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Are you suffering from obesity? You want to lose your extra fat fast? Then you have finally come to the correct place. The conventional ideas of eating less and running more do not work for a long time. Depriving your hunger is cutting off your will power. Eventually after certain period everyone gives up and obesity is becoming epidemic these days.

If you have opened this, then finally you have some better way to get rid of your calories.

Lemons have high pectin fiber. It helps us to remove toxin from our body. Lemons increase our metabolic rate and increase in that helps us to reduce our weight faster. Sour flavors help in production and release of Bile, a fluid that helps to break down fat in stomach. Lemon water even before high calorie meal is beneficial in terms of absorption of fat and quick digestion.


  • Prefer using stairs in place of escalator or elevator.

In your busy schedule it is difficult to find time for exercise, if you manage to find time for it then walk for 30 minutes regularly. If you don’t have time then you should find out some effective thing in your daily life. If you go for shopping in malls then use the stairs instead the escalators or elevators. Avoid taking transport for going from one place to other if you have enough time and is not that long distance.  Walking is effective and helps to reduce fast.


  • Eat only when you are hungry.

Do not go for eating just because you are bored. Food is an easy mode of entertainment because they are tasty and easily available. Unnecessary snacking is a way to led obesity. If you are not really hungry feel free to skip meals.  Eat only when you are hungry, but not when it is time for you to be hungry. Listen to your body not the clock.


  • Try to minimize junk food and even the products which are sold as low fat products.

Low fat coke, chocolate are other stuffs are made with artificial sugar and alcohol and it is not certainly low fat but still certain companies sells it as low fat products.  If you see junk food around you it is difficult for you to stop having it, but do not have those food regularly. Have it ones in a while but make sure you take measures to get rid of the calories you intake.

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  • Do not keep your stomach empty.

As I have mentioned earlier that in course of reduction of weight you should not starve. Starving will just make us suffer and lose you will power. Eat the amount of food which your body needs but it should be healthy one.


  • Carry water where ever you go.

Water increases the metabolic rate of the body. Keep water as a part of your diet. Drink at least 3-4 liters of water a day. If possible prefer having hydrated water. Sometimes if you are hungry and you don’t have food around you then satisfy your hunger with water.  Drinking lots of water is an excellent way to lose weight.

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  • Avoid consumption of beer.

Beer shuts down fat burning, often beer is considered as liquid bread. Even avoid sweetened cocktail and switch over to Wine (red or dry white), Dry champagne, Whiskey or Vodka with Soda. These drinks hardly contains sugar or carbohydrate and hence obviously better than beer. But any alcohol products cut downs weight loss, so moderation is still a good idea.

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  • Get checked your hormones.

Even after trying various things no get no results then get your hormones checked.  There are 3 types of hormonal disorder which causes weight gain.

  1. Thyroid hormone.
  2. Stress hormone.

Thyroid hormone disorder is a frequent problem for women. This causes constipation, dry skin and most importantly weight gain.

Stress hormone the stubborn culprit for weight issue may be stress hormone. Too much release of this hormone increases hunger level and subsequently increase in weight gain.

               If you think you are facing these problems hurry to the concerned doctor.


  • Appreciate your success in weight loss.

Think positively about your weight loss. Even though you have succeeded only a little appreciate that. Always keep a track how much you lose. This will give you enthusiasm to carry on the weight loss procedure for a stretch of time and make you reach your goal.

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  • Rest your mind and body

Get good amount of sleep. As I mentioned earlier that how stress causes weight gain, you must give your body a good amount of time to rest as sleep decreases stress.


Inspire yourself

It is really shocking and difficult to belief that how these beauties were fat and ugly.

1. Aiswariya Rai Bacchan

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 2. Aliya Bhatt


3. Parineeti Chopra


4. Sonam Kapoor


 5. Zarene Khan


6. Rekha


7. Kareena Kapoor


 8. Esha Deol
If they can you too can. Just give it a try and step to style. Stay fit, stay confident.
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