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9 Major Tips To Bring Clarity In Your Paper

It must be difficult for you to write your 1st few papers as and examinee. Exams make us feel daunted the entire time until we see our results. You might be under the pressure of writing your highly specialized papers with all information needed.

Whether it is the examination paper or a sample article you need to deliver, a lot of content misses the grabbing portion. This missing portion of your content is clear. Clarity can be defined as the feasibility or the understandability you bring in your writing, so your readers can comprehend well. 

If people do not get through what you write, it makes your hard work worthless. On the other hand, if you are delivering an intelligent, easy, clear, and sharp content, understandability increases and people become familiar with the knowledge you have and the pattern that you choose to deliver it. 

An examination stands as fear for most of us. Bringing clarity into what you write in an exam is not difficult if you know, you have prepared well. All you need is motivation and to practice is the ability of clarity. You need to make your writing crystal clear. 

9 Major Tips To Bring Clarity In Your Paper
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Here we have explained a few methods for examinees to bring clarity in the paper.

The Exact Answer Is Important

 Lot of questions have easy answers. However, your delivery may not fetch you the total marks. Here is where clarity plays its role. You need to think clearly and also think straight. 

Clarity will force you to think about what you are writing before you start spilling the words into the page. Make sure you have a note of the subject, the outline and the point that you wish to make. 

For example, The Guardian is one of a famous journal website for complex articles. However people choose to go through it not because of the complexity of the difficult vocabulary used, but because of the clarity, it brings out even though the articles are complex. 

The Memory Dump 

If you are afraid to lose the information you have had to memorize, try bulleting them right when you start writing your paper in the form of notes. Once you bullet the information it becomes easy for you to answer whichever question you find first. You will feel relaxed and be able to complete the entire paper with confidence because of the fear of losing knowledge won’t panic you. 

Paragraph Placement 

It’s important to make a short paragraph when you are answering to the point. Often examiners prefer to the point answers even to long questions. If you desire writing long paragraphs, it may make it difficult for the examiner to check hundreds of papers in the same way. 

Therefore pointwise placement or short paragraph placement may help you deal with it. It’s also easy to make one or two-sentence paragraph but examinations demand three to four sentences as well. Make sure to explain one single point in specific clear words, and not exaggerate the meaning in and out. 

Once you are done with three-sentence paragraphs, make sure to leave a space for the second or third paragraph to be viewed as a specific answer all over again. Do not continue one after the other without spacing. Spacing plays an important role in paragraphs where your answer has to be in parts instead of points. 

Supporting Points 

While writing essay answers, make sure to organize the supporting points that you need to elaborate before you proceed with the body. Create an outline of your subject. The coherent organization makes an important characteristic of a good answer.

Unfamiliar Words 

It is not always important to go by the exact sentences you’ve been taught. Try to be creative when it comes to standing out as someone better. Choose to use your own words and your creativity and if something is unfamiliar and you have not used those words before, make sure to keep an explanation and define it with clarity. 

One simple technique to make your writing comprehensible is to explain it in clear words. Make sure your subject and concept go hand in hand instead of assumptions and indefinite answers. You need to give your reader exactly what he or she is looking for. 

Know Your Audience

If you know who your audience is, your writing is bound to be clear. The better you deal with your audience, the better you communicate your answers. 

If your audience is your teacher, you know what are the points she has explained in class. Make sure to choose your words wisely and stress on the parts that are important for the answer. When you are trying to explain advanced topics, you need to use advanced concepts and bigger words that might not have been dealt with in class. 

For this reason, make sure you are aware of the topics and your audience. 

Short Sentence Is The Key 

If you are aware of a paragraph with long sentences filling part of the page, make sure to cut one sentence into two, and shorten it. Short sentences are easier to comprehend. Do not try packing a lot of words in one frame.

You may lose clarity easily. When a sentence is short it is easier to read, easier to understand and easily captures the interest of the person reading it. A sentence usually becomes long with an adjective, filler words, and adverbs. Avoid using the following :

  • actually 
  • perhaps 
  • real 
  • just 
  • literally 
  • in order 
  • maybe 
  • very 

Once the above words are kept away, your sentence will easily shorten. 

Consistency Is Capability 

It’s good to predict a better grade when you know you have prepared well. Make sure your answers are consistently clear and capture the interest of the reader. If you begin with comprehensible answers and gradually decrease the clarity of your paper, your examiner may not put up with the same interest as he had while starting to mark it initially.

An easy experience is desirable, so focus on delivering a steady and consistent style

Writing Tools 

Today it is possible to access any information over the internet. What you need to wear to look right, what you need to read to understand right, how you need to write to understand right, is always easily served.

You can try using the Hemingway app to make your writing clear and consistent. Writing requires cutting the dead weight from the content and highlighting more egregious sentences. The Hemingway app may help you to write with clarity and power by highlighting the passive voice and removing dull complicated words

Today’s content speaking world requires clarity in whatever form it is delivered. No matter where you learn, your clarity stands out clear. Writing has power and power compels the reader. 

The power turns head, encourages action and changes the mind. Although it takes practice to develop clarity in performance, do not get disheartened if it is taking the time. If you don’t get it during your first, you will probably get it during your 10th. Make sure you are consistent. 

The aim is to turn the intermediate into the advanced. Practice makes it worth the time. 

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Papri Chatterjee
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