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Role Feng Shui tips in our life and its important role in the year 2016

Would like to regain your familiarity in 2016?? So here are tips to boost your luck with feng shui. People favor astrology or tarot card for their good luck and same like that feng shui also plays an important role in people’s life. A lot of people have a lot of trust on feng shui   and if you suppose that luck can favour you, then you should go through this write up to see what is in your luck for this year 2016.


How to boost luck in 2016? Feng Shui, as we all recognize, is for excellent luck. Below are the definite rules in Feng Shui can certainly help luck to favour you, and if you try to  follow the simple rule in a technical way   in the long run  then you will see or observe  the positive fortune.

It is also supposed that if you apply these simple ways to make use of feng shui,, then it will be trouble-free to regain the love life or   attract love, money as well as radiant health. So, do not wait further , why don’t you proffer these Feng Shui tips a try as well as observe what comes knocking  on to your door? On the other way, after following these tips if you do not see any change then there must be something wrong and so you are not getting result of feng shui luck ideas.


So, it is better to consult a feng shui specialist before you go ahead as well as plan your home and lead a life according to feng shui. But for the moment, do take a high-quality look at these essential tips to improve your luck with Feng shui this 2016 which will bring good luck for you-

Plant A Seed:

If you would like to strike good fortune in this year 2016, all you require to do is to put a healthy house plant in the farthest side of the left corner of your home. As well as place three shiny coins underneath the pot. If the pot is blue in color, you can see the change of your luck.

Sunflowers as well as Daisies:

If your love life is not working well then you should take the help of the Feng shui. You can put Sunflowers as well as Daisies in your room. These two flowers are one of the most powerful; as it will regain your love life. Keep these flowers in the northwest corner of your home.

Keep Feng Shui Coins at home:

The three type’s coins represent luck in Feng Shui. To invite luck into your home as well as your life, put a little fountain at the entrance of your home. Drop in these three coins in the fountain as well as let it lie low.

Keep gold fish in the aquarium:

Put gold fish in the bowl or aquarium and place them in the front entrance, the far left corner or the center portion of the left side of your home. It is one more way to convey in luck to your life.

Let Thy Light Shine:

If it isn’t, luck may have trouble finding you; so, to invite it into your home, put a good light over your front door as well as allow it to be switched on the 24/7.

Scented Candles:

Scented candles can create the home smell good. To inspire luck this year 2016, it will be better if you put a basil as well as tulsi candles at the front door. The sweet-smelling aroma will certainly bring good opportunities for you.

Stripes for Good Luck:

Striped types of patterns are fortunate because they move energy along easily as well as efficiently. So, if you would like to get lucky, then follow these simple rules


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