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Night life in Kiev

Kiev is the newest hotspot for those who enjoy a really wild nightlife!  Kiev is the capital of Ukraine and has become a place where people flock to for wild nights on the town.  Unfortunately, since the growing conflicts with Russia, it has fallen on hard times.  That said, it’s still safe for your nightlife adventures.

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The hub of nightlife in Kiev is on Maidan square and even though everything is not located there,  most are.  Instead of booking a hotel or a hostel, rent a house around Maidan square so you will be closer to the action.  They are really not expensive coming in around 25 to 40 dollars a day, a fully furnished house is 40 to 60 dollars.  Most of this, like anywhere else, all depends on location.

If you have a friend in Kiev, they will be able to help you talk with the owner of the house and possibly get you the lowest rent.  If you are not crazy about Ukrainian food or just want to grab fast food, there are McDonald’s and KFC all over town.  Prices throughout Kiev are really very inexpensive no matter what food you want.  Traditional popular choices include Vareniki, Borscht, and Kievski dishes that you should try before you leave town.

Before heading to Kiev, be sure you have enough dollars or euros with you. You can very easily convert your funds into Grivna, which is Ukrainian money.  Just as a suggestion, do not change your money at the airport, you will get better rates elsewhere.  English is common in Kiev, unlike other cities, but not common in nightclubs and bars.  Even so, there will be people in these places that do speak English and will help you out.  If you speak Russian you’re in luck because almost everyone speaks it.

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Back to the nightlife – it’s non-stop in Kiev!  The atmosphere is electric among all the different choices including student nightclubs, tourist nightclubs, and the local nightclubs.  Student nightclubs are usually packed, especially on Fridays and Saturdays.  Although all clubs are packed on the weekends, the student clubs are just a little more so and a great deal wilder.

Different Clubs:

Arena, Buddha Bar, Sky Bar, D-Lux are high-end and very expensive but are a great deal safer.  There are also spritz clubs but are very expensive and not worth the trip.  Vodka bar, Forsage club, Shooters, and Sorry Babuckha are very inexpensive. You can book a table and enjoy a bottle of vodka along with unlimited energy drinks that cost approximately 50 dollars for the entire night.

If a fight breaks out somewhere, stay out of it!  It’s highly possible you will run into fights in Kiev, especially around the nightclubs.  That’s not to say it will happen, but feelings of racism have been on the rise over the past few years, so don’t pick a fight!

It’s highly recommended you travel by train or the metro.  The night hours in Kiev can be dangerous for foreigners and never walk around alone at night, take a taxi.  Watch out for from cab drivers, they will try and convince you to visit rather sleazy back streets.  If you are looking for a nice girl, start off with a respectable taxi driver who will take you to better destinations.  The language can be a barrier, so if you speak some Russian and get a driver with some English, they will be able to send you an SMS to your phone with their car model, driver’s number, and the cost.  They will let you know how long it will take to get to you but are also a great deal cheaper and safer than a cab on the streets.  You might want to hook up with a girl but there’s always a chance it won’t happen.  Get a local internet line that connects calls and good for courting girls. If this is not for you, the only other alternative is through an escort service.  You can pick a service and someone will come to your home depending on your agreement with the service.  A beautiful, young girl will run approximately 80 to 150 for the night.  Whatever you expect from your nightlife in Kiev, always show caution and if you book a girl, and decide you don’t like her, there could be issues!  Think before you jump!




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