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Let me introduce you to the new topic MySQL tools. Are you aware of the term MySQL? The word itself is basically a combination of two words My+ SQL where “My” is the name of the daughter of co-founder Michael Widenius and “SQL” stands for the structured query language.

I hope you might familiar with the word SQL that is basically a standard language that stores, manipulates, and retrieves data of the database. SQL is having three parts named Data Definition, Data manipulation, and Data Control. So let’s first understand the database.

Database Definition

Database basically considered an application that stores data collection. There are other ways to store the data are also available like File System or Hash tables. Rather we do use databases more as data fetching is quite easy and fast in it.

For example, the photo gallery present in your mobile phone is a type of database, the documents saved in your phone system in form of My files or either on a laptop comes under the category of the database. So we can say we can find databases around us.

But in the recent scenario, we do use RDBMS that is a Relational database Management system that helps you in managing and storing a large amount of data.

Difference between RDBMS and DBMS

Now the question arises if it is RDBMS then how it is different from DBMS. The answer is quite simple database generally stores the data but the RDBMS is software that does the same task of storage but it stores data into different tables and all these tables are related to each other through primary key or foreign key concept or one to one or many relationships.

Here the table in the database is one that has rows and columns and looks like a spreadsheet. Now move back to our topic MySQL.


IT specialist programmer writing code on his pc and laptop. Developer remote home office. Freelance
IT specialist programmer writing code on his pc and laptop. Developer remote home office. Freelance

MySQL is software that is open source, free, fast enough, and easy to use relational database management systems used by many companies. It is owned by a Swedish company named MySQL AB. MySQL allows users to access databases using SQL.

Many web applications or CMS (Content Management system) that are database oriented use MySQL. For example Joomla, Drupal, WordPress, and PhpBB. Also, MySQL is used by various websites named Facebook, YouTube, and Twitter.

Features of MySQL

  • It is open-source software so you need not pay for it but you can also buy commercial licenses.
  • It is easy to use as compared to other database systems say Oracle or Microsoft SQL Server.
  • MySQL is a good option to develop websites or applications.
  • You can install it easily on your desktop or server as it is easy to run on Linux, Windows, or Ubuntu system.
  • MySQL makes use of SQL for data-related operations.
  • It is written in C and C++ language but also works with other languages like Perl, Php, Java, etc.
  • It works quickly with Php language that is mostly used in web development. MySQL can handle a data table of size 4GB.
  • My SQLimplements a client-server model.
  • MySQL allows data to be stored and accessed through multiple storage engines like InnoDB, CSV, and NDB.
  • It is an integrated part of the LAMP environment that is a web application software stack.
  • It is flexible, easy to use, speed, secure, and industry-standard and provides high performance.

20 Best MySQL Tools

Now let’s talk about the 20 best MySQL tools. As I discussed MySQL already now you know well that if there is a database then there is also a need for tools so that we can design, create, and administrate the database. These tools are quite useful for web developers and help in enhancing the functionality of web apps. MySQL can be managed by either the command line or the GUI tool.

In this discussion, I will talk about only GUI tools as they save the user time and easy to operate. But we are having many tools options so it is not easy for choosing the best one. So I am going to discuss a variety of options of tools so that anyone can choose the tool according to their requirement.

  • MySQL Workbench
  • phpMyAdmin
  • Querious
  • HeidiSQL
  • Aqua Data Studio
  • DBeaver
  • Navicat
  • Toad Edge
  • SQLyog
  • Sequel Pro
  • MYDB Studio
  • Database Master
  • Valentina Studio
  • MySQL Front
  • SQuirreL SQL
  • DataGrip
  • Adminer
  • TablePlus
  • DbNinja
  • dbForge Studio

Let me give you a clear understanding of each of these tools.

MySQL Workbench

This tool was created by Oracle Corporation. It is a visual tool and mostly database architectures and developers use it for designing, generating, and managing the database. Various services like server configuration and user administration are provided by it.

It supports Windows, Linux, and Mac OS X. Its stable version was online in 2016. This tool helps you to save SQL statements and even provide remote database access. This tool is used by many users for modeling data and the development of SQL. It provides features for difficult change management and documentation.

