When bollywood superstar Priyanka Chopra decided to leave her turf and make the move to Hollywood, a lot of people were apprehensive of her decision. People supported her and applauded her but a lot of people were quick to criticize, mock and troll her. Everyone believed that she would end up being just a fancy arm candy in a mega movie or make blink and miss appearances. But then Quantico happened, and there was Chopra, the first south Asian woman to ever play lead in an American series.

The general notion with Asian actors in Hollywood is that they are often given stereotypical roles, which has them playing store owners, cab drivers or geeks talking in a typical accent. Priyanka Chopra broke all barriers when she decided to play an unconventional FBI agent of American Origin in Quantico. This show gained so much popularity in a short time and happened to be one of the most viewed shows on the ABC network. Within a short span, Priyanka Chopra had gone on from being a relatively unknown face to a household name in US television.

Quantico was just the starting for Chopra’s fiery Hollywood career. From there she went on to grace almost all big red carpet events. Starting with the people’s choice award (where she even won her debut award for Quantico) to her iconic appearance in the Oscars and swaying hearts with that red dress at the Emmy awards.  Priyanka’s appearance at all the red carpets was always an anticipated one; not only by the Indian but the International media houses as well. She not only made sure that she shone bright among all the big Hollywood actors but also managed to emerge in the best dressed lists at all the awards.

But TV shows was not the only thing Priyanka had her eyes set on. After much speculation, the actress finally announced her debut Hollywood film BAYWATCH where she plays the baddie Victoria Leeds. When most actresses often refrain from playing negative characters, Priyanka took a brave move.  The trailer of the film is evidence to it. While the first trailer had Chopra in just a blink and miss part, the second trailer did enough justice to her and had people swooning over her. She managed to grab enough attention in a film starring some of Hollywood’s biggest names like Dwayne Johnson and Zac Efron.

The journey to Hollywood has not been an easy one for Priyanka. Leaving an industry where she dominated, to stepping foot in a place where she was not known was a very difficult task. From giving auditions like a fresher for Quantico to now being on the covers of international lifestyle magazines and presenting awards with the cream crowd of Hollywood (we are hinting at Tom Hiddlestone) , her journey has been an epic one. Priyanka is no longer a ‘Bollywood’ actor anymore she is a global star who finds herself in one of TIME magazine’s most influential people and Forbes highest paid actresses. Here is to seeing much more of Priyanka on American screen and wishing her all the success in the world. We are also hoping that a lot of other Bollywood actress pursue a more global career; and as was quoted by her ‘ taking over the world , one desi girl at a time’.


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