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From Father of Nation to The Modern-Day Gandhi

Mahatma Gandhi, ‘the Father of Nation’ has been cremated almost six decades ago but his ideology still continues to live. You all will be glad on knowing this that our Bapu still lives among us, he is still with us spreading his messages of truth and non-violence.
Yes, on not more than the distance of 100 metres away from Rajghat, lives Mahesh Chaturvedi, a man of 68-years-old who looks and lives like Gandhi. A man who was earlier a professor, but in 2002 he left his job. He says, “Gandhi came to me one night and I left everything.”

Modern Gandhi

Dressed in crisp white dhoti with a gamcha (towel) over his shoulders and rimmed spectacles he has made the message of Mahatma. He preaches Gandhi’s teachings and wants to spread the message of truth and non-violence all over the world. On first glance, the resemblance between him and Gandhi is striking as apart from that he can also mimic his voice and he greets people by folding his hands and by saying “Ram Ram” with a simple smile on his face. Over the phone every conversation of modern Gandhi begins with “Vande Mataram.”

Modern Gandhi

This modern Gandhi, travels in metro, goes to mall for powdered milk and he often ditches his stick his stick for an escalator.

Modern Gandhi

According to HT, he rebuffs queries about his “past life” and doesn’t say how he sustains himself without a job. Many of the local people says that he has some devotees who puts money in his bank account.
His leaflet reads, “Leave India, brown Englishmen” as he is looking for a country who is free from the corrupted political system. “The British left India but their influence remains. I don’t oppose English language but the feudal mindset needs to go for the poor to prosper.” Says modern Gandhi. He has also written letters to prime ministers and presidents regarding the same but all were unsuccessful. “One person can change the world.” He says and so he never loose hope and continues to spread his message all over the world.
In spite of all this, he says that the times have changed and so military action is necessary and doesn’t flinch from praising soldiers. But what about the Mahatma’s famous non-violent methods? “Times have changed. If you extend one cheek after a slap, people will hit you thrice.”

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