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His hands shivered, cold yet sweaty, he pressed the trigger of the gun at the person lying in front of him. The blood that spread on the floor was a shade darker than his bloodshot eyes. The guy lost his breathing senses and soon his body turned cold and pale.

One hour ago…

Please doctor help me, I need to be fine, and I need to complete my duties for my nation.” His shirt was turned red, bleeding profusely he had reached to the hospital. “You have to remove this bullet, it will spread poison in my body. Do something I cannot die without completing my job.”

The doctor called for the ward boy and prepared to take the patient immediately to the operation theatre. But as soon as the doctor entered the operation theatre ready to perform a surgery, he saw something that made him go weak on his knees. Big rifle, granite bombs and bullet chains were spread out. The guy had changed his cloth and now was wearing a crisp black jacket, no blood no injury totally fit and healthy. The timid ward boy seemed to be semi-conscious by glaring at the gun placed on his head, his fragile body ready to give up. The Doctor stood glued on his place not knowing what was happening.

Aye you smart ass, stop staring and move, better do as I say or I will turn your hospital into a graveyard,” the terrorist thundered. Before the doctor could react, he felt a tap on his back. Turning around he saw two other men with same kind of clothes, crisp black jackets. The devilish looks on their face were clearly showing their murderous intentions. They pushed him inside and went to meet the one who had arrived earlier. Fear crept in that doctor who was living this nightmare, unaware of what the next moment would be…will he be breathing or not. The terrorists murmured something among themselves, and the two of them taking a rifle each went out of the room.

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For the next few minutes, there was a creepy silence in the room but the doctor could hear screams and gunshots outside, just praying that no one would be killed he sat on the floor checking out on the ward boy who still looked dazed. The one who was the guarding them inside the room looked like a boy not more than twenty years of age. His innocent face was much of a contrast to the weapon he was holding. Realization slowing dawned to him that may today would be the last day of his existence may be the breath was his last one. The countdown had begun and he looked twirled in his thoughts, remembering his family, his lovely wife his seven year old daughter who must be waiting for her papa. Another loud noise broke the doctor’s string, this familiar siren brought a sense of relief on his face, and the Police force had succeeded to secure the perimeter. The boy started muttering and sweating all over, fear was now visible on his face. Without the other two of his men he felt as helpless as a lost child in the crowd. Shaking himself to the present, the doctor tried to get up and get hold of his own self. Again those firings started, screams broke in his ears, but this time there was a hope that no innocent soul would be dying as the saviours were here.

The terrorist started pacing around and looking for a place to run out but only if he knew there was no running away now, either death or surrender. Looking at the grim smile on doctor’s face his face turned red in anger, trying to put him down and to tell him that he still had power over him he aimed on the ward boy. The poor body fell on the floor, lifeless, draped in blood. An innocent person had lost his life but there was nothing to undo now, being a doctor, this clichéd him.

Pushing aside the body, the terrorist merged towards the doctor to pin him down as well. He knew he had to be a saviour for his own life today. Showing some presence of mind and gathering all the courage he had, the doctor pulled down the lamp hanging over the bed and threw it in the direction of terrorist. By this sudden attack he lost control over his body and fell down, the gun rolled out from his hand towards the doctor’s direction. The one who had taken Doctor’s Oath to save every human being while holding his degree, gave away, for the Nation’s Pledge he had taken every day in the school.


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