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Study bachelor’s in Germany

Planning to study bachelor’s in Germany: let’s discuss the process in brief

Germany is one of the most loved international destination when it come to studies by international students because of a wide range of courses and a happening lifestyle with great job opportunities.

According to the latest official statistics, there are over 357,000 foreign students seeking a university degree in Germany whereas the number is steadily increasing.

Whether you decide to study in the Northern city of Hamburg near Denmark, or the Southern Bavarian paradise of Munich near the Swiss Alps, here are some things you need to know before studying abroad in Germany.

Minimum or no tuition fees

At the time when education is becoming a must have it is also becoming difficult to attain it because of the growing fees and other charges. Germany is the only top study destination whose universities charge no tuition fees as the country aims at providing best education to all without any discrimination based on the financial background.

Foreign students only have to pay few administrative charges like student contribution, student union fee and a public transport ticket which account to around €250 per semester altogether. Rest all the charges are barred by the country.

Top ranked universities

There are more than 400 institutes and 100 universities in Germany from which some of them have been consistently bagging the top ranks from past many years. The world class faculty, practical knowledge and best syllabus with complete guidance makes these universities the most loved from all corners of the globe.

You will not only find the best universities are Germany but will also get to study in the World’s oldest universities here that are far beyond explanation.

Travel Europe on a student visa

Travel Europe on a student visa

German government offers a lot of right to its students who are studying in the country along with chance to work and explore the country by travelling. If you are however not a European resident but are studying in Germany then you will have to apply for a visa hat allows you to reside in Germany for more than 90 days and also get a residency permit to become able to live and move around the country

Countless degree courses

Germany is known as the pool of knowledge and you can grab it in multiple ways. The country offers different courses from all fields but has the best engineering colleges as it is an industrialized country.

Whether you’re planning to study atom or mysterious galaxies in the universe, in Germany it is likely you’ll find a program about it that will be taught by the most reputed professionals in that particular field.

Affordable cost of living

Germany is a wealthy country and thus it offers a very affordable cost of living to all its international students. If you find the rent a bit higher than your budget then you can lookout for guest house or PG’s and can share a room where you will also be offered meals and laundry facilities

Work opportunities for international students

Not only the education system but the country is also loved for its job opportunities in offer to the students in part time so that they can earn and live life pleasantly and also add experience. The German law states that international students are allowed to work part-time for up to 20 hours a week or 120 full days of a year. It is estimated that more than 60% of current international students work part-time while studying in Germany.

Students in Germany work as babysitters, tutors, bartenders, office staff and are able to earn a handsome amount to fulfill their daily expenses.

Learn a new language

If you are planning to go and study in Germany than the first step that you need to take is to learn German as it is their native language and will also effect you a lot once you land there. A lot of courses are taught in the language for which you must have a good hand over it.

How to apply for a bachelor’s degree in Germany?

To apply for a bachelor’s degree all you need to do is to follow the step by step guide and it will be a cake walk for you

Choose the university and the program you want to enroll in

The very first step must be that you should be clear about the course you want to pursue and the university from where you want to study in. Also be very clear with the location of the university and the syllabus along with the modules taught in it. also be very clear with the accommodation you will get there and the cost of living that you will end up if you take admission in that particular university.

Check the requirements

After you have made up your mind to pursue a degree in bachelor program you must now see what documents will be required for the admission process. For this purpose, you must visit the university official website. Usually, every university’s website has a special section where application requirements are explained in details.

Apart from some special documents these are the major ones that are needed for applying for a Bachelor’s degree in Germany:

  • High School qualifications
  • Your grades from previous education
  • Copies of ID documents
  • Entrance exam qualification score
  • Your proficiency in German language and a certificate stating abut the same

Learn the German language

The most important thing that you need for pursuing a career in Germany is to learn the native language otherwise it will create problems during visa as well as will hamper in your living as people in the country pay more focus on Germany than on any other language

Moreover you will not be given admission to any university if you do not possess a C1 certificate in the language. There are a handful of universities that will be ready to admit you with a C2 certificate also.

Prepare for financial means

Moving abroad is a really big step and thus you must have enough find with you to survive there and lead a comfortable life. You can also lookout for scholarships and sponsorships that are available for the foreign student in the country.

Submit your application and wait for the admission letter

After you have collected all the necessary things you must not waste your time and fill in you application form and complete the payment process. Once everything is done the university will confirm the same and will send you the admission letter with 15 days. In this time go enjoy shopping and bid farewell to your near and dear ones and start preparing for a bright future in a distant world

Get a student visa

Finally the final step has arrived. Now go to the embassy office and apply for the student visa and do not forget to carry your documents there. It is also important you start the whole process at least three months before commencing your studies because the embassy is not concerned about the time when your course will begin.

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