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Litti Chokha: The Essence Of Bihar

Litti Chokha: The Essence Of BiharGod shines through all the objects of nature investing them with his celestial light. Imbued with the spirit of divine is the state of Bihar. Bihar is famous for it’s culture, legacy, spirituality and saga. But apart from this it also has a very desi blend of articulate cuisine. It has a very homely and pleasant flavours.

Food is the way to the human heart. In India it becomes more significant and important as we have diverse culture and each culture has distinct aroma and flavours.

The cuisine of Bihar has always been very aromatic lingering the taste buds of all the foodies . One such delicacy of Bihar is Litti Chokha. When you think of Bihari food this is the first dish that will come to your mind . A perfect blend of flavour and crunch. It is a dish which has come out of the kitchen of Bihar and is ruling the taste buds of all the Indians.

Litti Chokha RecipeThis dish is very desi and has an amalgamation of an amazing feel of your home made food. It has a filling of sattu also called as roasted gram flour. People pour lots of desi ghee over it to enhance it’s taste. Litti looks like baati but the only difference is of filling. Baati has a filling of potatoes wherein Litti has a filling of sattu that is roasted gram flour. Sattu is a popular stuffing in parathas also.

The main accompaniment of Litti is chokha. It is prepared with mashed boiled potatoes , eggplant , spices, tomato and red chillies. It further enhances the taste of litti. In cold winter month people love to eat this dish. The heavenly taste of this dish has made it popular even in other states of India.

It is a popular snack but people also eat it in their meal. It is round in shape. As daal baati is in Rajasthan litti chokha is in Bihar. It was originally a food meant for farmers but slowly and gradually it made it’s presence everywhere because of it’s divine flavours . It is a power packed food item which can provide you complete nutrition.

The main ingredient of this dish sattu has some amazing health benefits –

sattu chickpea flour
  • It reduces constipation as it has amazing cooling effect.
  • It helps to flush out the oil consumed in the diet.
  • In summers it is an excellent drink as it cools down the body.
  • It has amazing benefits even for the skin. It makes your skin glow.
  • It energizes  the body and completes your nutritional needs.
  • It is very easy to digest and is a complete whole food.
  • It is a very rich source of protein . It is also rich in insoluble fiber which keeps your intestine healthy.
  • It is low in glycemic index which makes it a perfect choice for diabetic people .

litti chokha arhar ki daal

One of the most easiest way to consume sattu is by making sattu drink. It can be made both sweet and salty. People add jaggery to make it sweet and salt to make it salty. Just add jaggery , salt , amchoor and sattu in chilled water and blend it properly . Your delicious sattu drink would be ready .

The local feel of this amazing dish litti chokha is increasing it’s popularity even abroad.  From Delhi to Mumbai and USA to London you can find it in every Indian restaurant . People across the globe love to eat this Bihari food. There are many Indian food joints and restaurants abroad who serve litti chokha in their menu.

It’s extravagant taste has made it a heroic dish all over India and abroad. Nobody in this world can even think of skipping this heavenly dish from their food platter. It’s magical flavours will keep you bathed in it’s delicacies for a long time.


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