This tool provides server configuration and backup also. It allows the optimization of SQL queries. Actually, it is a de facto standard of MySQL. On comparing with PHPMyAdmin it is having complexity. Some users report that it has bugs and it often crashes. Long queries do not get into process always and due to which you have to kill the application. You can download it from the link dev.mysql.com/downloads/workbench/


It is very much used due to reason for its easy to use interface and even it is free. It is a web-based free MySQL administration tool that is written in PHP. If you are having a basic knowledge of MySQL you will be able to use this tool to make a website. Its installation process is quite easy and simple and even being web-based it is available in different languages.

This tool is also used for a variety of MariaDB operations like database management, permissions, and many more. It comes with a wide range of documentation. It supports both LTR and RTL languages.

Now, this tool is provided in 72 languages. It administrates multiple servers. QBE is used in this tool to create complex queries. Using those tools graphics can be created of database layout. With the help of predefined functions, you can transform data into other formats. You can download it from the link phpmyadmin.net/downloads


It could help you in managing, monitoring, designing, and developing different database systems like MariaDB or MySQL database. This tool is very beneficial for the user who wants to be highly expert in the database field. The interface provided by such a tool is quite innovative and easy. You can avail yourself of a free trial for thirty days.

The platform supported by this tool is only Mac OS X. The charges for its download are quite less compared to other products. Professional editing and experience are a very useful feature provided by this tool. The Import and export facility is of too much high quality. It provides convenient filtering and tries to avoid writing queries. The performance provided by this tool is awesome.

Few other very useful features provided by it are syntax highlighting, custom query, fast auto-complete, and table references. The server management is very good in this tool as it provides quick status, bandwidth, and a number of connections used. It has a powerful inbuilt editor. The drawback is that it is not freely available. You can download it from the link araelium.com/querious

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This GUI tool is available for Microsoft Windows and OS  X and used by many developers. It supports MariaDB, MySQL, Microsoft SQL, and PostgreSQL databases. Its stable version that is open source also is provided in 2015 and you can install it easily. Your data in the browser is editable and the structure can be exported to other servers.

It is also portable and quite easy to operate. You can handle multiple database servers using this tool. Data sync and completion of syntax are the main features of this tool. You can use this tool for table optimization and repair. It is quite congested and even not able to work with xamp database.

The only drawback of this tool is that its execution speed is slow and it crashes down on handling large data amounts. You need to require a wine platform for working on this tool on Linux. This tool does not support the Mac operating system. You can download it from the link heidisql.com/download.php

Aqua Data Studio

This tool helps very much in assisting web or database developers and analysts. If you are having good knowledge related to this tool then it could help you with high functional performance. This tool is easily installable and supports responsive customer help. It is a universal IDE used for development, database query, visual analytics, and administration. This tool helps you to improve the productivity of your database.

It usually works on multiple operating systems and available in twenty languages. This tool is quite Intuitive for beginners. This is a versatile IDE for cloud and NoSQL databases. It helps you also to improve server performance by proving a query execution plan view and stats.

It helps in making queries, modeling ER diagrams, and data editing in excel style. Few disadvantages of this tool are that it requires a lot of practice to master it and even the price is too much to afford. You can download it from aquafold.com/aquadatastudio_downloads


This is a free tool that is available in an open source way for developers and administrators. JBDC client support provided by this tool. You can often change and browse metadata of database, keys, or tables. This provides you will the facility of SQL editor including auto-formatting or completion.

This tool allows you to search for database objects. It is a universal DB and SQL client available for users. Its free version is available on Linux.

It is intuitive and easy to use. It is providing a mock data generator and easy import and backup. The export of schema is quite easy in this tool and even it provides automatic database tuning. Sometimes when there are long queries to run then the complete application needs to delete.

The main advantage of this tool is its connection to various data sources. Customer support and advanced-level security are provided by it. You can download it from the link dbeaver.io


The tool is actually not available to free but having too good features providing uniqueness. It supports various platforms of windows and even available for Linux and Mac. It is software that provides you with a free trial for at least 14 days. This tool was popular from old times and customer support is provided in it.

