“Give Peace a chance.”

Looking around, trying to observe the present conditions of the world, the only topic that was sure to have struck me was “terrorism”. Maybe the photograph of the dead Syrian child, the millions of prayers for Paris or the condition of the billions of refugees were not enough to stop this cruel act. Maybe they needed lot more of it. Maybe they needed a lot more of bloodshed and a lot more of innocent lives.


In between the 9/11 attacks at the Twin Towers and 14/7 attack at Nice, France, I grew up from being a child into a grownup adult. When I was a child, I had seen millions of Americans crying for what happened in their homeland. Now when I’m a grown up adult, I can see million others crying for what is happening around the globe. I did not know how to react then. But now, I do know. I can either cry like the others or I can stand up against it. I can raise up my voice to protest. I can make my voice reach to the millions of this country, billions of this world.

France Paris Attacks

I have been learning all the while that “an eye for an eye makes the world blind”. Looking at the situations around, I feel it would have been better to be blind. At least I wouldn’t have to see people being taken as hostages, people being ruthlessly attacked, beautiful monuments being destroyed and thousands crying like anything.


Maybe thousands of years from now, when science and technology will reach its zenith, when scientists will prove the possibility of life in some other planet, when all the space organisations together will make a huge spaceship and carry all the people of the earth, except those terrorists, to the other planet, maybe then, they will stop. When they will have all of the earth only for themselves, maybe then, they will stop. When they will be tired of enjoying everything alone, maybe then, they will stop. When they will start feeling lonely and plead for the others to come back, maybe then, they will stop. Maybe then, they will give up all guns. Maybe then, they will give peace a chance. Maybe then, they will understand that the power of love always wins over love of power. Maybe then, all will come and live as one family.


“You may say I’m a dreamer,
But I’m not the only one.
I hope someday you’ll join us
And the world would be one.”



Subhrajyoti Dasgupta
Subhrajyoti Dasgupta
The Silent Extrovert.

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