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Top 10 qualities to become a successful event manager


Successful event manager’s are made over years, there are a few qualities to become a Successful event manager. Any successful event manager’s have undergone practising these qualities over years together to become successful. This article explains the Top 10 qualities to become a successful event manager.

But before that lets see Who is an event manager 

Who is an Event Manager??

Top 10 qualities to become a successful event manager


An event manager is the person who plans and executes events, taking responsibility for the creative, technical, and logistical elements. This includes overall event design, brand building, marketing and communication strategy, audio-visual production, logistics, budgeting, and client service.


Top 10 Qualities to Become a Successful Event Manager

Do you have it in you to become an Event Manager?? Given below are the top 10 qualities to become a successful event manager.


  • Passion: An efficient manager is the one who is passionate about his work. He/she should have the Enthusiasm to motivate his team to work hard and enjoy the work; keep it stress free rather than being rigid and stressed. You should be an inspiration for others to become an Event Manager.
  • Planning: Do you plan your day-to- day activities? Do you plan on any small or big events in your life? Movies? College tour? Family function? Outing with friends? Great… Planning is a very important factor in event management, you have to pay attention to every minor things. Therefore a good Event Manager should be a very good planner.
  • Organization: An Event Manager needs to have outstanding Organizational skills. He/she must be able to handle anything that comes the way of an event manager. Organisation begins from planning to execution, which involves managing the people, choosing the vendors to pack ups. Basically Extraordinary Organizational skills are the backbone of any successful Event Manager.
  • Creativity: Are you creative? I read this Quote somewhere on the internet.
    “Creativity inspires ideas, ideas inspire change.” Well an Event Manager should have creative ideas that can attract the client’s attention. He/she must pull the crowd’s attention on the event, for which he/she must be an out of the box thinker.
  • People’s person: Can you handle people? You have been an Extrovert forever?  That’s great, because an Event Manager should be able to manage people; since he/she is answerable to questions from his/her clients. He/she should be accessible all the time, without causing inconvenience to them.

Other qualities:

  • Time Management: An event manager must have Excellent Time Managements skills to avoid delay of events. He/she must have a clear picture of the happenings and ensure proper Time Management. He/she must arrange for all the requirements well in advance to save time.
  • Multitasking: can you Multi task? You can do more than 2-3 things at the same time; congrats!! BINGO; that’s an important role of an event manager An Event Manager should be able to multi-task. He/she must be able to handle multiple activities at a time; he/she may have to run around while still keeping a check on the backstage and onstage event.
  • Team player: An event manager is someone who connects with many people – vendors, clients, staff etc. Hence to become a successful event manager, he/she should be a team player. He/she must be able to work in a team with co-ordination.
  • Problem solving: An event manager must be a good problem solver, to handle problems that arise throughout event management. It is obvious for problems to arise at some or the other point of time. Hence he/she must always be ready to solve problems.
  • Patience: Event management is not an easy task, it can be strenuos at times and that may demotivate you. But the key is to remain calm and composed. He/she must be patient enough to clarify the clients and handle the pressure around him.

Conclusion :

Anyone with the above mentioned qualities can become a successful Event Manager.

So if someone willing to take up Event management as a career, do look in to the qualities you possess. Analyse what are the qualities you have? And what are the qualities that you should develop to become a successful event manager. Once you know where you stand, mould your qualities accordingly.

All the best to the future Event manager’s out there…!!!

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