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A Quick Guide for Movie Lovers on EVERYTHING Films

Films have captivated people from the first time people witnessed the magic of moving images on a screen. They help us escape to different worlds, and live a thousand lives through our heroes. Some movies leave us feeling happy, while others break our hearts. But nevertheless, all of them leave a lasting impression on our lives. And that is why we all love movies, isn’t it?

From Pushpa to Laal Singh Chaddha, gossip about the latest films even makes it to our national headlines. That is the level of impact films have on us today.

But wait just a minute. Do you have any idea what space movie came out in 1992? Or about the movies trending on the rating charts? If not, then don’t worry. To make you a certified movie buff we’ve taken the trouble to list down everything you movie lovers need to know.

The Magic Films of Hollywood

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Still wondering what space movie came out in 1992? Well, let us put an end to your curiosity. The movie’s name is Gayniggers from Outer Space. And yes, it’s as crazy as its sounds. The world of Hollywood has a lot of options to choose from as you can see from this movie. To make sure you don’t get lost in the maze, we’ve picked out some of the best ones for you.

The Gray Man

Six is a highly skilled assassin part of the CIA’s Sierra program. Through one of these missions, he comes to learn of a few dark secrets. This sets off a global hunt for him masterminded by his former colleague in an attempt to keep his mouth shut.

Available on: Netflix

Spider-Man: No Way Home

The whole world knows who Spiderman is and Peter does not like this. He asks Doctor strange for help but when his spell malfunctions friends and foes from across the multiverse find their way onto Earth.

Available on: Netflix

Bullet Train

Ladybug is a faulty assassin determined to do his job correctly. His gig to retrieve a suitcase lands him in a bullet train heading from Tokyo to Kyoto with five other assassins. Sounds interesting, doesn’t it? Watch the whole movie to find out the rest.

Film Available on: Watch in your nearest theatre or on Movie rulz

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The Masala Films of Bollywood

Gangubai Kathiawadi

Young Madhu is tricked and sold to a brothel by her lover. But when all seems to be lost she turns the tables on the world using her underworld network and her cunningness to take control and help those like her.

Available on: Netflix, Movie rulz


While civilians rest their heads peacefully in their homes, there are others who fight to protect that peace. Major takes you through the life of one such Army Officer Sandeep Unnikrishnan who lost his life while trying to save lives during the 2008 terrorist attacks on the Taj Hotel.

Available on: Netflix, Movie rulz

The Kashmir Files

Krishna Pandit is a young man confused about the story of his origins. The story brings to life the sufferings and life of the Kashmiri Pandits as the film follows Krishna trying to unravel the tale of his parents and his past

Available on: Zee 5, Movie rulz

The Mastery of South Indian Films

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777 Charlie

If you love dogs then this movie is perfect for you. Dharma is a loner whose life is limited to the daily routine of factory work, alcohol, fights and watching T.V. But all this changes with his encounter with the dog Charlie. This Kannada film is a heart-whelming tale of how Dharma’s perspective and life takes a turn for the better after this encounter.

Available on: Voot, Movie rulz

Pushpa: The Rise

This Telugu movie focuses on the labourer Pushpa Raj who is involved in the illegal trade of sandalwood in the forests of Tirupati. Pushpa Raj is quickly able to rise up the ladder but makes a few enemies along the way as well. Curious to know the ups and downs of Pushpa’s life? Watch the movie to find out.

Available on: Amazon Prime Video, Movie rulz


Starring Kamal Hasan, Vijay Sethupathi and Fahadh Faasil, the Tamil film is a nerve-wracking action thriller that follows the story of an undercover cop trying to track down a mysterious group of masked murderers. From storyline to action scenes, this movie will surely keep you on your toes. And all you Tamil movie fans, don’t worry because we’ll let you know where to get your latest Tamil movie download.

Available on: Disney+ Hotstart, Movierulz

Jana Gana Mana

The country and media are in complete upheaval after a college professor is brutally murdered. A determined cop sets out to investigate the case. But is that all there is to it? You’ll never know until you watch the film.

Available on: Netflix, Movierulz

Some Advanced Info to UP Your Movie Game

Studio Movie Grill

No, it’s not the name of a restaurant. And no, it’s not the name of a studio or theatre. Get ready to be surprised because Studio Movie Grill is a movie theatre and dining combined. If you’re in the States or visiting there then a show at Studio Movie Grill is a must-have experience.

Movie rulz

You’ve seen this name in the article already. But if you’re dying to watch an upcoming movie and want it for free then this is the place for you. Whether it be a Hollywood movie or a Tamil movie download, you can find everything right here.


Want to connect with fellow movie lovers and share your thoughts? Then this might just be the place for you – a social media platform made for movie lovers like you.

Now that you’re armed with all this information you’ve become a qualified Movie Buff. Use all this knowledge wisely and have a fantabulous visual experience! So, what are you waiting for? Go and enjoy the screens to your heart’s content!!!

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Anna Mariya John
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