First Book and records

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    First Book  and Records

    First Printed Books

    Books were printed in china in the 8th century using woodblocks, and in 14th-century china and Korea using movable type.

    First Books Printed in English

    In 1474 William Caxton Printed the first book in English, Recuyell of the Historyes of Troye. It was Printed in Burges, Flanders. Chauncer’s Canterbury tales was Probably the first Book in English to be Printed in England , in about 1477.

    First Books Printed in America

    Massachusetts bay Colony: The oath of a free-man(1638) and an Almanack for the year of our Lord (1639) are the first two books Known to have been printed in the new American colonies.

    Longest -novel

    A science-fiction novel by french writer georges-Jean Arnaud, La Compagn des Glaces (1980-92),

    runs to 62 volumes and has about 11,000 pages.

    First Sequel

    Daniel Defoe wrote the Farther Adventures of Robinso crusoe in  1719, after the success of Robinson Crusoe earlier that year.

    First American novel

    The power of Sympathy(1789)wasnthe first novel published in America. It was Published annoymously, but is believed to have been written by Williamhill Brown.

    First detective Story

    Murders in the Rue Morgue, by American author Edger Allan Poe, was first Published in Grahame,s Magazine in 1841.

    Smallest Book

    This was Produced by a German Typographer Josua Reichertand called the world,s smallest Book. It measures 2.4*2.9 mm (0.9*0.1in)- the size of a match head

    Largest Book

    The largest Book waspunlished in 2003. It is a collection of photos called bhutan. A visual odyssey Across the Last Himayan Kingdom.when opened out it measures 2.1*1.5 m (7*5 ft) – almost the size of a table -tennis table it costs $15,000 a copy.


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