New(u)Clear Weapons

    New(u)Clear Weapons
    New(u)Clear Weapons

    All of us heard of the destruction occurred in Hiroshima and Nagasaki due to Atomic bomb. The terrific was ever occurred in the world is the Second World War. This was an era for destruction, construction, invention and discovery. The construction of new weapons, the weapons which led to wipe out few cities from the world map, the invention of new things took place and discovery of new metals which shaped the human future.

    There is always a fear about technology. The justified fear over technology is due to the classification of “born secret” that refers to the fact that under a certain reading law, information, design, functioning of nuclear weapons has been stolen. It’s also a fact that the finest details of the early nuclear weapons is still unknown to public. To be clear we just classify them into 2 types the old nukes and the new ones.


    The typical old nuclear weapons, so called nukes, which are still in use all over the world are called Fission Bombs or simply referred as Atomic weapons. Scientists load these bombs with “Super critical mass” which is usually Uranium, which triggers the fission reactions. These are self-sustaining chain reactions. These nukes create big explosions which in a blink of second wipe out everything. These explosions has adverse effects to the future generations and also on the bio diversity. These explosions releases the radioactive material over a wide radius. This comes from the bomb itself, if detonated on surface and not in air they disperse huge amount of energy forming a mushroom cloud.

    The other type of nuclear weapon is Hydrogen Bomb, is a thermonuclear weapon. The primary destructive material used in Hydrogen bomb is not uranium or plutonium or thorium, but heavy isotopes of the most abundant material of universe. Rather than breaking the atoms apart thermonuclear weapons use the nuclear fusion process to outward the energy.

    There are also “Salted Bombs”, which encases the nuclear material in a metal called Gold. It’s a neutron blasted into much more radioactive isotope. It produces a huge amount of radioactive material upon detonation. It was named from the phrase “Salt from the earth” and luckily no salted bombs have been tested so far.

    The other type are “Dirty Bombs”, the ones used by terrorists. The real threat comes when terrorists start using the nuclear weapons. Rather than using the actual nuclear weapons they strap the regular explosive device to the radioactive material and blow it up. This cannot trigger a nuclear reaction but it spreads the radioactive material to contaminate large areas. The loss will not be major but results in health problems which lasts for decades.


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