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Lesser known places in India which deserve to be famous

Historical monuments are the heritage of every country. Every monument has a great saga associated with it. Old forts, palaces or temples have always been a matter of interest to people. But, some historical monuments are yet to get their share of fame. We have pieced together 6 such places which are significant enough to be famous and worth visiting at least once.

Maluti Temples :

Maluti is a small town in Jharkhand, surrounded by adivasi villages. It is believed that a total of 108 temples were built by the king of Nankar state. Since the number of temples was quite large, 36 temples got grounded as the time passed by due to lack of care.

Manner Sharif:

Maner Sharif is situated 24km west of Patna, Bihar. It has bari dargah and choti dargah, the tombs of sufi saints Makhdoom Yahya Maneri and Makhdoom Shah Daulat. Ibrahim khan, governor of Bihar, built a mausoleum in 1616 to Makhbool Shah Daulat after his death in 1608. The domed mausoleum’s ceiling has passages from Quran. Ibrahim Khan also constructed a mosque in Maner Sharif in 1619.

Basgo Monastery:

It is also known as Bazgo gompa. Basgo Monastery is known for its murals and buddha statues and is built on top of the hill, towering over a ruined ancient town

It was built in 1680 for Namgyal rulers.

Sarkhej Roza:

A mosque and tomb complex also known as “Ahmedabad’s Acropolis “. It gets this name because of its comparison to the design of “Acropolis of Athens”. Sufi saint shaikh Ahmed Ganj Baksh lived there. Its architecture was created by two Persian brothers, Azam and Muazzam Khan. They are buried in the tombs near vasna. Sarkhej was very famous for its indigo in, hence in 1620, the dutch opened a factory in the village.

Bada Bagh:

Bada bagh’s literal meaning is “big garden”. It is located 6km to Jaisalmer, Rajasthan. It has several royal chattris (cenotaphs) of kings of Jaisalmer. Maharaja of Jaisalmer, Jai Singh died on September 21, 1743, his son Lunkaran, built a garden on a hill next to the lake. Later on, numerous chattris for Lunkaran and several other Maharajas of Jaisalmer. The last chattri  for Maharaja Jawahar is still unfinished.

Kanch Mahal:

Kanch Mahal is located near Anbar’s tomb at sikandara. It is beautiful example of mughal architecture. Initially, it was used as royal queens’ resort and later as a hunting lodge. It is not being looked after by any department of archeology. Thus, currently it is in ruins. One must surely visit this beautiful place before it gives up to the hardship of time.

Ankisha Malik
Ankisha Malik
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