The Magic Of True Love

Well, literary histories have given us a wealth of beautiful definitions, mathematicians have calculated its odds, and psychologists have dissected and stated its mechanism, simply to put, love has been hacked, illustrated, coached and re-imagined. Yet the supreme potential of the heart remains elusive ever, various perceptions over this ancient English word “lufu” derived term has been projected out, let me give one of mine, well to refer out the fact that certain regions of the world proclaim love is derived from the Sanskrit word “lubhyati” meaning “to desire/to care for”. But the way people undertake it in this modern world seems to have degraded the sanctity of that term, a very small one syllable-d four letter word has an powerful impact upon the people’s living, the impact has been so appreciable that over the years it has altered the flow of history, calmed many monsters, kindled various passions and arts out of minds, consoled the enslaved, driven strong men and women mad. Common as a child’s birth, it makes people rediscover themselves.

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So what is love? Getting attracted to someone without reasons? Finding someone different from the rest? Well, that’s the common procedural instincts which films bluff to proclaim as love over the years and the symptoms which people continue to check if they have found love. But folks, to be different in the world is a factor of maturity, and that love and maturity can never go hand in hand. The very term “lufu”, from which the term love is derived as stated earlier itself means “to go crazy”. And to go crazy, one must definitely need to break the walls of maturity. A matured person tries to see the logic and sees various factors before making an attempt over anything to express his love and thus this would never allow him to give his utmost qualitative emotion. So, if you find a person who is too matured, maybe he is capable to don the role of a guide, but, he is never ever capable enough to love you. You need a healthy immaturity to serve the worth of that four lettered word. Hence, chuck out the people whom you adore the maturity when it comes to finding the love of your life.

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A person who truly loves you will never have the factor of self-esteem. He ever regards you and your activities and situations in life, prime of anything else, even more than that of ‘his’. He will play the role of any emotive character you would require at any point of time. He will serve you the role of your parent by his care, that of your friend by his trust and support, that of your sibling by his compassion and benevolence, and that of your better half by his unfathomable love. Eventually, his love for you will make him give his maxim-est care without any degradation, even upon knowing your defects and errors in your character and mode of living. And he takes in those as “entanglements in love”, and accepts them and renders you a very high quality love no matter of how you reciprocate it back.

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He would be the person to whom you would eject your maximum discomforts and disrespect, yet he would intake all those under the terms of “qualitative understanding”. He takes in your “humiliations”, “aggression” as lovely responses. He never vents back his loss of his temper upon you and when you lose your cool and hit him hard, his mind would just be thinking over one thing, on ”just about how to effectively break his previous best quality of giving his love for you, which he had delivered in the last minute, by his current minute act”. It requires great sense of patience and love to come after you without any fury upon your aggression and to patch up things to normalcy.

And the person who loves you, will pull this out without any interruption thinking and logistics and discomforts. He would have the biggest pressure and constraints from all environmental factors, and yet he would make you feel as if those never ever hit him hard. He would think once or twice to check the beneficiary of any investment for his needs, but he never ever thinks even for the one millionth of a second to invest for your happiness, no matter however big and adverse effects might arise to him as a consequence of his investment.

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All he needs is that to have that smile everlasting on your face.

And, now if a person is matured, as we were talking about earlier, and seeks logistics upon performing such acts, can he go past his logistics’ impact and be as quoted above? The chances are too dry! Not even a microscopic probability! And that supports my former statement that love and maturity can never go hand in hand.

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Thus folks, know what love is and then search for the love of your life. Remember the position of “the better half” of your life is not a job vacancy that you render from “your life” firm, so that you search and hire for attractive (physically as well as on monetary grounds) or matured professionals. It is something eternal, something which would be with you ever to support all ups and downs of your progression, something that shows you how you can be comfortable and gives you a beautiful insight of a qualitative living, something which, when you close your eyes once and for forever, make an echo of revelation that “yeah this is the life which I lived truly. The meaning to my happiness has been served by his presence, if not for him, I would be nowhere near of what I am now. I am blessed to have him out, good that I leave this world before him and not he before me…”

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On an end note, the love a person renders you” must be matured that, it comforts you and makes you feel at ease and be yourself and vent out all emotions of yours, must be different from the rest that no one can beat it’s quality by theirs’, must be beautiful and good looking that you never feel any discomforts and feel the worth of its presence in your life, hence SEARCH FOR THE LOVE’S CHARACTER, WHICH A PERSON RENDERS, TO HAVE THESE STUFFS RATHER THAN THE PERSON’S CHARACTER, you will find life at it’s beautiful best !

If you find a person fulfilling all the above mentioned…then blessed are thou… never lose him!

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