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Upcoming Lifestyle Changing Innovation

Lifestyle Changing Innovation
Upcoming Lifestyle Changing Innovation

Instead of extending your arm or using a selfie stick to take snap shots now you can use a new pocket size drone “AirSelfie” – to help you remotely capture aerial photos and videos.
The airselfie is equipped with a 5 megapixel camera that can shot full HD 1080p video as well as a 4GB microSD card. It is also equipped with gyroscopes, barometers and geomagnetic sensors that help it navigate as it flies. It is controlled via a free iOS or Android app. Users can also activate a 10 second timer, giving people enough time to hide their phones so they don’t appear in the picture or video. The app allows user to post photos and videos with drone immediately on social media. Users can guide airselfie back manually. The drone is expected to hit the market in March 2017 for a retail price of $300.

  •  Mobile Robotic Printer

Lifestyle Changing Innovation
Upcoming Lifestyle Changing Innovation

A new pocket size Printer that is only a little bigger than three stacked hockey pucks will enable people to print anywhere and on any size page of paper. The new Zuta Pocket Printer is about 4 inches wide and long and just 3 inches high and weigs about 12 ounces. It can connect wirelessly to smartphones,tablets, laptops and PCs via wi-fi and is supported by Android, iOS, OS X and Windows.
The printer’s omni wheels helps it turn and move in any direction on a surface . Lasersensors help control the movement ,speed and location of the device.Currently, the device prints only in black, although Zuta labs said it plans to have a full colour printer in future.

  • Virtual Keyboard

Lifestyle Changing Innovation
Upcoming Lifestyle Changing Innovation

The VK200 KEYFOB , virtual keyboard projects a keyboard onany flat surface. You can type away accompanied by simulated keyboard sound feedback with its built in display screen showing your key presses in real time for faster typing. The device syncs with your smartphone or tablet via bluetooth .

  • Sleep Number 360 smart bed

Sleep number is doing its part to combat frosty toes with its new 360 smart bed. Yes, the 360 actually has built in tech that warmsthe foot of the bed for you as you’re falling asleep so that you can slumber more comfortably. Its 360 bed reads biometric cues to find out if someone’s snoring. If they are , the dual -sided adjustable bed is designed to raise just the snorer’s head to reduce the sound . According to sleep number , your ideal mattress settings changebased on your sleep position.
Of course, the 360 smart bed also comes with the same SleepIQ app for android or iOS. That means you’ll still be able to change the firmness settings of your mattress yourself.

  • Optic Helmet

Lifestyle Changing Innovation
Upcoming Lifestyle Changing Innovation

An augmented reality helmet that gives cyclist a 360 degree view of the road could help prevent the accidents, according to the device designer. The futuristic looking headgear features front and rear cameras and a drop down visor that can overlay live streaming footage from the rear camera onto a rider’s field of view.
The visor can also display proximity warnings, such as if a vehicle is overtaking the rider, alert them to potential collisions by combining data from the cameras and ultrasonic sensors on the front and back of the helmet. In addition, the optic helmet can overlay GPS navigation information and journey statistics for riders who want to track theor performance. The design is currently just a concept, but it won”Best of the Best” at the prestigious Red Dot Design Awards last month.

  • PilotEarpiece –

Pilot, a smart earpiece that will automatically translates foreign words or phrases into one you can understand. These smart earbuds allow real time translations in french, spanish,italian and English, with more languages to follow. You and the person you are conversating with puts a bluetooth earpiece in ear which listens to the conversation, translates it via app and plays back the result as translated speech.

There are also some useful inventions that you never knew you needed. The cool thing about these inventions is thatthey combine all sorts of simple products we know and use everyday into new convinient combinations.

Rotating 360 degree Lego sockets
• Couch Armrest Table
• LED Slippers
• Reusable Candle

• Universal Wrapping paper
• Ironing Board Mirror

• Toothpaste Tube Squeezer
• Baby Stroller and Scooter Hybrid

• Citrus Spritzer
• Baby Shower Caps



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