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Hacks of Being a Star Employee in Your New Office

First Impressions are the Last Impressions – though this might not be true, however, first impressions are pretty long-lasting. With a new job come new roles and responsibility, and a whirlpool of opportunities.

It can be that dream project you have been investing your wholehearted dedication to or that company which can turn your career towards the roller coaster that only goes up – a new job is all that you can look for new opportunities, a whole damn career transition for you overall.

It is important not to be carried away or being overwhelmed by the change. Hence, better be prepared for the responsibilities and grab the best of opportunity to build a strong career. Abilities and strengths will pull you through the hustles as a newbie – the overwhelming nervousness, the immense fear, and all the goosebumps can be beaten away by just a little bit of confidence.

Here are some of the tips to keep the rattling nerves at bay and feel rejuvenated about your new job every day for Being a Star Employee  

1. Introduce yourself, relentlessly.

Businessman addressing corporate colleagues at a meeting
colleagues at a meeting, Being a Star Employee

 Remember, your introduction gives people a first glance at your confidence, communication skills, body language, and whatnot. People will either be drawn towards you or repelled – both effects can be caused by a simple introduction. 

You are a newbie and wouldn’t want unnecessary attention to shower you, but at the same time, it is pretty much essential to show your skills and your enthusiasm to shine through you.

You could also get a list of persons you should meet and the ones who would be important to you – for example, your manager, project lead and so on. 

  • Be well versed with your opening lines, so that you don’t stammer. 
  • Be attentive to your surroundings and realize how the person on the other end is reacting.
  • Keep your introduction short and crisp, but to the point and portray self-confidence. 

2. Be Well Prepared.

Corporate teamworking colleagues in modern office
Corporate teamworking, Being a Star Employee

 It is important to remember that learning and proper research bring forth a lot to the table, including confidence, ability to think, and quick and correct response. This will make you stand out in the crowd. 

  • Giving yourself a head start by reading up the company website, the kind of services it offers, the domains, and so on would make give you a better knowledge about your role in the organization.
  • Also, you can look up to the company’s LinkedIn page for recent updates. 

The research about top management and board of directors through the internet makes you better than the rest as far as knowledge regarding the company comes into play. 

  •  Besides, if you’re well aware of your role, you can also get familiar with the framework and technologies that would be used if it is a technical job. 
  • Otherwise, for a newspaper or a magazine, maybe you can look through the latest leaflets and news available. 

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3. Be Curious

 It is extremely important to ask well-timed questions, and even research has shown that employees who ask questions not only gain knowledge but also work better than rest. 

 You can get a hold of the speed quickly by asking your leaders or peers for new information. 

  • Always think about what you want to know before you ask a question. Be clear about your question, and don’t ask many of them altogether.
  •  It can be validation or even permission, set your tone accordingly.
  • Prioritize what you need to know first – it is essential to prioritize your questions. If something needs an immediate answer, it is best not to hesitate and waste time trying to fix what you can’t. 

4. Develop Good Habits

Business Corporate People Working Concept
Business Corporate People Working Concept, Being a Star Employee

 With each new job, you learn new things. Since it is a new beginning for you and your career, you need to shed off your bad habits and develop good ones. 

 For example, you can start to be punctual, keep your work desk neat and clean, organize your calendar, and set forward to make a to-do list that would help you to manage your time without being too mind-blogging. 

  • Be a problem solver and rather than complaining work on solving the problem.
  • Be a dependable person as far as work is concerned. 
  • Though you might know in your field, be prepared to learn and relearn over and over. 
  • Put away your distractions like your phone when you work. Keep your mind completely focused and better the quality of your work. 
  • Always be prepared to go a step ahead and do more than expected with a smile. 
  • Keep your personal life and personal problem out of your workplace. 
  • Stop procrastinating – remember, procrastinating will not lead you anywhere. It will simply waste your time and energy, which could have been invested in some productive work.

5. Politeness and humbleness are the main keys. 

Business executives discussing project ideas at team meeting conference table
Diverse business executives discussing project sitting at conference table, multiracial partners talking about marketing plan at corporate briefing, african manager offering new idea at group meeting, Being a Star Employee

It is an admirable quality if you are warm to everyone, irrespective of their hierarchical position in the company. 

 It is imperative to have a tone of humbleness as this would help you to make connect more with people who would be more genuine and welcoming to grant and receive help. 

  • Being polite and humble will help you to network with people. 
  • This will also help you maintain a good rapport with the staff. 
  • The support staff will help you understand the applications, and it is always to build a good rapport with them.
  • Be a person people can approach easily to get to know more about the work culture. 
  • Being polite can also lead you to diffuse arguments in the workplace. Arguments in the workplace aren’t great at all. If you can be reputed as dissolving arguments, people would tend to be inclined to work with you more. 
  • Simple gestures of showing gratitude, like ‘please’ and ‘thank you’ will get you through a lot. It will give a warm and pleasant impression to a lot of people. 

