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Sprouts: Benefits, Easy Preparation, And Potential Risks

Sprouts are germinated seeds of greens, lentils, and beans. It can be regarded as nutritional powerhouses. Food can be prefixed with the word “super” when it is sprouted. They are bundled with an increased amount of Antioxidants, Proteins, Fiber, Minerals, Vitamins, Enzymes. They even hold the power to replace your daily multivitamin pills. Sprouts come up with various health benefits. It helps to regulate blood sugar levels, improves digestion, and induces good heart health along with many others.

However, since sprouts are living foods utmost care should be taken. When and How to consume else you may not get the desired nutrition from them. The most frequent concern that comes along with adding sprouts to your diet is food poisoning. Resulting in vomiting, stomach cramps, and diarrhea.

This makes people question whether ‘ Including sprouts in your daily diet are good as for its health benefits or worth the potential risks that it carries.’

Henceforth, this article will give you a complete picture of the benefits and potential risks of consuming raw sprouts. This will help you decide whether they should make an appearance in your daily diet or not. Moreover, will look through some easy preparations with this super-food packed with several vital supplements. 

Amazing benefits of eating sprouts

a bowl of raw vegetable with sprouts
Sprouts: Benefits, Easy Preparation, And Potential Risks

Sprouted seeds are much more nutritious than a common seed as it accommodates all that a plant needs for life and growth. It is an amazing source of protein for vegetarians. Lentils and beans are else incomplete sources of protein. Nonetheless, sprouting molds them abundantly in all the 9 indispensable amino acids making them a complete source of protein. Here, by a complete source of protein, I mean that the proteins which are required for the nourishment of Skin, Hair, Fat Loss, Body Tissues, and Muscle Building. Nevertheless, many people assemble sprouts only with a protein-rich diet. But once the seed becomes a sprout, it gets extraordinarily high in iron (cures anemia and increases hemoglobin levels), calcium (reinforces bones), phosphorus (strengthens teeth), vitamin A (maintains eye health), minerals (other body functions), and many other nutrients.

Sprouts inactivate ‘Phytic acidfrom the seeds making it much easier to digest. Moreover, sprouts are very low in calories, making it worthy to include for those who are concern with fat loss.

They are super-rich in Fiber and keep you full for long. Additionally, it has no phytic acid and so it becomes easy to absorb.

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3 Easy preparations to make sprouts

Sprouts being such nutritious could be an inordinate addition to your daily diet especially if one knows how to make them at home. I want to share with you 3 simple ways to make this power-packed food at home.

  • No matter how you prepare sprouts the very first step is to wash the beans ideally and thoroughly with clean water and soak them in water for around 10-12 hours. Soaking in water softens their outer membrane allowing them to sprout effortlessly. One tip I would mention here is that make sure you use 3-4 times the quantity of water as the seeds will swell tremendously. The pulses will increase 2-3 times as compared to their original size.
  • The next step is to drain the water with the help of a strainer. This drained water is bundled with nutrients that can further be used to make curries, doughs, soups or you can even drink it simply.
  • Once the soaked water is strained, you would either need a sprout bowl, strainer, or a cotton cloth.

Sprouting using sprout bowl

sprouts in a bowl
Broccoli sprouts in glass dish with broccoli pieces
  • A sprout bowl is a bowl with tiny holes all around its surface area to ensure quality ventilation required for the seeds to germinate well. It is easily available in the market at cheap prices. Now, place the soaked pulses all over it and spread them evenly to make them germinate more productively.

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Sprouting using strainer

sprouting using strainer
Sprouts: Benefits, Easy Preparation, And Potential Risks
  • If you’re using a strainer place it over a deep bottom bowl to ensure good ventilation. Place the pulses in it in the same way and spread equally.
  • Now take a damp kitchen towel, (rinse it thoroughly with water and squeeze out the extra) and place it over the bowl or strainer whichever you’re using.


Sprouting using a kitchen towel

  • If you do not have these 2, you can simply take a damp cotton cloth, place the soaked pulses over it, and then wrap the sides of the cloth into a knot. Place the bundle of pulses in glass to maintain darkness during the process of germination. 
  • Let them stay away from direct sunlight for about 24-30 hours. Though sprouting depends on the weather condition and the quality of the grains.

It is recommended that sprouts should be consumed within two days and then prepare the fresh batch again. It is so elementary to make sprouts at home. This is much better than the packed one in the market which is loaded with preservatives minimizing its nutrient content. 

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Potential Risks of eating raw sprouts

Sprouts: Benefits, Easy Preparation, And Potential Risks
Sprouts: Benefits, Easy Preparation, And Potential Risks

As discussed earlier, having raw sprouts always come up with the risk of getting food-poisoned. This takes place because sprouts contain harmful bacteria such as E.Coli and Salmonella. These bacteria prosper to enlarge more as raw sprouts are grown in humid and warm conditions. The risk increases further as these are generally consumed raw or slightly cooked. Sprouts can also result in other digestive issues including bloating, constipation, acidity, or even gas. Symptoms may pop up nearly after 12-72 hours of eating sprouts.

Hence, sprouts are subject to contaminated with harmful bacteria which may hinder the digestion activity. That’s the reason, it is always recommended that small children, pregnant women, and aged ones especially those having weak immune structures should avoid consuming raw sprouts.

Though, the following spikes may help to minimize the risk of contamination.

  • Look for only fresh chilled sprouts if you’re buying it from outside. They must have been properly refrigerated.
  • Avoid buying sprouts that smell pungent or have a greasy appearance.
  • Wash the soaked pulses thoroughly with water before sprouting them. Also if you buy the packed one, wash your hands properly before consuming them raw.
  • Keep the sprouts for a maximum of 2 days and keep them refrigerated at temperatures under 8℃.

The proper way of eating sprouts

varieties of sprouts
Sprouts: Benefits, Easy Preparation, And Potential Risks

Neglecting this segment may result in zero nutrition from consuming sprouts and may even cause digestive issues. So, When? How? and How much? Quantity of sprouts should we consume to get the maximum benefits from it and thus can avoid any further digestive disorders

In the first place, sprouts should never be cooked, boiled, and heated.

Yes, you would be shocked to know this when sprouts are cooked even for half a minute takes away all its nutrition. When you’re eating boiled or cooked sprouts, it has nothing in it except the fiber. No nutrition whatsoever! Hence, it is always recommended to have it just like that. (raw)

Secondly, sprouts are living food with whole plenty of hormones and enzymes. So, utmost care should be taken regarding the timing and quantity of taking it.

If you eat them in excess at once, then it becomes very difficult to digest and you may face digestive issues. 4 tablespoons of it are enough and suitable for 1 serving. This much quantity is good enough for the body to properly assemble its nutrients.

Sprouts should never be consumed after a meal.

Contemplate them as salads, always eat them empty stomach. They can be eaten as breakfast or can replace your salads before a meal or can even be your classic 5 pm snack.

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A simple hack to avoid digestive disorder after eating sprouts

women suffering from stomach ache
Sprouts: Benefits, Easy Preparation, And Potential Risks

Though you may have heard that sprouts improve digestion. This is because they tend to contain higher amounts of insolvable fiber, which can simplify digestion and reduce the risk of constipation. They also have lower levels of gluten and antinutrients further promoting better digestion processes. To ensure that you can gulp all the advantages you must try out this one.

One simple hack to digest it better is to mix them with some grated ginger, lemon, or oil. Having sprouts in this way, you will never face any digestive issues. Sprouts are super-food no matter what your fitness goal is and hence, they can be a considerable addition to your daily diet.

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