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REAL TALK:11 Things Girls Wish Men Knew About Relationship

Relationship can be great as well as can suck like hell. Depends on how you turn your relation to be. Basically it depends on your understanding and when it comes to women, it is rightly said that no one can understand a woman. So  I guess you guys need to be given a guide called, ‘how to read a woman’s mind’. These are some of the points, what they wish their boys should know. Hope guys out there won’t complain anymore, that girls are mystery.

1.Keep her at the top of priority list

Every girl needs attention and time from her boyfriend. They want you to give all your time to them like 24 hours.

2.Remember all the important dates

They don’t like your short term memory loss kind of attitude. They want you to remember all the dates like your first kiss, first date, first…. Etc n especially your anniversary, which every guy fail to remember.

  1. Stop keeping them wait for long

Guys you  need to learn that girls hate to wait. Its like you have wasted their hours facial in parlor. So guys learn to be punctual and stop keeping them wait.

4.Try to surprise them in every step

Girls love efforts. They love surprises. They love it when their guy plans surprises for them.

5.Keep a smile on her face

Smile is the best jewel a girl can wear. So contribute to her smile and she will love you like anything. Even the smallest of your effort can bring a broad smile on her face.

6.Support her at every moment

Girls need you at every moment of her life . It doesn’t matter whether she is  happy or sad, excited or dull, she loves your support. So just be with her.

7.Listen to all she want to speak

Girls are damn talkative . They won’t  spare anyone from their nonstop talks . so she expects you to contribute your ears to theirs talks. Especially when they are sad, all they want from you is to listen.

8.Honesty is the best policy

Girls hate fake personality. So they expect you to be genuine . Honest answer is all they want to listen.

9.Opinion on bed

Girls want their guys to learn about their comfortability. Girls don’t want to dive on the bed everyday. So guys you need to learn this.

10.Sorry!! Sorry!!Sorry!!

The  most favourite word to girl’s ear  is sorry. Girls love it when their partner admit their mistakes . So rather than arguing , learn to apologies to her too.

11.Learn to respect

The most important  thing is respect. Girls want their partner to respect them. To give them that position they deserve. So I would say that respect is the ultimate key for a beautiful relationship.


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