6. Listen with Curiosity.

Being a Star Employee
Being a Star Employee

 Less, Listen to More” – let that be your driving motto. A lot of people tend to forget that the more one listens, the more knowledge one imbibes. During board meetings and discussions, remember to take notes, and ask relevant questions.

  • Always remember, the first few days are not about ‘taking the stage’ but to kindle your curiosity only to speak valuable words at the correct time. 
  • Listening will also help you to deepen relationships because you can notice things about people and remember details about them. 
  • If you are the person at the workplace who gives others the opportunity, the space to communicate openly and fully, co-workers and employees will be more enthusiastic about approaching you and collaborating with you in new projects. 
  • ‘Active listening’ also tends to improve the rate of workplace performance. This is when employees feel comfortable voicing opinions and ideas and are free to gain traction with the group.
  • Employees will feel more focused, energized, and much less prone to distraction as they participate in ‘active listening’.  
  • Better listening skills will also tend to produce better communication, which in turn will cause lesser misunderstanding and less work to redo. 

Listening tends to reduce stress, as one lets go of his or her agenda and worries when one tends to listen. Besides, one can also clear the pre-assumed notions that might be stopping you from achieving your goals. 

7. Volunteer.

corporate interview
Happy architect during corporate meeting with workers. PR manager talking during presentation for housing project. Business man giving speech to people in conference room showing blueprints, Being a Star Employee

 Volunteer for assignments, projects, and teamwork. Unleash your potential and achieve the best in the fearless pursuit of your goal. 

  • Remember, if you do something that would need a little bit of your extra effort and profit you some of the good reputations, it will benefit you in the long run.
  • By volunteering in events where others might hesitate, you stand out, build stronger connections, network well and enjoy the social ambiance of being part of a group. 
  • Not just this, it will even fetch you respect from your peers, bosses and your intelligence and contribution will be valued greatly. 
  • Volunteering will also prove your enthusiasm and help you to build a reputation of a hard-working, deeply engaging employee. 

8. Dress Appropriately.

Two stylish corporate executives in a discussion
Two stylish multiracial corporate executives in a serious discussion standing in front of a bright window with flare, Being a Star Employee

 Dressing for work is a difficult thing to do but one must do it regularly. You need to dress appropriately in a working, highly professional environment. For this, one must understand the dress culture of the company and the extent to which a dress code should be followed.

  • One must not only wear what is mentioned by the dress code of the company, but one must also dress according to his or her position. 

For example, an HR Manager and a software developer can have variety and diversity in the dressing style. 

  •  Also, it is important to remember a dress code can either overshadow your personality and efficiency or it can make a long-lasting impression that gives forth a pleasant feeling, all in all. 
  • Grooming is a very essential part of any workplace. Being well kept, in spite of the clothing culture, (whether it is a formal dress code or more on the casual side) – is needed for any employee. This leaves an everlasting impact on anyone as a whole.

9. Confident, not Overconfident.

 It is always a good habit to keep your feet on the ground. Coming along with being grounded, humble, down to earth, one must not be blown away by overconfidence. 

  • You might have more knowledge than a lot of people in a particular domain, but always believe that there is a better man than you in that room who might be keeping quiet. 
  • Also, knowledge has no ending and one might know a lot but not necessarily everything or sufficient. There is always a huge scope of improvement in them that should keep you grounded no matter what comes. 
  • On one hand, if you do not acquire enough confidence, you would fail to understand your capabilities and will always undermine yourself, will always be held back from reaching your goal and achieving your true potential. 
  • On the other hand, being overconfident will lead us to have a very disillusioned ‘star sickness’ that can probably ruin our career more than anything – presupposing and filling out our mind with the thought that we are solely satisfied, and absolutely at peace with the current situation, current position , stopping our growth without knowledge. 

10. Ask For Help

Corporate teamworking colleagues in modern office

There is no shame in asking for help contrary to many people’s opinions. It is not at all a sign of weakness, going against the common people’s thoughts. The secret of success quite much likes in asking the right person the right question

  • People like an inquisitive soul who puts into dedication in their work. Questions arise from the fact that you must be toiling with work and hence anything unsolvable leads to your questions. 
  • Find that person in your organization or your team who can help you or is willing to lend in a helping hand. Sometimes, even the most capable souls are incapable of doing so.
  • It is easy for fresher to assume that talking to the seniors or bosses may not be the best option or the best idea that is possible; however, believe me, that is probably not the best course of action one can follow. 

 To put it briefly, everyone needs and wants to feel recognized, wants to be felt like they are important, and counts for the overall development of the organization. Honestly, establishing good rapport creates an environment with deep mutual understanding, needed for any newbie at work. 

 Thus, it is appropriate steps following these steps would make you recognized as a genuinely great employee at your workplace. Once you start your career on a positive note and build a good rapport in your current company, it can lead to better opportunities in future, and you are good to look forward to an amazing experience right ahead of you. 

Bidisha Das
Bidisha Das
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