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Things You Did Not Know About The Taurus Zodiac

It is the first of May, and it is the month of the bull. The bull signifies the Taurus zodiac sign and is in almost the shape of a k. It lies between Aries to its west and Gemini to its east. Other surrounding constellations and zodiacs include Perseus and Auriga. The constellation of Orion is somewhere to the southeast of Taurus. It is one of the oldest constellations, and the nature of the zodiac shows itself through the people born under it. Sensible and practical, a Taurus person always thinks before they act.

They have many strengths which also translate to be their weaknesses in some ways. A Taurus is reliable and patient. They are practical, responsible and stable. However, in the same way, that nothing is right in extremes, their strength and practicality turn into stubbornness. Their loyalty turns into possessiveness. People born under Taurus seek to surround themselves with love and beauty. They seek pleasures of the flesh and are hedonistic.

They are perfectionists in a way, that is, they seek to their choices and stand by their decisions till they are satisfied by them. They are also one of the most reliable signs in the zodiac, with their stubbornness ruling their decisions to stick by you.

Taurus – Work Life and Home Life, Work-Home Balance.

There are three Earth Signs: Virgo, Capricorn and Taurus. Earth signs have a grounded ability to looking at scenarios. The Earth signs are also, efficient, and find it easy to get a job, make money and stay at it. They make for excellent employees, steadily climbing up the ranks and in a way that no one can question them.

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In terms of their home life, Taurus is very good at being long term friends and make for great partners. They make it a point to always be there for their loved ones. They make for beautiful spouses and parents. They are stoic and kind at the same time, and this then shows itself in a parental and nurturing way. They are excellent role models and are also great leaders and don’t bend to anyone’s will. They may not be very great at thinking outside the box or taking unforeseen risks, but they always calculate the potential damage or profit their choices can make and then make their decision. This trait of theirs makes them very pragmatic.

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Taurus – Skills and Interests.

A Taurus is creative, calculating and patient. Their soft nature makes them a good cook, an excellent artist or good at anything that requires gentleness to it. They have a green thumb and have the right eye for detail and apply this to taking care of their plants. While their creative and patient nature makes them good friends and teammates to be around, it also makes them reluctant to any sudden changes. They like having people depend on them, and they depend a lot on people. They can use practicality to rationalize their feelings, but the emotional aspect of their nature is always challenging for them to be in touch with.

Taurus’s are generally very mild-mannered people and hope to find true love someday. Their life could have trauma or tragedy, and yet they persevere with their pragmatism, looking for the love they care for. They can only find this love after undergoing a drastic change in scene or a significant life change.

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What a Taurus has In Store This Month.

The quarantine has been hard on all of us. There are indications that this is going to increase before reaching its crescendo directly. As a Taurus, you shall probably go through the same, with a lot of new challenges and problems in your life. Gather your strength and stand tall for both you and your family’s sake.

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Keep in mind any standing issues in your life and resolve them before it brings forth new scenarios of your life that you don’t want to explore. Beware of any people coming back into your life with seemingly innocent intentions. Learn to trust and yet take it with a pinch of salt. You may want to gain control of the seemingly inevitable situations. This is not possible. We can assure you; it would be the best course for you, to take your case as it is, and flow with the tide. Good things shall soon come your way.

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What You Have in Store For The Year.

Your lucky colour shall be turquoise, and your lucky numbers are 6, 15, 24, 33, 42 and 51. This year shall be one of the changes. If you aren’t for them, you might find yourself stressed and burnt out before you even begun. Work on your strengths and build up your foundation so that when the storm comes for you, you won’t fly away with it. You shall have new opportunities which are both blessings and curses in disguise. Make sure to choose well. The entirety of spring shall be one of the choices. With new opportunities gracing your doors, you shall soon come out of any stagnancy you have been experiencing lately.

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You may want to get more risqué, indulge in forbidden loves. While they may seem interesting enough, it would be better to wait it out, for June promises you more long-lasting love and permanent commitments. Learn to stay grounded and move in tune with the universe. August shall bring responsibilities more serious, and you shall prosper more in love, tenderness, happiness and fun.

While May will bring a lot of dark times, where you shall not feel like you belong despite being around loved ones, stay put. You shall discover a lot of new talents within yourself, which could remain undiscovered. Do not lose faith in yourself. Do not stress and actively practice to do so. Find yourself liberated even as your faith keeps you grounded. With the entirety of the year being one of liberation and new opportunities, we hope you come out on top.

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