As I watch  Indian television now, it becomes hard to believe that there were shows that once made the idiot box a happy place. The shows nowadays, have turned the television into a literal idiot box. The so called sas bahu serials dominate it while the jokes in the so-called comedy shows makes no sense. These shows made me remember the golden period of television when shows like ‘Sarabhai v/s Sarabhai’ and ‘Khichdi’ made everybody laugh. The following are some of the Hansa-Praful jokes that will surely make you laugh with tears running down your face:

  • Hansa : Praful! ‘Increase’ matlab?

Praful : Increase Hansa, Increase! Hamara who istree wala dhobi tumhari saree iron karte waqt  kya kehta h?

Hansa : Kehta hai ke “Bhabhi Ji, Yeh crease to main nikal doonga, lekin in crease ke liye mujhe do baar istree karni padegi!”

“In crease ke liye do baar…” oho increase! Samajh gayi!


  • Hansa : Praful! ‘April fool’ kya hota hai?

Praful : Babuji mujhe kaise bulate hai?

Hansa : A PRAFUL!

              A PRAFUL!

              A PRAFUL!

              A PRAFUL!

              Acha who! APRIL FOOL!


  • Hansa : Ae Praful! ‘Mature’ matlab?

Praful : Hansaaa! Jab apna Mahesh chori karte hue pakda gaya tha, tob usne kya kaha tha?

Hansa : Usne kaha tha ‘mujhe chodd do! Main chor nahi hoon!” Main chor… main chor… mature… acha acha!


  • Praful : Hansa! Mera bag kaha hai? Jaldi batao, warna meri bus choot jayegi.

Hansa : Arrey magar aap toh roz taxi se ghar jate hai?

Praful : Haan lekin main khada toh bus stop pe hi hota hoon na!


  • Hansa : Ae Praful! ‘Decide’ matlab?

Praful : Decide Hansa! Woh cassette player main hum cassette nahi dalte? Toh usmein hota hai na. “A side”, “B side”… toh aisa “D side”.


  • Hansa : Praful ‘asset’ matlab?

Praful : Asset Hansaaa! Jab hum gaadi main jate hai aur jab gaadi signal par rukti hai, tab who bikhari log aa kar kya bolte hai?

Hansa : who bolte hain “ae seth, thoda paisa do naa!” “Ae seth!” Asset!


Don’t you wish to have these shows back on television? :I


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