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Writing is a wonderful job. It is a fun incentive to earn money by putting your thoughts into words. What can be more beautiful than that? It is both a very personal experience, and a very public one,as it not only helps the writer to put their burdens down on a clear sheet of paper, but also to influence people into collective thinking and mass recognition. However, what happens if you are stuck in a particularly nasty phase where words evade you, and you are unable to conjure up a great idea for a very interesting piece of writing? What if your mind convinces you that this phase is here to stay?

You need not worry any longer, for I have come up with some tips and tricks to lure words back to you, so that they may follow your directions and help you write spectacular pieces of writings.



Children's education. Girl reading book at library.
Children’s education. Girl reading book at library.

This one is pretty simple. You just need to visit your favorite library and let those sweet-smelling books to do the trick. Spending hours in a room (or rooms) full of books is a sure shot way to find something to write about. Moreover, it is probably your favourite haunt, so its really a fun activity for you.


Instead of walking around the city with noise-canceling earphones, take your time to observe things. Eavesdrop on conversations in the metro or in cafes, join the political word war going during your bus ride, watch couples talk about their future and subsequently, dream about yours; or listen to the daily gossip on fashion, Bollywood and lifestyle. You will find that there is more to learn by the word of mouth than you could ever believe.


Reading a book
Reading a book

Always carry a book or two, because it is never a bad idea to have good reading material, whether you are traveling, or sitting alone in your room. Read your favourite genres and analyse the stories in your own ways. Read both Fiction and Non- Fiction, so that you may be inspired by both the real world and the imagination realm.


Instead of sitting at home with a pen in your hand, searching for inspiration, get dressed and go for a solo tour of the city. Go to heritage sites that are not very popular among the public, or sit in the ruins of some ancient monument, knocked down by the passage of time, and learn its history. Such unusual haunts have a strange energy around them so that even if you are not able to derive enough inspiration from their history, you might feel a particular connection to these places, which will leave you thinking for days.


Whether you are watching a completely new t.v series, or rewatch your favorite movie, it is bound to help you find some writing material. The first experience with a movie makes you emotionally charged, which ultimately leaves you thinking about it. A sudden surge of emotions is always good for writing, as it leads to the free flow of ideas. Rewatching, on the other hand, helps you to critically analyse the story and the plot, without any emotions or bias. It helps you to identify issues and subjects which are otherwise hidden behind the main plot. Moreover, who doesn’t love to have a nice movie night with loads of popcorns and drinks?

So whenever you hit a snag, don’t panic. Just follow these steps and get your creative juices flowing. Also, remember to get off your couch!

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