Security is the main feature that attracts various administrators and developers. You can avail of Standard or Enterprise edition with extensive features. Various facilities like support for MySQL version, visual builder, and manipulation tools make it quite useful for various administrators. It supports MariaDB and different cloud databases like Amazon. It has the ability to perform scheduled database jobs.

This tool helps in imports and exports of data between excel JSON, CSV, or XML. The various platform supports are provided like windows, Linux, or Mac. If you use the premium version then you can share queries and connections with team members. It is an intuitive tool that helps in easy data editing, insertion, and pasting.

It helps in printing schedule reports and increases productivity. The main disadvantage is the high price. It also requires a wine platform for Linux that slows down IDE performance. You can download it from the link navicat.com/en/download/navicat-for-mysql

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Toad Edge

It is a lightweight and reliable desktop tool used for development and management purposes. In order to master the database, a toad edge is the best option for use. This tool makes your work simple while you are interacting with MariaDB, amazon redshift, or EDB Postgres Advanced Server.

The interface is quite easy to work with that ultimately enhances productivity. It works with Windows and Mac operating systems. This tool ensures code maintainability and quality. Using Jenkins’s continuous plug-in integration you can have the facility of DevOps. Complex SQL queries can be easily write down with the help of this tool.

This tool really helps you in copying real times running queries. Data synchronization is the most advantageous feature of such a tool.

To visualize segments of scripts, navigation of JSON and error discovery is quite easy due to the advanced editor. It is really cost-effective and flexible approach. You are provided with unrivaled support using this tool. You can download it from the link toadworld.com/products/toad-edge


This management solution is available free as well in three different paid editions Professional, Enterprise, and Pro. With help of this tool, you can work with scheduled backups, data importing, and syncing of data or schemas. This tool is having an uncluttered and intuitive UI that is helpful for the design of complex queries.

It is a smooth query designer available only for windows. Such a tool is a kind of customizable user interface that provides multi-threaded execution of queries. This tool gives you the facility to create DML statements using the definition of a schema. It is a completely easy to use and fast GUI tool used by various SQL administrators.

It is available in various themes also but its professional high pricing makes it not affordable to a few users. The tool also does not provide a drag and drop facility. It is not supportive of Linux and Mac. You can download it from the link webyog.com/product/sqlyog

Sequel Pro

This is a free, lightweight database management tool of My SQL and the next version of CocoaMySQL. All basic tasks of addition, modification, and browsing can be done with help of this tool. It is a very fast and useful open-source tool that is compatible with your different MySQL versions.

It provides flexible connectivity and a very easy installation. You can create new tables, rows, or columns easily. This tool allows you to run SQL queries from simple menus. It is compatible with the cloud and java is not compulsory for its execution. It supports different databases like MariaDB, Microsoft SQL Server, or Oracle 8i.

All types of imports and exports are very easy on this platform. Using TCP/IP protocol this tool provides connectivity to the database. The only limitation of this tool is that it only works with Mac OS X. The connection closing leads to an app crash. Compared to PHPMyAdmin it is not very good. You can download it from the link sequelpro.com/download

MYDB Studio

It was provided in the year 2004 and developed by H2Lsoft. It has a simple GUI that makes it easy to be used for database objects. Facilities like PHP scripts builder and inbuilt browser search helps in enhancing productivity. If you register you will be able to get a free license version. It provides you handy administration tools.

It is quite a good MySQL GUI tool. This is a complete package of MySQL server administration tools. It allows you to have a secure connection through SSG tunneling. You can assume it as a simple package of MySQL administrator because it provides user management, query browsing, and backup management.

This tool helps you to reload the server, flush internal cashes of MySQL use, and admin privileges. For creating a PHP script you just need to follow quite easy 5 clicks. It provides the facility of exporting server variables to XML, Excel, or CSV.

Database synchronization and WYSIWYG support are the main features of this tool. You can say the only drawback is that you have to register yourself on the website to get a free download of this tool. You can download it from the link mydb-studio.com/

Database Master

This tool provides you with everything related to programming. This supports the Windows platform. Database creation, editing, and drop of objects of database are a few tasks done by this tool. It supports MongoDB, MySQL, PostgreSQL, SQLite, and many more. This tool provides an updated modern interface.

