Raksha Bandhan: Celebration over Long Distance!

Staying in the same house with your sibling(s) becomes such a task at times. Regular fights for petty things(mostly, the TV Remote!), complaining about each other 24*7 and all the silly fights is inevitable. Still, having a long distance relation with your brother or sister is not so easy. It makes you miss those stupid arguments and fights and suddenly, they become cherished memories. Also, with the pandemic going on, there can be a possibility of many of us staying away from our siblings. But still it should not stop us from celebrating Raksha Bandhan!

Apart from annoying and irritating each others, we all know how much we care for our siblings. The major memories of childhood include the silly arguments and games with our brother or sister. The best day to take a break from fights and celebrate this pure bond, is right about the corner, what are your plans?

Raksha Bandhan is the best way to express your love to your sibling for all the memories!

Distance makes you realise their importance but can be an obstacle in your Raksha Bandhan surprises. But distance does not matter! As said, “Distance or no distance, THE BOND REMAINS THE SAME”.

Here are some ways you can celebrate and make your sibling happy!


Celebrating Raksha Bandhan by sending Rakhi to your sibling is a beautiful and traditional way to express your love

The essence of Raksha Bandhan is, undoubtedly, the love shared by the siblings. But as the tradition follows, tying a Rakhi is one beautiful way to empower the sibling bond. Even if you are not able to meet your sibling, it goes without saying that sending a Rakhi is a must! You can use different sites that work particularly for gifts or use e-commerce sites like Amazon or FlipKart. There are many sites that create e-Rakhi, you can use this as well!

If you have a little brother then sending a rakhi with their favourite cartoon image, is another way of making them smile.

Sweets or maybe, CHOCOLATES?

We have all fought for food with our siblings. Be it the right half of a bowl of Maggi, packet of chips or chocolates! We have all had those constant fights to win the greater portion. Sending them sweets(we all have one favourite childhood Indian Mithai like Kaju Katli, Milk Cake or any other) or any of their favourite chocolate can add up a lot of sweetness to their day!

Sharing that favourite Indian sweet with your sibling virtually on Raksha Bandhan

You can also check: Some Indian Sweets

And, if they are only few hours away, you can send them handmade chocolates or brownies too!

SENDING THEM GIFTS along with Rakhi

sending your brother or sister their favourite things with a card

If you have never gifted your siblings and find it way too formal, this is the time to change! It will be a nice way to surprise them with a gift. With the advent of the virtual world, sending gifts has actually become way too easier. Now, there are several sites and applications that deal particularly with gift hampers(you can get them customised, too!). You can order your sibling’s favourite things like an electronic item(speakers, headphones or any other), books, clothing items or any accessory. There are also many customised gifts like bracelets, photo-frames or key-chains with their favourite quote or picture. Also, now there are services that make delivery easier, be it within the country or outside. You can schedule the delivery to make their day special and celebrate together!

Some of the links of delivery services that you can check, are:






Technology has done wonders! You can make Raksha Bandhan special for them by making them a video of your childhood pictures and showing how the bond has grown. Putting embarrassing pictures along with the sweet ones, can make them laugh and cry at the same time.

You can use various applications from your phone devices and create a beautiful slideshow of photos and videos. If your sibling is the one away from home, you can add up a video of your parents, talking about you two! Giving them a sense of togetherness will be a very lovely gesture, that would make their day!


If you have never really written anything for your sibling or made them anything handmade, then this is THE TIME! In a world full of emoticons and text messages that keep on buzzing the entire day, you can send them a letter that could be held onto, for long. You can really surprise them by writing one and sending it to them in an old-school way. It would amaze them and make them smile. You can include all the funny fights, incidents and punishments, you went through together.It would be something valuable that would always stay with them for long.

Write down your funny memories and sweet ones, in a letter card for Raksha Bandhan

In case, a letter is not possible and you wish to gift something as meaningful as it. You can write down a mail and schedule it before sending. It can turn out to be a great way of expressing your love for them!


Try to make them feel special by sending them an invite before a video call, to be ready! Celebrate the day just as you would, if they were around. You can also conduct a group video call (like, Zoom meeting!) if there are many of you or you want to celebrate with all of your cousins. Also, enjoy talking for longer that day and eating the sweets together. It will definitely be a joyous day, enjoy it to the fullest!

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