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Perks of Preparing for IIT JEE Online

With the advent of the internet, every sector has witnessed a significant technological shift whether it is the business or the entertainment world. Education sector itself has adopted the benefits of online platforms and launched various courses and coaching classes to help students achieve their dreams of making a better career. Even students who prepare for a competitive exam like JEE now have the opportunity to take online coaching for IIT JEE.

Every year, many students who cannot enrol themselves in the traditional coaching classes opt for online coaching and work their way towards a successful rank in the examination. If you are also one such student and are not sure whether online coaching is effective enough, we would advise you to keep reading this article till the end and know about the perks of this digital way of learning.

Below is the list of some of the perks that you will get if you opt for taking online coaching for IIT JEE.

Study at Self Pace

Every student has a different caliber. While some can understand a topic instantly, others may need to practice multiple times to finally get hold of it. Now, this diversity gets beaten in the classroom, and everyone has to speed up to stay up-to-date with the whole class. This is where online coaching comes as a saviour. With this mode of guidance, you get the chance to study at your own pace without feeling intimidated by other students.

E-learning platforms like Aakash iTutor offer recorded video lectures which you can play multiple times for a better understanding. This is another added benefit which lets you study as per your own pace.

Affordable Option

Another unignorable perk of online coaching for IIT JEE is its cost-effectiveness. It is a known fact that coaching for IIT JEE is quite expensive and not every student has a strong financial background to afford the fees. There are also some students who live in areas where coaching classes are not available, and they must move to different cities like Kota to get excellent coaching. This proves to be an expensive step as they not only have to pay for the coaching classes but also other facilities like food and rent.

However, with the introduction of online coaching, all these problems are solved, and students get effective guidance from experienced faculty while still at home.


For students who prepare for IIT JEE, this mode offers a lot of conveniences. They no longer have to travel for hours to reach their coaching class. Instead of wasting their time on traveling to the coaching classes, they can utilize it in their studies and focus on important topics. Moreover, as the lectures are recorded, students can prepare their own study schedule and learn from the lectures accordingly.

Access to Excellent Coaching

This is one of the most important perks of online coaching that you must keep in mind while opting for it. Be it the interactive lectures from experienced faculty, regular mock tests for practice or the integrated curriculum, online coaching offers it all. You not just get to learn the topics, but also practice and revise them thoroughly until you master it. The regular assessments help you trace your progress and then work harder to strengthen your weak areas. Moreover, regular practice also boosts your speed and accuracy which proves to be of great help at the time of the final exam.

Easy Doubt Resolution

It is not just the recorded lectures and the exclusive practice papers that count as the perks of online coaching but the easy doubt resolution option as well which makes it popular. There are many students who are not socially confident and hesitate in asking questions in the classroom. This becomes a trouble when they prepare for tough competitive exams like IIT JEE. However, if these students opt for online coaching, they get a virtual platform for asking their doubts from the experienced faculty and get answers personally.

IIT JEE is not just an examination but a dream for many aspirants like you. Online coaching bridges this gap to help you reach your goals by bringing world-class guidance at your doorstep. And now that you know about the perks that it offers, we are sure you will definitely give it a thought. All the best!


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