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The big five personality factors

Successful people in their respective fields are always knowledgeable and excellently skillful. They are very much through with the in and out of their areas of specialization, they belong to. They hold tremendous expertise over the subjects, they deal with. Through the power of knowledge, they succeed to win people’s respect and trust and thus become eminent.  They take all measures to manage their career and business effectively. This quality increases their courage and enables them to market their ability efficiently. They remain willing to learn new things and show least reservations to any changes. This mental approach takes them to a phase of learning new things more and more and thereby they continuously sharp their knowledge. 

Success may be intrinsic or extrinsic depending on the circumstances prevailed. Intrinsic success is measured by a magnitude of job/career satisfaction, fulfillment of professional wishes and self-worth; whereas extrinsic success relates to social status-quo, income level, professional hierarchy, employability, etc. A well-known psychologist Nikas Bozioneles very strongly expresses the relationship between five big personality factors linked to a successful career. Personality and behavior of a person are influenced by five major elements which are known as 5 big personality traits. They are – Neuroticism, Extroversion, Openness, Agreeableness, and Conscientiousness. These personality traits play a vital role in accomplishing a task successfully for any person. Neuroticism represents anxiety, anger, sadness, etc., which makes a person tensed and with a tensed mind, he is unable to concentrate on any activity given to him to deal with.  For a successful career, one has to overcome the negative aspects of neuroticism. However, even in the state of tensed mind, if you are able to control and calm down your anger, anxiety, and bitterness, your nervousness arise thereupon will get evaporate and the decision making probability will be enhanced to a reasonable level.  The more you are able to control the negative side of neuroticism, the more you will be matured and balanced. You will be able to take correct decisions at the workplace with the he lp of a stable mind. 

Extroversion is a state of mind which resembles a positive outlook. With this frame of mind, one can have a constructive viewpoint towards each and every responsibility he is assigned to. The rate of success will always be more. A positive outlook makes you enthusiastic towards the job entrusted to you. This will also make you social, assertive and expressive. All your assignments will reflect these qualities.

Openness is a quality that renders a person’s flexibility to embrace changes without much reluctance in life.  He considers changes as opportunities, and with an unbiased mind; he takes advantage of the changes to achieve progress. Openness distracts shortcoming and the complexity of the behavioral pattern. These qualities induce the person’s ability to accept any change.

Agreeableness is also a great personality factor. This is an attitude which keeps a person agreeable to other’s opinion and thoughts. People who have this quality generally tend to agree to others’ action plans after sacrificing their own priorities. In today’s growth-oriented strategy of modern management, if you apply this personality trait, you will be more on the advantageous path. Agreeableness will drive you to the solution of a complex problem without which growth of any business or your career is next to impossible.  If you show the personality trait opposite to agreeableness, the effect will be detrimental to your work environment.  It is quite common that the people who would like to deal with you would usually prefer the quality of reasonable agreeableness in you. Hence, it is better to show the quality of agreeableness in all your business deals.

The last personality factor of “Big Five” is conscientiousness.  This quality gives the person the ability to practice self-discipline.  It also makes a person more dutiful and a believer in a goal-oriented approach. This type of person thinks immensely before acting.  He does not like irrational behavior and would avoid indulging into an impulsive action.  He does not give importance to gratification. He firmly sticks to the rules, regulations and accordingly set principles and takes the utmost care in planning, organizing and prioritizing any activity.

The three out of five personality factors i.e. Extroversion, Neuroticism, and Conscientiousness play a very effective role in the successful performance of an individual.  Extroversion and conscientiousness create a desire in a person to achieve the target. This success is an extrinsic type.  Extroversion creates a feeling of sociability, mingling ability and a quality of planning in a person. This quality when coupled with conscientiousness gives rise to the importance of self-discipline and makes the person more determined towards the set targets; no matter how hard it could be.

On the contrary, neurotic people are more anxious whose confidence level is usually very low; they are less achiever. This personality factor represents a negative trait, but when coupled with other personality factors, it produces positive results. Neuroticism reflects negativity with regard to both intrinsic and extrinsic type of success. Agreeableness scores positively to intrinsic success. People who have inherent agreeableness show good progress in their career and they are complacent with their jobs. They are not job-hoppers types. Their self-worth value is quite high in society. 

People who are eager to accept new challenges and who keep an open approach to concentrate on the constructive feedback of others remain successful in their career.  They are more confident, self-motivated and content with their life, career and their relationship with others. On the contrary, people who adopt a narrow and closed path of career are vulnerable to intrinsic success due to a low content of openness factor.

If you have an openness personality factor, you will be more successful in your career and will be able to develop an excellent relationship with your peers and colleagues as well as with your family, relatives, and friends. This personality trait will lead you to a path of development whereby you will be able to find out a real definition of success. All above “big five” personality factors are interdependent to each other. Neuroticism prima-facie may look to be a negative trait, but agreeableness and openness pacify the negative impact thereof. he negative impact thereof. However, neuroticism equally plays a tremendous role in the achievement of success in life. If you can learn all these techniques or by default, you possess all these qualities, there is bound to be a success in your career.


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