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Namaste’s Peace – 3 Poses For A Calming Experience!

Namaste honours the place where the entire Universe lives. It helps honour the truth, love, beauty, and peace within another person. It is because namaste is within. By sharing this gesture, it unites us. Namaste makes us one. The light within me Honours the light within you.

This is the taste of namaste. The easiest way to decompress ourselves is by practising yoga, feeling stress rush away. The powerful integration of the body, mind and soul in the form of yoga brings powerful vibrations to within. You can practice yoga during the morning or as a part of your bedtime ritual. Trust me when I say this, bedtime yoga rituals bring amazing body benefits that linger. 

Namaste has its literal translation in Sanskrit, meaning “I bow to you”. When you bow down to someone and say namaste, it underscores the depth and sincerity behind your nature. A complacent surrender of your head and your heart also proclaims a welcoming nature. Yoga imbibes namaste as a crucial ingredient. Namaste makes you more centred and present in whatever you undertake–an active lifestyle focused on problem-solving, reasoning, and logic needs you to calm down.

The active mind constantly focuses on the things around instead of jumping from thought to thought. Practising the art of namaste with proper yoga helps you downsize the agenda of stress that may strike you otherwise. It will help you travel back to some crazy life in the senses and acknowledge the fellow happiness that surrounds you. I see namaste as an active connection, part of the reason that flows through the entire body. Yoga is a fitness regime, but namaste helps you to reflect on its meaning and learn a little more about yourself every time you say it. 

Namaste's Peace - 3 Poses For A Calming Experience!
Namaste's Peace - 3 Poses For A Calming Experience!


Stress has innumerable negative implications, from muscle tension to weight gain to digestive health issues. The complaints of stress increase day by day. Yes, you can have medicines to counter them, you can have liquid solutions and inhale strong fragrances to de-stress your mind, but remember stress does not leave your body. Food cravings can lead to weight gain. A quick suppressant may suppress your food for the time being.

For example, working out mostly depends on whey protein to suppress food cravings. A proper workout requires nutrition. For instance, do you ever realize that the moment your body completes digesting the weight protein, your cravings begin? Besides that, with the proper practice of yoga and meditation, we can dust off these cravings. Yoga uses tricks and techniques that help manage your stress better. These techniques may seem meaningless without clear guidance. 

In this article, I have shared major yoga practices to help you adjust better with time. You can pick some for your daily routine. Stress is a nervous response and yoga helps to educate your nervous system to respond properly. It may take more than a few minutes, however, just like building muscle. The more you practice, the more you gain relief. 

Down Dog Modification

This posture focuses on a gentle inversion technique. This inversion technique refreshes the brain once you are done with it. You may feel overwhelmed because it will bring back your concentration skills. If you are lacking concentration in your normal capacity and losing focus on what you do, this pose is helpful for you. 

Stack up some yoga blocks up to 6 inches tall. You can adjust those blocks according to your height. This tag will rest your head on now. The downward-facing dog with your hand’s shoulders parted and your feet hit with a part. Make sure your forehead is resting on a block of books or yoga blocks. At once you may not achieve it, you might have to re-adjust the block of books to get to the right position. 

Namaste's Peace - 3 Poses For A Calming Experience!
Namaste's Peace - 3 Poses For A Calming Experience!

You notice that the effect of weight will only be on your hands and legs. The weight of your head is shared by a block of books. Relax your neck and let the blood flow so that your mind can stay fresh. Hold on to the position here for 1 to 2 minutes and visualize your thoughts and to-list for the day. 

Calming Breath

If you experience an up and down level of stress throughout the day, this simple breathing technique may help you out. It helps stop the stress response in the body. In a moment’s heat, it intimately connects to the parasympathetic nervous system enabling you to induce the relaxation response. Breathing techniques vary in complexity and require proper diaphragmatic breathing. This lengthens exhalation. 

Namaste's Peace - 3 Poses For A Calming Experience!
Namaste's Peace - 3 Poses For A Calming Experience!

There is no specific position to practice this. You can keep your eyes closed or open. The important part is to slow down your breath as you breathe in and out. For a few rounds, release the tension from your mind and inhale. It will surprise you to notice how quickly the relaxation response begins as you get comfortable. In this response, you can start inhaling for 4 minutes and exhale for 8. The maximum count you relax at is not the key, instead, the key to relaxation is to feel and exit the stress. This will promote restful sleep and increase attention-breaking shallow and erratic breathing techniques.

Supine Twist

If it has been a tiring day and there is no scope for a bubble bath, the supine twist yoga may help you relax and release the tension from your back and neck. This tension building in the back and neck comes from sitting all day at your desk. This is not happening every day. On days when you feel stressed and come home in pain and unable to unwind or relax, lie down at a comfortable place on the ground and bring your knees close to your chest. 

Namaste's Peace - 3 Poses For A Calming Experience!
Namaste's Peace - 3 Poses For A Calming Experience!

 Next, you take them over to one side and place them on the ground with a gentle twist. Now the key is not to complete the post-show completely however to relax and let your body lean to the ground if you find your legs into the air wedge under a pillow or a blanket so that your legs can relax once you find your comfort IO take a few deep breaths approximately for 2 to 4 minutes and repeat the 2nd site once you are completely done with the posture you can ease back into the rest of your night with a fresh perspective for the next day. 

The Bottom Line

Suit yourself in a comfortable space and sit in a comfortable sitting position on the floor. Make sure you have a blanket or yoga mat underneath. You can also use a pillow to help your hips head up a little higher than the knees. Start breathing naturally without worrying about any counts or the number of times you inhale. Gradually conduct the poses and complete the sets. Set a timer and begin with 30 minutes of practice initially. Slowly head up to 45 minutes or further. 

The considerable changes showering in your health will channelize your interest to make it a habit. You can also practice them in the middle of the night while suffering from insomnia. For the above methods, there is no concept of “a perfect time”. Believe and continue. 

Papri Chatterjee
Papri Chatterjee
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  1. This is a beautiful post. Since I have been doing yoga continuously for the last 20 years and am a yoga lover. I enjoyed reading it. Your title Namaste’s peace is so enriching.


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