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How to Keep Your Stuff Safe when Flying

How safe are your belongings when you fly? I feel really lucky that I’ve never been robbed before. But I have witnessed a mob of thieves descend upon an unsuspecting traveller. When you travel you certainly would not want to lose your luggage and end up your trip before it gets started. So taking care of the luggage is the most important job while travelling. Here are the few steps which will definitely help you in keeping your stuff safe while flying. There are not many but these are the basic things one must do just to have safe and secure travelling.

  1. Differentiate your storage

It is better to store all your valuables in different places instead of storing them in one spot. If someone takes one of your bags, then he might have your debit card and not your credit card and passport too. Differentiating the storage will definitely help as you will not lose all your valuables at once.

  1. Bury Your Wallet and Cash in Your Carry-On

Once you board the plane, you will have no need for your wallet and cash as most of the things are available in the plane as customer ambience. My recommendation is to keep your wallet, cash and all important documents like passport and visa in a secret place which would be very difficult for someone to access.

  1. Anything You Really Care About, Wear It

Sometimes it is important to wear the precious and valuable stuffs you really care for while travelling. Your bag might get stolen but it will be definitely a tough job for someone to steal something which is under your own possession. So try to give it a thought while flying. You might not wear precious jewellery while travelling but you can definitely have your precious stuffs under your possession while travelling.

  1. Don’t let your guard down

Want to know a tricky place where thieves hang out? It’s the airport security lines. When you’re going through security, you might find yourself extra-trusting because you are surrounded by cops. Seeing cops all around you, you might drop down your guard a bit and you might end up losing your luggage to the thieves. So always remain aware, even in areas that seem unlikely for theft to occur.

  1. Buy anti-theft accessories and get Travel Insurance

It is essential to buy anti-theft accessories while travelling. There are many anti-theft accessories like secret neck pouch, blocking bifold wallet, anti-theft travel belt wallet and TSA accepted 3-dial cable lock. It is also important to have travel insurance which basically intends to cover medical expenses, trip cancellation, lost luggage, flight accident and other losses incurred while travelling.


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