Class of ’83: An Indian Crime-Drama Film of Netflix!

The movie, Class of ’83 is a Netflix Original Film, released on August 21, 2020. Red Chillies Entertainment (Gauri Khan, Shah Rukh Khan) is the producer and Atul Sabharwal is the director of the film.

Additional Fact: After Betaal and Bard of Blood, Class of ’83 is Netflix’s third collaboration with Red Chillies Entertainment.

Moreover, the film is based on the Book “The Class of 83” by Sayyed Yunus Hussain Zaidi. The book is based on Pradeep Sharma, a famous officer of Mumbai Encounter Squad.


Firstly, it is going to be an exciting movie because of Bobby Deol’s return after several years. Secondly, this engaging cop-drama is quite a new theme for the lead actor! After all, we have seen him go all Yamla Pagla Deewana and say, “Arre jab Dharmendra aur Sunny Deol lad rahe hai … toh Bobby Deol kya karega”. But, never seen him as a dutiful cop.

Here is some information about the movie, “Class of ’83” if you are planning to watch or have just watched it!

Bobby Deol’s Comeback

Even before the release of the film, there was a huge talk about Bobby Deol’s comeback to the industry, he has almost given twenty-five years to. There are many reasons of this hype. Firstly, his acting and movies have mainly focused on genres like romance or comedy. So, this film is not like other main-stream Bollywood Dramas!

Secondly, it is after long that he is going to be presenting in front of the audience. He appeared in “Housefull 4” (2019) and “Yamla Pagla Deewana Phir Se” (2018), the last time. In addition, this is his digital debut! In other words, it will be the first time we will be seeing his latest performance on an online-streaming platform.

The film is focused on a character’s life, “Vijay Singh” who is an honest cop. Bobby Deol plays the role of the protagonist which he even, termed as something very new for him. In other words, we get a chance to see him in an entirely different character with a very serious and dutiful role.

He plays the role of a cop and a dean. “Vijay Singh” is very committed person towards his work. Moreover, he is a husband and a father, as well. This character has the limelight throughout and deals with certain different aspects of his life. He acts as a mentor, as well. The portrayal of character in the film is a dedicated and a sincere one.

Above all, he has given many years to the film industry and now coming up with something new is quite challenging. Therefore, it can turn out to be as a huge success or a down fall.

So, the question that arises is: Is this going to be an impressive comeback or not?

The Cadets in the film

For the ones, who do not know who Cadets are, here is the meaning:

“A cadet is a young man or woman who is being trained in the armed services or the police.”

The cadets had a very important role in the film. Dean Vijay Singh mentors five of them. The characters of cadets were, “Shukla” (Bhupendra Jadawat), “Varde” (Hitesh Bhojraj), “Aslam” (Sameer Paranjape), “Jadhav” (Ninad Mahajani) and “Surve” (Prithvik Pratap).

“Most Difficult THING to cast for this film were the cadets because we went rounds and rounds…” -DIRECTOR OF THE FILM.


The roles of the characters were side-roles yet very important and engaging. In a general sense, they were portrayed as learners and as, encounter cops. The film revolves around how they play their assigned tasks and duties.

The Plot of the film

This 98 minutes long film revolves around the genres; Drama and Crime. The movie is one of those cop dramas that throw light on duties and commitments. In addition to this, it has many strong and powerful dialogues. These dialogues enhance the seriousness of the characters, especially of, “Vijay Singh”. For instance:

 “ Sometimes to maintain order, one needs to break The law”

The film revolves around some sub-themes like relationships and tragedies. It is about a man who was a cop but then, gets punished. After that, he works as a dean in an academy (Police Academy) to train the Cadets. The batch is the one that passed out in ’83. In addition, he looks out for young talent among them and starts grooming them. He mentors them to make them capable of fighting against the corrupted systems. He selects five trainees and polishes them well. He takes their charge so that the fight against the evil allies can be won.

It is more like a personal fight and mission for him. it can be proved through many scenes, for instance;

He says, ” I want to give one more shot”

He is asked, “to all five?”

and, he says, “to myself”

Moreover, the film also portrays the fight of “Vijay Singh” and the Cadets against complexities of honour, values and morals. In addition, it also has many action elements with all the cop drama involved! It has many intense action scenes (Don’t miss them out)!

Apart from this, as the real set-up, the film is portrayed to be in the 80’s and 90’s.


It is not a main-stream Bollywood Drama Film. For the first time, it can turn out to be engaging to see Bobby Deol in such a role. He even posted on social media that, “Playing Dean Vijay Singh was an experience like never before. Class Of ’83 coming soon on Netflix…”

However, it is not all happy-go-lucky movie, it takes a twists turn too (no spoilers this is up to you to check!). Do watch the movie once and check if “Vijay Singh” is able to fulfill his purpose or faces failure…

Leave your reviews in the comment section!



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