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10 Easy Tips to become a Freelancer

Are you planning to become a freelancer? Want to earn and work from home with your preferred timing? If your answer to these questions is yes then this article is for you my friends. Becoming a freelancer is not a tough job you can easily become by following few easy tips.

Freelancers work whenever and wherever they want. They do not have to visit office, wear formals and follow 9-5 working rule. People often doubt whether or not freelancing is good for them or not. Try working for some time if that is what you want and you feel satisfaction then continue with it. If that’s not your calling then join a full time employment.

Here are Few Tips to Be Freelancer

Register on Freelancing Website

First thing you need to do is to register yourself to freelancing websites, nowadays many websites are available you can register your details. Many startups find freelancer from this websites. You will have access to many groups of people. You can get projects for you as per your skills mentioned in profile details. You can interact with client once they hire you. All this websites help you grow your network. All you need to do is register yourself and make your profile look best with mentioning past work details, skills, hourly charges etc.
Few websites on which you can register are:

  • Freelancer.com
  • Upwork
  • 99designs
  • Applancer

Create your Own Website

If you are good at designing then you can create your website for free all you will require is hosting and domain. Building website is optional if you have just started your career in freelancing then you should first t focus on delivering best outcome to client on time and once you build your portfolio you are all set to build your own online portfolio (your own website). You can further add this links to all freelancing website profile as your website link. Online portfolio helps client in decision making. Keep in mind that you mention your works, best work which you are proud of and contact details.

Understand Client Requirements in Detail

This is equally important part just like getting a project. If you understand the requirement properly then only you will deliver project as required. Make sure you have understood what client is looking for. Try to create certain prototype and send it to them. At times client doesn’t know the exact requirements but they know few live examples or they will try to convey with few drawings etc. Try understanding it and create the product as required. Client doesn’t always know all technology that you are aware of so be patient and make them understand and teach them in a manner which makes them feel confident about it.

Determine Legitimate Cost

Keep pricing as per current market. Research on how much freelancers charge for particular skills or module etc charges. Be genuine don’t just demand what you feel like as clients are not fool. Factors like how much time you will invest what all expenses project will cost etc. Note it down and add a little amount to earn profit. Don’t demand then market rating else people will hire someone else.

Communicate Well

A good communication is key to success. Communicate with client as per meeting scheduled do not miss it. Communication between you and client should be clear. Inform client about project status, changes you are willing to make, what best suits their product, etc. They must feel that they are a part of product building, take feedback from them and try to build healthy relation with them. You can user tools like Skype, slack etc for communication. Share a project tracker sheet with client to keep project status in one place.

Meet Deadline

Never miss a deadline especially if this is your 1st or 2nd project. Respect time and you will achieve success. Deliver project on date given to client. Missing a deadline really creates a bad impression, it makes client trust you less, and they feel you are not professional enough to handle it. With this you can even loose a project and also recommendations. So if you want to be a successful freelancer deliver project on date assigned. At times due to some technical issue project may get delayed a day or two but make sure to inform client about it. Keep them posted.

Deliver More Than Expected

Last but not the least deliver more than expected. Don’t provide just what you promised impress client. Make them happy. If client is happy he/she will definitely refer you somewhere or maybe next time they will contact you for further work. They will give recommend you to many people and you may get many other project due to them. Deliver what you committed In a given time and upto the level. Ask for the feedback this will help you improve your service in future.

All this points will help you become a better freelancer and become your own boss.

Happy Freelancing !


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