It is intuitive and easy to use management software. Such type of tool allows you to execute SQL, JQL, and C# query scripts. It supports google analytics, Google BigQuery, and a number of other data sources. Other different facilities like script checker, formatted, and scripting provides the user to help in making queries.

It allows managing multiple database connections in a project file. Database and table maintenance are a few features that overall adding to productivity. It also monitors the database with a charting system. The only drawback is that is not available free. You have to buy it or use a trial version. You can download it from the link nucleonsoftware.com/downloads/

Valentina Studio

It is available in both free and pro versions. This tool helps you to perform various database operations and queries. Basic functionality like schema editing or code completion is available in the free version while the pro version provides other facilities like report designer and query building.

Database integration tools are provided through this tool that is continuous. APIs and SQL commands are being available to developers by using this tool. Managing various databases in tabs is quite easy in it along with dock view. Live logs, diagnostics, and diagrams are a few facilities that such a great tool provides us.

It supports different databases like Valentina DB MySQL, MS Server, SQLite, and PostgreSQL. It supports Windows, Linux, Mac, and even iValentina. This tool is cross-platform, institutive, and good to use but the only disadvantage is the expensive pro and universal version. You can download it from the link valentina-db.com/en/get-free-valentina-studio

MySQL Front

It was released in the year 2012 as a Windows front end. Various Web administrators, designers, and developers use this tool. Different types of data like SQL files, CSV, HTML, and XML can be import and export well using this tool. It is not available in the free version but it does provide a trial version.

Features of this tool usually improve database quality. The disadvantage of it is that it supports only the window platform. With help of such a tool, you can easily handle data through SQL commands and dialogs. Standardized file importing and exporting is done in a very good way in this tool. This tool lets you allow to handle the structure of the database.

To access the MySQL server you can either approach directly or use HTTP tunneling. A different version of it was available earlier but the best version was provided by Nils Hoyer. Using this tool you will be able to handle local or remote MySQL databases. This is easy to use program that will save your time. This tool supports more than twenty languages and requires less storage space. The main drawback is that it crashes sometimes. You can download it from the link mysql-front.software.informer.com/5.3/

Squirrel SQL

It is a java-based SQL client program that is open source and can run on any computer having a java virtual machine. This tool allows the user to view the database structure. It is compatible with databases like Firebird, Microsoft Access, Sybase, etc. This tool helps you to view the Metadata of the database quickly. It can work with multiple databases that could be either on local or remote machines.

You need to be on a single interface but can interact with multiple database engines. It is available in the free version as well as in paid. It is available in different languages also. Numbers of the plug-in are available for this tool to import data or copying data. Many other options available in this are code completion pop-up, tools popup menu, and so on.

It provides a query builder and you can even create charts or graphs of tables and their relations. Extensive documentation is available on its website also so you can refer to it also. You can perform database structure editing also.

During its installation, you need to add drivers and create an alias. Anyone interacting with SQL on regular basis can use this tool to fix bugs at the database level. You can download it from the link sourceforge.net/projects/squirrel-sql/


This tool fulfills the specific needs of professional SQL developers. You can make use of this tool to develop plug-in projects. This tool provides you history record of activities so that you stay on track and not lose your work. It provides different modes through which you can execute your queries. Using this tool you can navigate schema efficiently. This tool explains how different queries work and behave in the database engine.

You can write SQL code fast as it provides you code completion facility. This tool helps in the detection of bugs and even suggests ways to resolve them. You can resolve SQL code references through this tool. This tool provides version control over SBN and git. It supports different databases like Microsoft azure, oracle, and many more.

This tool is available for 30 days trial along with monthly and yearly subscriptions. It helps you to show your all objects in the format of folders. The data editor present in it allows you to do multiple operations. It is available in a customized appearance. You can download it from the link jetbrains.com/datagrip/


This tool is written in PHP and having so many featured. Its other name is PHPminiAdmin. If you want to install it you need a single PHP file. It provides support to many popular database systems like Oracle, MongoDB, SQLite, etc. With help of this tool, you can have a variety of various themes.

