Top 10 Fat Burners – How Safe and Effective Are They?

It is never easy to make a selection of top products, especially if they are referred to weight management purposes. A wide assortment of supplements available in the market significantly complicates this task. Nevertheless, customer’s opinion is always helpful. On this account, meet top ten slimming pills to burn fat according to the choice of experienced users. Read more

Alpha Lean-7

Buying this diet pill, you get a powerful instrument to burn fat via thermogenic effects, as well as to reduce food cravings. Hard Rock Supplements managed to create a decent product free of 1,3-dimethylamylamine. Today, it is considered one of the best options in the market.

Demon Burn 50

Another product made by the manufacturer of Alpha Lean-7. Perhaps, the efficiency of Demon Burn 50 lags behind the product number one on our list. Still, users get a great hunger suppressant, energy booster, and mental promoter rolled into one.

Lipodrene Hardcore

The epithet “powerful” can be attached to any supplement in the list. So, we will use it to describe all products at once. Still, Lipodrene is a special solution for those suffering from tolerance to pills based on stimulants.


Hi-Tech Pharmaceuticals is known for not only Lipodrene but also the fat burner titled Hydroxyelite. The merchandise can boast of a superb formula free of methylhexaneamine. Still, you will hardly feel the difference from the regular DMAA-based supplements.

Hell Fire

Welcome back. Experienced users recall the potent pill called Hell Fire, which once left the market. Now, it is returned with a new formula superseding its ancestor. Though the merchandise is not on the top, it enjoys popularity and demand among users.


The Olympus Labs Company aims at conquering the market of diet supplements through its innovation called Assass1nate. What is so special about it? First, it contains no stimulants. Second, it provides an incredible efficiency by preventing the accumulation of fat and increasing metabolic rate. Do you need anything else?

Cobra 6p Extreme

Most fat burners cannot do without methylhexanamine aka DMAA. However, there is no need to sacrifice your health in favor of efficiency since Blackstone Labs offers an alternative solution with Cobra 6P in a new extreme version. Users are thrilled with the performance.

Asia Black

If you know the feeling of frustration caused by a fat loss wall, Asia Black should be your choice. The very product can break the impasse and help cut the final pounds on the way to the perfect slim body.

Black Widow

The spider under the same name does not elicit good associations. Still, this fat burner does. Black Widow is designed to struggle against food cravings and increase your metabolic rate for a successful fat burn. The potency of the pill is beyond words.


Supplements free of stimulants are the trend of recent times. This merchandise designed by PEScience supports the trend and boasts of a wide functionality including the hunger reduction, and the increase of thyroid hormone.

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