplace by an employee are called attendance management systems. Interestingly, this does not inherently have to be a digital tool; some of the legacy models of attendance management are paper registers, time clocks, and Excel-based spreadsheets.

But the resources to document attendance must keep pace with technology developing at lightning speed and businesses looking at massive, dispersed workforces. This has contributed to dedicated employee time-tracking applications such as touchless attendance machines that work with facial recognition technology.

A cloud-based touchless attendance machine provides the advantages of consistency, cost optimization, and ease of access across devices and platforms. For modern organizations, many features make these machines necessary.

Must-have Features of an Attendance Machine

Here are the following features of an attendance machine that should be on your checklist before buying one for the workplace: 

  • Face recognition

Employees should clock in, record break times, and clock out after the workday is complete, using the face recognition feature. It is essential for attendance management. Attendance machines using face recognition technology reduce the chance of clocking in for fraud or “proxy.”

  • Leave management

Leave management is where your attendance machine should play a significant role. A missed day should not be reported as ‘absent’ automatically; instead, the employee should be notified to apply for leave or make any particular demands for attendance (such as half-day). There are advanced attendance machines that have user-friendly apps so that the employee can check their attendance details and request for help desk in case of any query.

  • Reporting

In every company, establishing and managing employee attendance records is a crucial HR responsibility. In an exportable report format, essential report generation, such as the number of hours, overtime, missing days, etc., should be available.

Hence, one must choose an attendance machine which can be integrated with the pre-existing HRMS software of the company. One such attendance machine is KENT CamAttendance, which can be easily integrated with the existing HRMS software.

  • Mobile and cloud support

An attendance management system based on the cloud is widely accessible from any device. It often requires introducing a browser, ensuring that the device can be accessed without downloading an app. A mobile app could also help the productivity of employees, allowing accurate attendance capture on the smartphone when they are in a certain radius.

Change the Game with Advanced Attendance Machines

How you handle your employees can be modified by implementing touchless attendance machines. The functionalities incorporated into these applications are vital to the daily workflow of your staff, and digital systems eliminate mistakes that can lead to month-end problems and difficulties in compliance. There are a few touchless attendance machines in the market. However, one must always select an attendance machine from reliable brands like KENT. They have introduced a next-generation touchless attendance machine known as KENT CamAttendance that offers state-of-the-art features, like AI-based computer vision to mark attendance, mask detection, real-person detection, high speed, and accuracy.

We recommend that you do your research and start by taking a free trial by KENT CamAttendance, knowing your particular requirements better, and arriving at the right solution for you.


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