It is used for the management of tables, indexes, and databases. To connect with the database server you have to provide a username and password. You are available with options for a selection of existing databases or the creation of a new one. You can do many modifications in columns using this tool.

This tool supports all types of data. It provides variable and displays them with documentation. Extensive options for customers are provided. It provides such an interface that users can edit and select data easily. This tool does not work with ID and works only with the name of the referenced record.

It uses the national DATE format. You can even send messages to emails that are provided in the table. This tool does not allow any type of edit in the SQL query. It displays BLOB images and checkboxes or icons of BOOL. You can download it from the link adminer.org/en/editor/


It is the latest tool having a very fast, secure, and intuitive interface used for the database. It can support MySQL version 8.0. The interface is quite friendly that allows you to view and edit database objects. It is easy to browse and edit database structure using this tool. It provides a code review facility.

You can easily add or remove data rows in cells just like spreadsheets. A smart filter feature is provided by this tool. But the main issue is that it is available for Mac OS and the Windows version will come soon. It is available in a free version as well as you can purchase it for more functionality. It has many security features also.

Using this tool you can quickly open anything like a table, schema, or database. You can work with multiple databases and connections. It is clean, focuses more, and provides high performance. Shortcut keys are available in this tool.

For instance, with every update, there is something new improved in the tool. Quick support at high speed is very useful in this tool which can solve your issues. You can add to the functionality of this tool by putting in your own plug-in. Importing and exporting data is also simple and easy. You can efficiently work with multiple relational databases at once. You can download it from the link tableplus.com


This application is modern and based on the web. Anyone who wants to access their hosted servers remotely can use this tool. This tool facilitates you with many features like triggers, events, and views. This tool provides high security. It provides an easy backup of data and MySQL object structures. It is a free tool and very useful for being noncommercial.

You can use this tool for managing databases, function editing, and managing user accounts or privileges. It is used for the backup and restoration of the database. It compares different databases and provides syncing between them. Tables can be easily optimized using this tool.

It also provides the status of the system and can terminate active servers. It provides a tab-based interface that is helpful to do many tasks at the same time. Syntax highlighting and saving queries for later use are provided by this stool. For common tasks, you can even use keyboard shortcuts in this tool. It is easy to install and compatible with multiple web browsers. It supports multiple encodings. You can download it from the link dbninja.en.lo4d.com/windows

dbForge Studio

This tool is an IDE that provides a number of features and even functionality useful for database maintenance. It provides a CRUD generator facility for the result script of select, inserts, deletes, and updates. You can modify your code or query also as code formatting is available in this tool. This tool uses databases like MariaDB.

It is an intuitive interface that analyses the data of the table and also creates and executes queries. This tool provides management of servers and development of a database with SQL server reporting. You can overall say it is reliable or secure as it provides smart code assistance for data protection and problem solution.

It can be used by beginners as well as experienced users. The only disadvantage is that it is costly and provides basic JSON. It is only available to the windows operating system. You can download it from the link devart.com/dbforge/mysql/studio/


In conclusion, I tried to provide you detailed features of various GUI tools. These tools can be used as an alternative that works quite well with MySQL. In addition, they are providing database development and management but still, some of them are paid ones. It is only up to you that what type of requirements you are having so that you can choose either paid or a free one.

Let me try to help you to find better options for you as well. Say you are a beginner in the area of database and you cannot pay much amount in that case if your only need is the basic functionality of the database you can choose free tools as mentioned earlier. You can even improve your skills using such tools as HeidiSQL, SQL Workbench, and Sequel Pro.

But if your requirement is related to high-quality development or advanced functionality of the database then you should prefer some other tools like DB forge Studio, Navicat, Toad Edge, and many more providing different features.

Hope you understood well this topic. Do not forget to do a detailed survey of tools that you want to use. Do ask your queries by posting or you can also ask about your doubts related to any tool. Even if I am wrong at any point do correct me so that we can together spread valuable knowledge.

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