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Amazing home remedies to ease period cramps

Every girl has to experience period pain in her life and unfortunately, there is no backing out because we are blessed with no choices. Nevertheless, they represent humanity, they represent that we are alive because of this only. Have you ever wondered why we even get cramps? Because during the start of the cycle, the blood is clotted within the body, making it difficult to flow. I agree that cramps can make you feel like killing yourself for 3- 4 days but, here’s a secret which you might be unaware of and that is, periods help you to get rid of the dead blood cells making our body internally clean. There’s no denying the fact that the body breaks down and then reform every month during the mensural cycle. The good news is that nature provides us some amazing remedies to cure this pain to a great extent.


The very first amazing remedy is banana. You may have heard it before, have you ever tried it? If not, then, you definitely should because it works! Girls don’t worry about gaining weight by eating banana because it is a complete myth. Bananas contain magnesium, iron, and potassium which helps in digestion during and before periods and can relieve your bloating. Eat one or two bananas on your first day.

Hot water bag

Do you know how hot water bags can help you in relieving your cramps? The hot water bag when kept on the abdomen or stomach will let the heat settle down in that body area which will ease the flow and ultimately leading to no cramp periods. You may use an electric water bag or a normal one. Keep pampering yourself with it until you can breathe without pain.

Hot turmeric milk

 Yes, girls, you can rely on this remedy. It is a tried and tested hack that can make you go from killer cramps to jumping on your first day. Add some turmeric powder to hot milk with no sugar and drink it before sleeping for one month. You will be amazed to see that you will have no cramps on periods of that month. It is recommended to have hot turmeric milk daily before sleeping as it will also boost our immune system.

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Dark chocolates

Name me one girl who does not like eating chocolates. But there can be few who may not like having dark chocolates. They are proven to be one of the best foods to cure cramps and the plus point is they contain no fat, so yeah, you are not putting any extra weight. You can have half of the chocolate bar during your periods.

Say No to coffee

Sorry, coffee addicts, you heard it right. NO COFFEE!! Try to control at least during periods, and have some mercy on yourself. Coffee can lead to water retention in your body, leading to dehydration which is not a very good thing. Your body is already losing a lot of fluid during periods, so try not to dehydrate it by having coffee. You may have fresh juices, coconut water, etc.

Have hot and fresh meals

Vegan and vegetarian indian cuisine hot spicy dishes
Late breakfast – fried eggs with vegetables. Shakshuka. Arabic cuisine. Kosher food.

Cold stuff and meals are known as the biggest enemy of our digestive system. They stick into your intestine making it harder for the system to process food and may lead to constipation and bloating. Hot and fresh meals on the other hand are acceptable by the system making it a lot easier for the fluids and blood cells to flow smoothly and thus resulting in no cramps.

Have earthen pot water instead of cold refrigerated water

We all crave cold refrigerated water during summers, but they are causing trouble to your stomach. Coldwater slows down the digestive system and can lead to indigestion and uneasiness. So, drink water from an earthen pot during summers as it is known as the savior for your body. It contains all the essential minerals and iron which are necessary for our body and known to play a huge role in reducing period cramps. Earthen pot water is much cooler and tasty than refrigerated water.


Ugh, one more advice about exercise!!! Feeling like this? Let me clear your doubt. “Exercise is a reward of what your body can do and not a punishment for what you eat”. Whenever you feel like not exercising, remind yourself that “You deserve to live a happy and healthy life”. Exercise releases endorphin hormone responsible for happiness. Light exercise or yoga will result in more flexibility during periods by stretching the muscles and stretched muscles will relax down your spine and other muscles. Thus, making you feel relaxed and no cramps. They also help in cheering up your mood.

Drink a lot of water

Not only will you get clear skin and flat stomach and losing weight, etc. but also a refreshed mood, energized body and a cramp-free period. Water will compensate for the loss of fluids during periods and will keep the hydration level the same. It is recommended to have 2 liters of water a day but during or before periods have 3 liters of water to maintain the balance. It will also remove constipation, ultimately no bloating, which is just like a blessing in disguise.

There is no other option than to feel this pain but trying these home remedies will surely help you. Girls, your body is already losing a lot, eating your favorite foods and cravings are justifiable. The first day is your day. Do whatever you want to do, don’t worry about anything. All the work can be done tomorrow as well. Take good care of yourself.

Have a happy and healthy period!

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