Movie Riview of Machine!

What would you expect from a movie which shows a nun wearing lipstick and a college girl entering a scene like she has just come from a fashion shoot? Well, that is the opening of the movie ‘Machine’ and I sensed that this flick is in great trouble. The protagonist Mustafa tried very hard but his acting skills are so limited that all his efforts went in vain. It is hard to imagine now that once upon a time ‘Abbas-Mustan’ were a Bollywood genre. Their stories were cheezy thriller but were serve best by them for the Indian pallette.

Kiara Advani in the movie Machine
Movie Riview of Machine!

This is not just a bad film, it is incoherent, illogical, baseless and flat out nutty. Nothing in the flick makes any sense. The dialogues like “Mai break par pao nahi rakhta kyunki mujhe maut se dar nahi lagta‘ does not work now. The protagonist plays rich race-car driver who tries hard but the non-sensible narrative of the film prevents him from making any positive impact.

Kiara plays a girl for whom all men are vying for. She was noticeable in M.S. Dhoni the untold story but here it seems like she is competing with everyone to win award for bad acting. There is one hammy scene where the Romeo and Juliet play of Shakespeare is involved which adds to the awfullness of the movie. The film ends with a quote of Swami Vivdkanand, Mahatma Gandhi and Steve Jobs worsening it’s ending too. Movies like this are colossal waste of money!

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