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Most Common Question Asked During A College Interview

College interviews are the first vital interview faced by a person in his life. These interviews give deserving students the chance to create a good impression with the college interviewers that may further help in the admission process.

In this blog, you will get the most commonly asked questions and answers in a college interview

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Question 1: Speak about yourself.

It is not exactly a question, but something frequently asked by almost every interviewer, be it college or job. You might be confused by thinking about where to begin.


To answer this, you have to create a unique image of yourself that separates you from others. Don’t answer with cliches or descriptions that might be usual. For example: don’t say you are determined; explain why you are and why it is essential. Talk about your inspirations, passion, hobbies, what others liked about you, but always be specific.

This question is asked by interviewers who want to know more about you that is not in your resume. They want to know something special about you. That is one of the purposes of an interview.

Question 2: Why are you choosing that particular college?


Discuss this question by talking about the cultural values of the college, its academic programs, or extracurricular activities that have driven you to this college. Don’t discuss their rankings and prestige; don’t say that it is close to your home. Research thoroughly about your college so that you don’t miss any useful information about the college before the interview.

College authorities ask this question to you as they want to see how genuine you are to the college. They want to know if you are serious to them and you have interests in attending the college.

Question 3: Why do you want to major in (name of the subject)?


Discuss why the subject inspires you and why you are dedicating to the subject but be specific. Talk about what provoked you to pursue this subject, why it is fascinating, and how you will reach your future goals through this subject. Do not say you want to major in this subject to make a lot of money or have job security as they might not sound genuine to the interviewers.

They ask this question because they want to know about your academic goals and how genuine you are to the subject. 

Question 4: What are your main academic strengths?


To answer this question, think deeply about your academic strengths. Find out how you are using them at present and how you will implement them in the future. Don’t make the answer too low. Discuss how you recognize your strengths and how you have made capital on your strengths. For example, if you are good at science, explain how you used science to excel in your school.

They ask this question to get to know you as a student. The college authorities are interested to know your perspective on where you shine academically.

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Question 5: What are your academic weaknesses, and how have you addressed them? 


To answer this question, you have to be well aware of your weaknesses. It is not pleasing to say that you don’t have any deficiency. That may sound arrogant and also believable. Confess about your weaknesses and try revealing strategies you have taken to recover your academic gaps. You may also recite a story about how you managed to do well on a specific subject in the past.

By asking this question, authorities want to see how dedicated you are and how you overcome challenges. They want to be sure if you are persistent and hardworking.

Question 6: Why do you want to study in college?


In the answer, explain to them how college will allow you to achieve your goals, follow your passion, and help you develop. Don’t say that you want to pursue college because your parents want you to do so. They would not like this type of answer. Discuss what college activities will help you grow the field you are passionate about. But remember to be specific.

Through this question, college authorities are trying to recognize what motivated you to pursue higher studies.

Question 7: Where do you want to see yourself in 10 years?


Colleges want to admit students who are motivated to flourish in the future. The most common answer is that you expect to have a splendid career but avoid saying this answer. You have to be unique from others so that the authorities choose you. Paint a picture in your mind of your life ten years from now. Make sure it should be unique from others. Try talking about your plans with your profession or family or what activities you want to do in the future.

Interviewers ask this question to understand if the student is very clear about their career or diverted towards many aspects. They want students who are straight about their career and the mind doesn’t fluctuate.

Question 8: What makes you unique?


Answer this question by discussing the exceptional talents you have. Narrate to them your stories of how you implemented these traits in your life to get better. Find out if you have any uncommon interests or habits.

Authorities ask this question because they want to know more about you and also to identify if your talents can bring the college to a better place.

How to prepare nicely for a college interview:

For the above questions, I suggest you write down some short notes so that you don’t forget any essential points in the interview. Do not write the complete answer and memorize it. Your answer should not be scholastic language; it should appear conversational. Ask any of your family members or friends to help you practice these questions. Make sure all your answers are specific and detailed.

How to answer questions you didn’t prepare for:

Obviously, the above questions are not the only question you would have been asked. No matter how well your preparation was, you will be asked at least one question that you weren’t predicting. 

Firstly, do not get nervous and don’t look down. Just try to give a genuine, simple, and detailed answer. Since you have prepared well for the interview, you don’t have to worry much about any unexpected questions.

Secondly, you may gather some details from the other questions you have been asked. Moreover, to get more comfortable with the interview environment, you can create a similar environment with the help of your friends and family.

Some common tips for college interview:

  • Practice the important questions beforehand.
  • Choose your outfit carefully according to the dress code (if any).
  • Always be confident and passionate.
  • Research about the college and write down its qualities.
  • Show a clear picture of yourself.
  • Before speaking anything, be a good listener.
  • Prepare some questions to be asked to the interviewer.
  • Stop worrying about the time.
  • Always maintain eye contact with the interviewer.
  • Try to be calm and don’t look arrogant.
  • Always be thankful.

Bottom line:

Practicing these above questions answers will not only make you unique from others but also give the reason to the interviewer to put your file in the selected pile. All the best for your interview.

Janhavi Majumdar
Janhavi Majumdar
I am Law student and have passion for writing. Writing brief yet informative content is my primary goal.


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