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10 Tips to Add Spark to a Lockdown Wedding

Were you anticipating eating all those delectable snacks and wearing designer dresses at a wedding until the lockdown occurred? But what if I tell you that there are ways you can spark a lockdown wedding? Indeed! By following the lockdown wedding guidelines and taking appropriate safety measures, planning an extraordinary weekday wedding is quite conceivable with not more than 25 guests.

We are no strangers to the customs of Indian weddings that incorporate all the relatives, friends, and other acquaintances. The flipside is that the pandemic shows no sign of plateauing that would refrain you from having a fantasy-like big fat wedding.

Nonetheless, we are all well aware of the extravaganza of calling off a wedding as older folks consider it ominous. So, we got you some ways that would make your wedding as exciting as you envisioned or even better!

Here are 10 extraordinary ideas for a perfect lockdown wedding

Pre-wedding Photoshoot at Home

10 Tips to Add Spark to a Lockdown Wedding
10 Tips to Add Spark to a Lockdown Wedding

Pre-wedding shoots at picturesque locations are one of the most exciting parts of weddings. Unfortunately, it’s not quite possible during the lockdown. How about a shoot at home by making some handmade props and background. If you wanted an outdoor shoot in a resort, you could use your garden for the same by setting up a beautiful picnic scene. If you want a more retro shoot, go for a bicycle with floral decor. Also, use a smoke bomb to add colors, rose petals, sky lanterns, DIY quote banners .etc.

Virtual Invites

Not only during the lockdown but also once everything comes back on track, go paperless with creative digital wedding cards and send them online to your guests. For instance, photo cards, Livestream wedding invitation, Additionally, make sure you do not force your guests to attend the wedding and include a blurb with quirky precautionary messages like, “Love is in the air but so are the germs”. For those who can’t attend a ceremony, send a virtual photo wedding card post the ceremony.

Pandemic-Friendly Bachelorette at Home

Movies like Zindagi Na Milegi Dobara and The Hangover have set the bar too high and ever since most of us must be planning a perfect destination for a bachelorette. But what if we need to adjust a few tweaks due to lockdown, the party must go on! There’s no reason you can’t have yourself a fancy night in. Grab the drinks, have an on-theme game night, and dress like a boss with a specific dress code for all. Some members of your squad might not be able to join, accordingly, a quick video clip can be recorded sharing their favorite memories with the bride/groom. You could likewise make tents in the external spaces of your home and go camping! However, remember to sleep in separate tents, just in case you nod off, that is most likely not going to happen.

Separate Dance Performances

Say no to DJs and group dances in your lockdown wedding as it would be contrary to the guidelines. Rather, close friends and family members must prepare separate dance performances depicting their memories with the couple followed by a personal awards night wherein titles like Dancing Queen, Best Couple, Best Dressed, etc. could be given by making DIY sachets and stylish masks. Moreover, if 2 or more people dance together, mark red spots on the dance floor in order to follow social distancing.

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Everyone has relatives and friends who have dreamt of their marriage ever since they were young and they need all whereabouts of your wedding. So, take a digital-first approach and get your wedding recorded by your videographer with a tripod positioned close to the ceremony and allow your guests to watch it live by creating a schedule of what needs to be broadcasted. Livestream seems much more realistic than giving details on calls and texts or even pictures. Also, send hampers containing customized sanitizers, masks, t-shirts, etc. to the relatives who for certain reasons could not attend the ceremonies.

Handmade Garlands and Floral Jewellery

To make the lockdown wedding creative yet safe, try making beautiful handmade garlands that could be cherished and recalled for life. Make garlands using fabric, paper, or even stockings and a wire. Use these flowers in making trendy floral jewelry for the Haldi function and also for spring bridal showers. You can make ample colorful nylon flowers with stockings by tying the stockings on the loops of wire and then give them forms of garlands and jewelry.

Customized Masks

Isn’t buying matching masks instead of accessories, the new normal? Along with matching the masks with the wedding outfits, provide custom wedding masks to your guests as well. You can leave them in attractive bags on each side of the wedding hall. The masks can either be theme-based, different for the bride’s and the groom’s families. Besides, the name mesh of the couple would be a great idea to customize similar face masks for all the guests.

Mehendi Stage Decor at Home

Have you heard about the bangle ceremony? You can merge the Mehendi, Haldi, and Bangle ceremonies into a great event at home. Decorate the stage with bangles that can be ultimately used for the bangle ceremony as well, wherein all the females wear bangles of their choice and sizes. Fold colorful papers and turn them into a selfie corner along with fairy lights. Moreover, the curtain trend can be set up for the bride that is quite easy to make with colorful chiffon and satin curtains, preferably olive green and yellow in accordance with the ceremonies.

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Hand-Painted T-shirts

As we know that tie-dye t-shirts are in vogue these days, nevertheless, do you know how easy is it to make these tees? These can be engraved with titles like Bride’s bestie, Bride’s mom, Cool grandma, Ladkewale, etc. for all the close ones. Tie your shirt with rubber bands to make the desired design by spreading dye sprays on the plain t-shirt and wrap it for a few hours. Untie the rubber bands, wash, and your DIY wedding t-shirts are ready. Additionally, use acrylic paints to write the titles with contrast colors on the back of the tees. Prefer rounded tees for men and v-necks for women. This would save money as well as help in following the precautionary measures.

Set-up Sanitizing Stations

There are adequate ways in which the virus can be spread among the guests, as we know by now. Consequently, sanitizers must be present everywhere possible so that the guests use them every time they touch something or someone. Arrange creative sanitizer bottles that fit with the theme with interesting quotes written on them that intrigue the guests to use them. You can also offer a bottle to each guest as a welcome gift that will make them feel extraordinary as well as ensure safety. Try refraining the guests from using mobile phones as handing over the phone to others for pictures might be a reason behind the spread of the virus.

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