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Secrets to Beat Interview as Freelancer

Being a freelancer is not easy. People think that freelancers do not have as many burdens as them. Let me tell you regular job interviews and freelancer interviews are a little different. It’s important to know what skills you should offer in order to get hired by the client.

In jobs normally you learn either from seniors or team leaders. Freelancers normally work remotely and in order to get work they need to learn to own their own from books, online tutorials, and by practicing.

If you are just starting your freelance career then here are some tips to beat the Interview, I hope it helps you.

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Update your Portfolio before you share

  • Your Portfolio speaks a lot even before you are called for the interview. It’s the first thing anyone looks at before making a decision about shortlisting or hiring.
  • Make sure your portfolio reflects your biggest accomplishments, skills and expertise, year of experience in a particular domain, client lists, etc.
  • Be upgraded with current market technologies and be professional.
  • The more you put the effort into creating a portfolio, the better the chances of getting hired or getting a call for an Interview.

Research about Company Detail

  • Before your interview get some time out and research about company details. Know your client well. Know their vision, mission, work culture, etc. Try to understand what kind of skills they are looking at. What technology do they use etc?
  • Get basic details about the client and company. Once your interview is started you can tell them about it what you have learned about it via the website, portfolio, etc.
  • Be honest and make them believe that you can add value to their vision and mission.

Secrets to Beat Interview as Freelancer

Give them Assurance

  • Remember that in this domain you are the one who has to plan, execute and deliver the project you do not have anyone else managing you. So be prepared with it.
  • Learn time management and leadership skills too. You will have to tell them how you are going to complete the project, what will be your execution plan.
  • Always try to convince hiring manager that you will deliver project on or before time. No hiring manager wants a delay in projects.
  • Share realistic timelines with them, if you have any prior commitments inform that about it. Be honest and don’t try to fool them. Give client assurance that you are the right person and you will make it happen.

Finally, Deliver your Best

  • If you are just a beginner and you don’t have any past projects to show then you may inform client about college project you did.
  • Show them your interpersonal and time management skills. Be prepared for every question like how will you complete this project? What issue you may face? How much time you will require? Costing? Support period etc.
  • All these tips will help you present yourself as you are aware about industry trends and make you look professional in front of client and you may be the most suitable candidate for the project.

Post Interview Tips

  • Make Sure to send a thank you email after your interview.
  • If they have informed you that they will let you know the results after a week or so then do not forge to follow-up for the same. Its shows how much dedicated and punctual you are towards your work.
  • If not selected do not worry it’s not the end you may be in touch with them and ask them to contact you whenever they have any future opportunities. Maintain good relation with them.

If you have any queries, please do comment, I would be more than happy to help you.

All the best for you Interview!


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